Elise’s Smile

Hello! I’m back for what is apparently my monthly blog post. Today was unseasonably warm, so I decided to snap a few photos of nendoroid Elise who I got last week!

All of the photos from this set that I kept ended up using the same expression, so I’ve titled this set “Elise’s Smile”.

elise 4
This cutie is one of the little sisters from Fire Emblem Fates! She’s a healer, so she comes with a cute little staff.

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First Photos of 2017

Howdy howdy!

It snowed this weekend, so I took a few shots of figures who I thought would look nice in the semi frosty(I didn’t get out until a good bit had melted) wonderland.

tsuru 1

I keep photographing Tsurumaru in front of white things, but it’s good contrast, so JUST TRY TO STOP ME.

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A Little Ichi Niisan

Please check the bottom of the post for the first of many figures I’m selling!

Now back to our scheduled programming

Considering how much I like Touken Ranbu and that I have 8 nendoroids from it, I’ve posted woefully little about it. And I’m going to continue doing just that for the foreseeable future. Still, a few months back when I got Ichigo Hitofuri, I snapped some pictures of him with some flowers. I also took the photos for a review which I will hopefully write some time before I die.

And by the way, for those who don’t follow my Facebook page, I’m on Instagram now! I intended for it to be a private-ish personal account, but in all honesty I never go anywhere ever, so it’s mostly pictures of figures with cosplay progress on the weekends. My name is tipsy_scales

Ok, back to flowers.


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The Best of Red’s Adventure 2015

Veering away from my past two 2015 wrap up posts to focus on something new I did in 2015 which is Red’s Adventure. I use surprisingly few of the big social media sites. Even Facebook only became a regular site for me a year or two ago(which I’ve made up for considerably since I practically live there now), and I have seriously considered joining Tumblr solely to blog about my Fire Emblem obsession(you all don’t know how bad it is.), but Instagram was completely foreign to me since I am too much of a camera snob to use a site based entirely on *shudders* phone cams. However, I was inspired by the many toy related Instagram accounts especially Barbie’s(barbiestyle–I suggest checking it out if you love toy photography) which treats Barbie like a real person and follows her life which is way better than most people’s. I decided to do something similar with nendoroid Red since Pokemon is dear to my heart and I like the premise of an adventure. The account was intended to have daily pictures, but I haven’t quite been able to keep that pace. Regardless, it has been a fun ride so far and I enjoy the candidness of a lot of the photos–some of which I would rank among my best! I’ve been limiting Red’s photos to Instagram, but will be sharing my favorites here since it gives me a chance to talk more about them! Plus they’re unfiltered and uncropped!

And if you’d like to accompany Red on his adventure, you can do so by following @Reds_Adventure on Instagram

first day copy

The photo I started out with! Instagram of course has selfies, but people photograph food and the items around them just as much which I wanted to mimic with Red.

red copy
My favorite tree~
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Review: Nendoroid Red

Knocking out the reviews! I’m very happy to be reviewing this figure because it is from one of my favorite series ever. Presenting…nendoroid Red by Good Smile Company!

Red is the protagonist of the Generation I Pokemon games. As Red, the player begins a journey in Pallet town and can choose Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle as a starter Pokemon. Red eventually disbands Team Rocket, collects eight badges, and becomes the Kanto Champion making him among the most accomplished of ten year olds. Red also makes an appearance in Generation II where he can be battled atop Mt. Silver and in Generation V as a champion at the Pokemon World Tournament. In the anime, Red’s counterpart is the far less accomplished and talented Satoshi/Ash Ketchum. However, Red did appear in the Pokemon Origins anime special which more closely followed the storyline of the game. Red is also in the Pokemon Adventures manga. In short, he’s everywhere.

Pokemon is what began my interest in Japan(that sounds so sad), and while I’ve collected many figures of Pokemon over the years, I’ve never found many good figures of the human characters. There wasn’t much hope for good ones either. Then Good Smile Company announced a nendoroid of Red! Unfortunately, nendoroid Red was limited to Japan as a Pokemon Center exclusive. It was possible to get him via proxy or a forwarding service, but I decided not to. I ended up regretting that decision as Red’s aftermarket price soared to $150. Then the USA Pokemon Center came to my rescue with a special US release. Red sold out quickly, but I bought him as soon as I found out making him finally mine!

red 1
The box is a simple design with Red’s name on it. But what is fun about this being a US release is that the box is in English! *gasp*

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Usagi’s Preorder Forecast

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this, and seeing how large my preorder list has grown, and how many non-figmas are on it, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at my preorders for this year so far!

Nendoroid Elsa
Elsa preview page
Is it even a surprise that I ordered her? Mickey, Minnie, Marvel, and Star Wars characters have been made into nendoroids, but Frozen is the first Disney property I’ve been interested in figures from. Probably because Elsa is one of the Disney Princesses(well, Queens) which is doubtlessly one of Disney’s most popular and dear character lines. There are some stylistic choices I question with Elsa’s nendoroid transformation, but I’ll address those properly in my inevitable review.
Elsa is scheduled for release in May which puts her in my first batch of figures in a long time!

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Happy Miku Day 2015!

March 9th is Miku Day because in Japanese, 3/9 can be read as “mi/ku”! Last year I prepared a shoot just for the occasion, but because I for some reason refuse to acknowledge that 2015 is a thing that is happening, it slipped my mind this time. Still, Miku Day must not go uncelebrated! So instead of new photos, why not relive past memories of Miku? I’m sure you’ll see that Miku indulges in a plethora of fun activities.

Like sledding!

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