Elise’s Smile

Hello! I’m back for what is apparently my monthly blog post. Today was unseasonably warm, so I decided to snap a few photos of nendoroid Elise who I got last week!

All of the photos from this set that I kept ended up using the same expression, so I’ve titled this set “Elise’s Smile”.

elise 4
This cutie is one of the little sisters from Fire Emblem Fates! She’s a healer, so she comes with a cute little staff.

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First Photos of 2017

Howdy howdy!

It snowed this weekend, so I took a few shots of figures who I thought would look nice in the semi frosty(I didn’t get out until a good bit had melted) wonderland.

tsuru 1

I keep photographing Tsurumaru in front of white things, but it’s good contrast, so JUST TRY TO STOP ME.

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Cordelia in Red Leaves

I was all excited to have pictures for a new post, but looks like my last post was about Cordelia too ahaha. I really like Cordelia though–not as a perfect figures, but a memorable and impressive one, and that is why whenever I have the chance to get some neat photos, I go for her. Today was one of those days! One of the seasonal “events” I can rely on is a cloudy day and bright red maple leaves. Not many leaves have fallen from the tree yet, but I still used what little day light was remaining when I got home for some photos.


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Flowers and Rain

I have not had the chance to take many photos in the past few months, but I did a few shoots that were oddly all during cloudy weather.

So let’s um…look at them!

magical pond copy

I feel like most of my Natsume pictures are underwhelming. Like he looks good but that’s because he’s a good looking figure. It’s not really bad. That’s just how it is. My only photos of him that I feel are exceptional are those of him in the yellow flowers. peaceful spot copy
Actually, this one isn’t bad.

magical water copy

I’ve yet to give Lucina a dedicated shoot. I’ve just been pulling her out while shooting pretty scenery, but it’s working so far. I need to focus more on her super cool sword fighting side. Too bad I’m terrible with fighting poses. bravery
Colors not working out? Just do some funky editing and pretend it was intentional! Seriously most of my black and white photos are ones where the colors didn’t work. Black and white photography is an art in itself though, so ONE DAY I’ll give it some practice.

dat sword selfie copy
A personal favorite!

water fox

Ah I’ve hardly played with or talked about my Touken ranbu nendoroids, but I can assure you that they are WORTH IT. eyes
These nendoroids are so well done and detailed, and their colors are bright and bold, and their faces are so elegant *sob*

mushirorooms copy

And they have plenty of sideways glances! You all know how I feel about those! jiiji
Jiiji is my favorite character they’ve made into a nendoroid so far. I really want Yamatonokami Yasusada!

admiring flower wm

It’s undeniable that I went through a buy now think later phase with figure collecting last year which resulted in a lot of impulse buys. One was nendoroid Alice Cartelet here who I know NOTHING about. But you know what? I regret nothing with this purchase. I mean look at that face! And those big puffy pigtails! And the pastels! It’s like she was made for me!

alice with cherry blossoms wm

blue asuna wm

Blue Asuna is a lovely figure~ madoka
Another figure I love but have still barely photographed!

sakura in cherry blossoms wm

And it’d be a shame to not take a cherry blossom photo with Sakura! sakura hanging wm

Thanks for looking!
I’m going to start work on some reviews next *_*

April 2016 Loot

Before I get to the loot, I should announce that the Never Outgrew Toys tumblr is up and running! You can pay a visit to get your tumblr dose of figures!

Now back to our scheduled programming.

It’s been quite some time since my last loot post! Even before the hiatus, I was having a hard time keeping track of all the random things arriving at different times. However, these packages arrived mere days apart!

Here’s everything!
loot 1
From left to right we have: Takara Tomy Shiny Mega Gardevoir figure, Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack, nendoroid Marth, Charaforme Chrom, Amiibo Robin, and Caster Extra Casual version by Flare!

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Review: Amiibo Reflet/Robin

Today’s review isn’t on a figma, nendoroid, or scale! Instead, it features something from the latest infuriating craze! Unite your screams of anguish and frustration as we introduce Reflet/Robin from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo lineup!

Amiibos are Nintendo’s venture into the “toys-to-life” genre which utilizes NFC chips in small figures to unlock characters or features in video games. Other lines in the genre are Skylanders and Disney Infinity. All three proved surprisingly successful, but unlike the other two, Nintendo tried to increase the collector’s value of Amiibos by releasing them in small waves with emphasis on the most well known characters. This strategy was unexceptional in Europe and Japan, but created a frenzy in the US. Nintendo’s distribution practices have left characters like Pikachu and Mario very easy to get while characters like Reflet/Robin from less well known series like Fire Emblem can be difficult to acquire.

Reflet is the default Japanese name for the avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening. The avatar is a tactician and Awakening allows you to customize their name, gender, and appearance, and even reclass however you choose. According to the Fire Emblem wiki, Reflet is French for “reflection” which is perfect for a character who can become whatever the player wants. Reflet’s name in the English localization is Robin which was most likely chosen because it is an androgynous name and also starts with an “R”. Because this is an English review, I will be referring to him as Robin from now on.

Since the Awakening avatar is customizable, their appearance is not canonized, and promotional artwork often features characters like Chrom or Lucina instead. The few times that the avatar is shown, a hood obscures their face. This is true also in the game’s opening and movie sequences. Seeing how much effort was put into ambiguity for the player character, it is funny to see that when the avatar was added to the fighting game Super Smash Bros., all of that was tossed aside for the default name and appearance.

Appropriately, I first saw Robin while playing Smash Bros. in a hotel room at a convention. I had never played before, and as my eyes slid across the lineup looking for a pretty lady to play as(these things matter to me), I saw him. He had white hair(my favorite thing ever), he used magic(my second favorite thing ever), and he had a long coat(my third favorite thing ever). He was perfect. Afterwards, I bought Fire Emblem Awakening to find out more about him, and loved it. Of course my other automatic reflex was to see if there were any figures of Robin, but I only found the overpriced Amiibo. Then when I was checking amiami one night, I saw the Amiibo for retail and preordered him.

Amiibo Robin is still not easy to find, and this is the only figure of him, so I wanted to give people a look at him from a figure collecting perspective.

r 1
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Figma News Fridays: 6/26/15

Welcome to this week’s Figma News Fridays! We have a lovely combination of releases, preorders, delays, and a figma who will be up for order soon! So let’s get started!


Racing Miku 2016 Theme Announced

No image yet

Good Smile has announced 2016’s Racing Miku to have a flame theme. This year also appears to be a contest like with Snow Miku, so the theme can be interpreted as victory, or glory, or…barbeque.
More details as we get them!

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Figma News Fridays: 11/14/14

F-finally I can stop lying to everybody on Twitter and write Figma News Fridays! With this week’s news already piling up and forming what looks to be a very good week, it’s time to tackle the old news first. So let’s get started!


Ninja Slayer Release Date Announced
ninja slayer preview page
Ninja Slayer will be slaying your wallet November 22nd!

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