Some Kirito Snapshots

Howdy howdy! Today I felt like taking a few photos. I needed someone who would look good outside, and wanted to use a newer figure, so I went with Kirito and Asuna. I ended up with mostly shots of Kirito, but hey!

kirito asuna fairy

I mentioned my limited winter environment last time(brown grass but good pure light), so in addition I wanted to experiment a bit with lower angles. I wanted to shoot from below the figure’s line of sight sort of like they’re looking down at me. I think it’s neat to have figure photos feel more interactive, so it feels like you’re photographing something that is alive instead of plastic.

I’d be more happy with this photo if Kirito didn’t have a case of the 1000 yard stare, but maybe it makes it more interesting? Asuna is like “U ok, bae?”

After that, I wanted a cool action shot of them together, but only Kirito looked ok. Oh well

kirito sword

(is it me or is his torso way long?)

kirito sword 2


I never was good with action poses. Good thing I cosplay from that game with the swords ahaha…

kirito field
He’s gonna beat up the sun.

That’s all for Kirito! I also brought out Natsume to try photographing him from below too.
natsume december

I like it! I think it makes his environment feel more vast.

Thanks for reading!


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