Some Kirito Snapshots

Howdy howdy! Today I felt like taking a few photos. I needed someone who would look good outside, and wanted to use a newer figure, so I went with Kirito and Asuna. I ended up with mostly shots of Kirito, but hey!

kirito asuna fairy

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Figma News Fridays: 6/19/15

Welcome to Syadirf Swen Amgif!
This week looked to be a slow one until suddenly there was a sonic boom of news. Now we have many things to look at including…Wonderfestival exclusives! So let’s get started!


Kotori Minami Preorders Begin
minami kotori preview page
From the anime series ‘LoveLive’ comes a figma of the μ’s member in charge of outfits, Kotori Minami!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
Three expressions are included: a gentle smiling expression, a cheerful winking expression as well as a troubled expression.
Optional parts include her school bag, a sketchbook with some outfit ideas drawn on it as well as a pen.
Just like the previously announced figma Honoka Kosaka, she comes with two glow sticks of her image color.
An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Kotori retails for 5370 yen and is scheduled for a December release.

Preorders of figma Kotori Minami from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include Sparkling Expression as a bonus!
minami kotori bonus
This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 16th June 2015 (Tue) 12:00JST and the 15th July 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

Aaaaah so cute! Her giant smile! Her closed eye smile! Her wink! Aaaah!
I was impressed by the bonus face too until I noticed that it’s the winking face, but without the wink which actually makes it creepy. *wipes sweat off brow in relief that the GSC bonuses have yet to be awesome*
Kotori is a pass for me, but props for being mega cute!

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Figma News Fridays 7/25/14

It’s Figma News Fridays, and in honor of the number of male figmas there are this time around, I declare it Figman Friday! With lots of surprises attributed not just to upcoming Wonderfestival, this was a great week. And that rings especially true for male figmas, as out of all the figmas we have to look at this week, only one of them is female. This is a manly man week, so let’s get started!


Kirito Re-release Preorders Begin
kirito preview page

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Swinging into Spring

I’ve been a little silent this past two weeks, haven’t I? You can blame Pokémon X for that, but I can assure you that I am having lots of fun!
I am now headed for my third badge, and here’s my team: Pancham(named PandaExpress), Azumarill(named Blueberry), Ivysaur(named Midori), Aerodactyl(named Flappy), Jolteon(named Pippa), and Braixen(named Inari). I adore Braixen because of how it fights. You all know that I love magic characters, right? Because I do! The only bummer about Braixen evolving into a fire/psychic(my dream starter *_*) is that I can’t catch any other Psychics(my favorite type). Fairy is also giving me a challenge since I do not always remember their strengths and weaknesses–not to mention the old Pokémon who have been altered. I freaked out when Pancham’s karate chop did nothing to a Granbull.

Yet another long awaited addition is the option to customize your trainer, and there are even spots to take pictures!
Here’s my trainer in Shalour City. Her name is Sunny!

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Fall Camping Trip 2013

Hello! After a week of being back, I finally have everything together to post about my camping trip. For anyone who didn’t even know I was gone(I don’t blame you), this was my first time camping ever. I haven’t even been on vacation in a while, so this is one of the few serious outings I’ve been on with my SLR which is always exciting. To make it even better, this is the prettiest fall season I’ve seen since taking up photography as a hobby. I live about an hour away from the biggest city(oh why) which does provide me with lots of greenery, but I am still in a neighborhood which makes forest photos hard to do(unless I want to sneak into someone down the street’s yard). And the few trees in my yard don’t even come close to imitating the truly beautiful multicolored canopy of autumn. That’s when this trip came to the rescue! My family had the intention of camping this summer, but we were not able to because of work and such. So when we finally were able to, summer and it’s precious warmth were long gone, but a new opportunity awaited. We camped at Amicalola State Park which is quite popular this time of year since it’s in the mountains. Of course the focus of my photo taking would be my beloved figures, so I packed up two nendoroids, seven figmas, my two dolls, and all of their clothes for the trip. Looking back, it would have been ok to bring a few scales as well, but I prefer not to risk it when going somewhere new.

With everything together, we headed to the site.
Forgetting that it is logically colder up north, I packed shorts and t shirts with a pair of thin jeans “just in case”. This was a terrible idea because it was cold. Especially at night. I spent a lot of time in my pajama pants…

Anyway, the camp site was nestled within a lovely wooded area which gave me the opportunity to not only photograph my figures among the leaves, but have a little privacy as well which is always nice since lying on the ground to take pictures of tiny people doesn’t exactly fall into the realm of normal things to do while camping.

I doubt my description is doing the place justice, so here’s the view from our site:
Very colorful!

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