Vibrant Blues

The hydrangeas have been simply beautiful this summer. Pale green buds gave way to an exquisitely vibrant blue that I was in awe of the moment I saw it. Hydrangeas are some of my mom’s favorite flowers, and I think they’ve become mine as well. Rather than dramatic flowers like roses, I’ve really come to love small delicate flowers!

My most recent figures have of course gotten their time with the flowers, but I also wanted to feature the poor Dollfie Dreams who have been so neglected lately, so here they are!

ct h2

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Product Review: BJD Geta by Poisonbleu

Picking up with product reviews again! In care you forgot (several months have passed since my last one), product reviews focus on items which are handmade or different from my usual reviews. Today we’ll be admiring a pair of geta which I bought for my Dollfie Dream, Kanade.

geta 1

First let’s introduce Poisonbleu. Poisonbleu is an Etsy shop run by Amubleu who is located in the USA. Poisonbleu’s main products are knitted items and Japanese geta for dolls. Items usually go up for sale in batches, and although there is nothing for sale at the moment, browsing the shop’s completed sales provides an overview of the sweaters, shoes, teddy bears, and even adorable Totoro knitted hats your dolls can be the proud owners of! I purchased from the shop at the end of March, and my purchase arrived in this cute little bag!

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Dollfies at the Aquarium

Earlier this month at Momo con, I finally got to meet Crystal Tiger ( you can find her awesome photo stories and other things on her blog ->D Chan’s Display case) in person! We’d chatted online and through video, but really meeting somebody you would never have known otherwise is something that makes the internet and our hobby so awesome! But it wasn’t just me who met somebody new. Kanade did too! Crystal Tiger brought her Saber along, and the two Dollfie Dreams had an interesting time together at the Georgia Aquarium. What happened there? I think a photo story is in order!


We find Saber and Kanade in front of the tank where Saber has just finished telling Kanade her hidden agenda.

DD aquarium

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Product Review: White Dolly Story Animetic Eyes

Hello, and welcome to a new little section of the blog…product reviews!

These product reviews are inspired by fellow blogger Littlebearries of The Majokko Shop. One of my favorite things was when Littlebearries would do a mini review of little items she’d found for her dolls. The reviews were refreshing to read and lead me to a lot of interesting shops. I also liked how they called attention to various talented people and interesting sites. I don’t know if Littlebearries has had much time for blogging lately, but as I’ve gotten more into dolls, I’ve found myself seeking out unique items as well and wanted to share them!

Our first product review is something essential for every Dollfie Dream…eyes! Having the right pair of eyes is important not just so your doll won’t have big empty voids in her face, but because a good set can give your doll the personality to bring her look to the next level!

Surely by now you know Kanade?
spring's kiss copy

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Hanami with Dollies

Hanami season is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and people gather to view them. This is Celeste and Kanade’s first spring, so I wanted to be sure they enjoy the flowers properly. Sadly with the loss of the large cherry tree, my yard only has a small one left. This tree is one of the last to fully bloom in the neighborhood and it’s branches are very high which makes it difficult to take pictures in, but I couldn’t let that stop me!

Also, I recently got new wigs for them both!

So please enjoy some pictures of the dollies using spring flowers as a backdrop.

fluttering copy

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Kanade Lives!

Well not really; that would be creepy.

Kanade has been complete for a while now, but I’m still in the bonding/wardrobe building stage with her, so she hasn’t had enough photos for a proper introductory post. However, last week I found an awesome kimono/hakama for an amazing price and just had to get it for her. The outfit came in Monday and looks awesome! A new outfit combined with idyllic weather made the perfect environment for a few photos.

But let’s backtrack a bit.

kana 1

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Celeste’s Snow Day

Perhaps you read on my other posts and Facebook that I got some snow! The first day was a light powdering with a larger storm scheduled the next afternoon. The storm, however, did not begin until that night. It piled up quite a bit, but by the time I got up and outside, a good deal had melted *cue being disappointed in self forever*. So, I only have shots of Celeste and Natsume. Natsume’s photos will come in the review(*sniff* he’s so beautiful), but until then, let’s see some Celeste!

Celeste hasn’t gotten any attention for a while since I either haven’t had time, or have been readying things for Kanade. I was not going to photograph her at all, but this is her first snow, and it would be a shame to do nothing, so I made her an all new outfit! Since a lot of snow had melted, these pictures are not what I’d call “winteriffic”, but it’s something.

hairflip copy

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2014 Photo Summary

It’s here! The end of 2014!
2014 marked a lot of changes for me. It was my first full year working a real job, it was my last year as a teenager *gulp*, I began college, completed my Dollfie Dream, and bought a car. 2014 was filled with many small accomplishments in my personal life, but somehow feels underwhelming as a whole.

In my hobby life, 2014 meant another year for Never Outgrew Toys where I’ve met plenty of new people and even hosted a postcard giveaway. This year was also my lightest in terms of new figures as I only added nine to my collection. That number includes scales and nendoroids! And matching the few new figures this year is equally few reviews because as college entered the picture, my motivation and time for figure reviewing shriveled away. This extended to sewing where I also made little progress. Looking at 2014 in my hobby life, the year began well, but I am not proud of how it ended.

But while viewing 2014 as a whole makes me feel unaccomplished, it is undeniable that 2014 was filled with its own unforgettable moments, and remembering them shines light on what can otherwise be seen as a gloomy year. I do want to be clear though that as far as my personal life is concerned, I did have a great year. I just stagnated creatively mid year more than wanted. That is not entirely abnormal for me though as I spend my winters waiting for spring.

Now on to the photo summary. This tradition sprung from my early days on DeviantArt where many artists make progress memes to track their yearly improvement. I was drawing at the time, and not very good at it, so being able to make a chart showing progress was a mere dream. However once I began photography, that dream was given life, and I now enjoy making photo summaries both for self evaluation, and to share with everybody who has supported me throughout the year.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane:

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A Merry Dolly Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! It’s actually only Christmas Eve here, but I’ve always found the day before to be more festive than the day itself. Because anticipation!

I tend to scramble for photos as holidays draw closer, so I don’t really have a special planned out photo shoot. But what I do have are some images of my dolls enjoying Christmas! This is Tamaki’s third, Kagura’s second, and Celeste’s first Christmas. That makes it their first all together, and my first having a Dollfie Dream. I hope to celebrate with two next year! Another thing I scrambled on was clothing, so only Celeste has a new outfit *mostly* made by me. The Pureneemos are wearing a mixture of old clothing, but I tried to make it look festive regardless.

family photo_edited-1

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