First Photos of 2017

Howdy howdy!

It snowed this weekend, so I took a few shots of figures who I thought would look nice in the semi frosty(I didn’t get out until a good bit had melted) wonderland.

tsuru 1

I keep photographing Tsurumaru in front of white things, but it’s good contrast, so JUST TRY TO STOP ME.

tsuru 2
This reminds me of a bowl of rice.

square tsuru

I tend to compose my photos in a certain way, but being restricted to squares with Instagram has helped me a bit, so I put Tsuru in the middle for this one!


snow lucy

Tried to get Lucy in a convincing noble swordsman squat. Did it work? Who knows
regna ferox

I like the harsh lighting on her right side.

chrom 1

Can’t forget papa Chrom. I wanted to get a lower shot, but it was hard to get low enough with all the slush on the ground!

it snowed

These though are my favorites from this shoot!

I meant to get figma Elsa too, but I’m tight on cash, and I decided I didn’t want her anymore, so the nendoroids are where I’ll stop.


Elsa: “Let it gooooo”
Anna: “Oh my gosh she does this every time it snows”

basking 2
*bass drops*

Thanks for looking!
Also, I’ll be flying for an anime convention next month, and I’m both super excited and nervous!

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