December 2014 Loot

It’s already February! January’s loot is on the way, and the last of December’s finally arrived. This loot is mostly goodies once more. Here’s everything:

loot 1

Elsa art bank, figmas Cleaning Levi and Racing Miku 2014 EV Mirai, Mitsuba no Musubime CD, For My Doll bun wig, Ryuko Matoi hanging rubber strap, painted DDH 07, DDS S bust, and DD sized hair clips!

loot 2
I ordered the Elsa art bank the way I order most Frozen items: as soon as I found out it existed. I mean, I like Elsa and art, so why not?
I ordered based on the picture, but was unsure of what exactly an art bank was. I figured it would be like a piggy bank and was right! Money goes in through the top and directly into Disney’s bank account. I prefer this 2D style over the one the movie is rendered in, so this bank is a win for me!

loot 3
Next is a Ryuko hanging strap. I started buying these assuming I’d put them on plain purses, but the only bags I’ve bought lately have been decorated art bags which I don’t put keychains on, so I probably will not be buying any of these for a while unless it’s an awesome character. Still, Ryuko sure is cute~

loot 4
Mitsuba no Musubime– a single by one of my favorite singers, Nagi Yanagi! The song was used as the second ending to Nagi no Asukara which I very much enjoyed, and I’ve wanted this CD for a while now. I’ll have to go for Aquaterrarium next and then load up on CDs from my other favorites Choucho and Kanan.

loot 5
And we can’t forget the figmas! Here is Cleaning Levi and Racing Miku who arrived today. You can expect reviews of them in 2016.

loot 7
But I’ve saved the best for last! Kanade!

Maybe you forgot about my second Dollfie Dream project(it has been a while) to make a Dollfie Dream sister named Kanade. Well, it looks like Kana chan is progressing much faster than Celeste!

While I originally intended for Kanade to be an 09 with a commissioned faceup, everything changed when while browsing ebay in vain, I came across an already painted 07 which fit exactly what I was looking for. I scooped her up right away and couldn’t be happier.

The vacant expression captures the essence of Kanade perfectly and she even has freckles! I never thought I’d have a doll with freckles(not that I don’t like them), so I am very happy to see them on Kanade.

Next to her is her new bust which also came today. I want a small bust for Kanade, and since M is the default size, had to order a separate one.

loot 8
Kanade’s wig is also here! This white bun wig is from For My Doll who have great quality wigs!
I was disappointed to see that they are curled pigtails rather than real buns, but some time with the curling iron should hide that.

loot 6
Whenever I buy from For My Doll, I make sure to grab some of their cute hair clips since they’re only $1.50 for two. I wanted the clips to be something Kanade and Celeste an share, so I picked the girls and bows. The little crown came free!

With a head, faceup, wig, and bust, all that Kanade is missing now is a body! I plan to buy a DDS from Volks JP, and the size of my next paycheck determines how soon that will be. It’s looking good since I have no figures preordered for a few months!


6 thoughts on “December 2014 Loot

  1. Since you mentioned that Yanagi Nagi is one of your favorite singers, have you heard Owari no sekai kara? It’s one of my favorite songs by her, and the song that made me listen to more of her songs. If you haven’t heard it, I think you should listen to it, I think it’s a really nice song ^^


    • Yes I have! I have that whole album and it’s a real pleasure to listen to!
      I think the first song of hers I really enjoyed was Sayonara Memories. Other favorites are Feel So Good, Muteki no Soldier, and Mitsuba no Musubime. It’s hard to pick favorites though >_<


        • I plan to stop after this one since I don’t get much pleasure from always having uncompleted dolls lying around. I wanted to stop with Celeste(like with Tamaki lol) but I had this second girl in mind before even completing Celeste, and decided to go through with it since I wanted a DD in Japanese style, and Celeste would never wear that. So for girls, I’m done with both Pureneemos and DDs.

          BUT IF THEY MADE BOYS. I’d make a brother for Celeste. And if they made tan boys who were tall, she might get a boyfriend. ^^’


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