Elise’s Smile

Hello! I’m back for what is apparently my monthly blog post. Today was unseasonably warm, so I decided to snap a few photos of nendoroid Elise who I got last week!

All of the photos from this set that I kept ended up using the same expression, so I’ve titled this set “Elise’s Smile”.

elise 4
This cutie is one of the little sisters from Fire Emblem Fates! She’s a healer, so she comes with a cute little staff.

elise 6 The sudden warm weather has confused all of the plants because they’re beginning to bloom like in the spring. Bad for the plants, but good for me because I found some purple flowers that match Elise’s purple hair strands perfectly! elise7

elise 8
I though she looked cute reaching forward, so I perched her on a rock.
It doesn’t make much sense as a photo, but it looks good, so…

Thank you for reading!
This Wednesday I’m flying up to DC to attend Katsucon! I’m very excited!

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