Summer Wonderfestival 2015: Personal Highlights

The Wonderfestival fun isn’t over yet! I’ve written the obligatory figma post, but surprisingly figmas are not the only thing that interests me! Some years there is very little outside the figma realm to get me excited, but this time most of the figures I want aren’t figmas at all! This list of personal highlights will cover figures of all kinds that caught my interest. Some I fully intend to buy, and others I just wanted to discuss, so let’s get started!


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Figma News Fridays: Special Summer Wonderfestival 2015 Edition

*Out of breath after reading title*

It’s that time of the year again: Wonderfestival! Where paychecks are spent before we even have them!

Wonderfestival unites the figure industry for the sole purpose of trapping us in this hobby for at least another six months. Figures of all kinds are shown, but what is important to us today is figmas. And with companies like FREEING, Phat, and now Orange Rouge branching out to make figmas along with Max Factory, we have a lot to look at.

As is the usual routine with Figma News Fridays during Wonderfestvial, we will cover everything at the event beginning with announcements, then unpainted prototypes, and finally painted prototypes. I will include whatever opinion I have along with series information, what I know about release dates and pricing, and whatever other helpful information I can find. There’s a lot to look at, so let’s get started!


Miyo Asato: Tactical System Uniform Girl Announced
asato miyo
Manufacturer: Tomytec
Origin: Little Armory

Google searches of Miyo Asato returned the entry on MFC and tombstones, so I don’t think there is much about her. Little Armory is what the Tomytec 1/12 weapons were released under, so I can only assume that Miyo is a character created for their line. She may also be Yuki Nagato’s sister.

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Figma News Fridays 7/24/15

Welcome to another round of Figma News Fridays! This week is like every other I guess. You know normal and full of figmas…oh except that Wonderfestival is this weekend! This took me by surprise because I knew Wonderfestival was close, but not so soon! We start off the week with the usual delays, preorders, and releases, and end with juicy teasers, so let’s get started!


A few reveals from last Friday after I wrote FNF(of course).

Mio Honda Anime ver. Painted
mio honda friday
Very cute! I love her smile, and her skirt and shoes look really good! Ankle socks aren’t something we see often on figures.

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Figma News Fridays 2015 Winter Wonderfestival Edition

Hello, and welcome to a very special Figma News Fridays! In this “special edition” we will be looking at the figma side of 2015 Winter Wonderfestival! What is Wonderfestival? Why only the most magical time for figure collectors in which companies gather together and announce their figure lineups! There’s something for everyone at Wonderfestival, but since this is Figma New Fridays, we’ll just be concentrating on the figma side of the event.

Format for Wonderfestival posts is a little different. We will begin with “announcements”. Those are figmas with just an announcement card, but no sculpt to show. We will then progress to unpainted prototypes before ending with painted prototypes. Character information including name and origin will be below the picture, and any other helpful information will be added. So let’s get started!


ayase eri
Character: Eri Ayase: Uniform version
Origin: Love Live! School Idol Project

You’re about to see that Max Factory announced pretty much the whole cast of Love Live! School Idol Project. Hoorah!

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Wonfes Summer 2014: Personal Highlights

Remember last week when I said I would write a followup Wonderfestival post about the other figures I was interested in? Well, now I finally have time for that! Not many non figmas captured my eye this time(which I prefer), but there are some notable things to look forward to. Also, the figure I’m most excited about this time happens to not even be a figma! So let’s take a look at my personal favorite non figma figures from Wonderfestival!

ayasha figure

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Figma News Fridays: Summer Wonderfestival 2014

Welcome to a very special edition of Figma News Fridays; one that I always enjoy writing, and never actually occurs on Fridays.

Sunday July 27 was the date of the annual summer Wonderfestival! Wonderfestival is one of the most anticipated events for figure collectors as it is essentially an exhibit for what we have to look forward to in the next part of the year. This being Figma News Fridays, I will only be discussing the figma side of the event, but seeing that I am able to write a sizable post about theses figures each week, I’m sure we all know that Wonderfestival provides much to talk about. However, keeping in mind that there is much much more to see at the event, I will follow up tomorrow with a list of personal highlights.

Following my usual setup for Wonfes posts, we will begin with announcements and progress to completed prototypes. Origin and any helpful additional information will be included for each figma along with my own opinion. There’s a lot to look at and enjoy, so let’s get started!


Character: Benisuzume
Origin: Shidonia no Kishi

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Figma News Fridays 6/20/14

Another week, another seven days.
With just release news, I figured this week would be ok at best. Then GSC and friends stopped our hearts by unveiling their Wonderfestival exclusives. Wonfes is still a ways off, which means we can all plan last minute trips to Japan to get these exclusives ASAP.
So let’s get started!


Mikasa Ackerman Rerelease Preorders Begin
Mikasa preview page

From the anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ comes a rerelease of figma Mikasa Ackerman!

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Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Personal Highlights

With that monstrous figma post behind us, Never Outgrew Toys is done with Wonderfestival, right? Wrong! Wonderfestival is never over because it lives on in our hearts and the deepest nightmares of our wallets!
Figmas will always be my true love, but with a few other figures under my belt, my eye can’t help but wander, and there are several figures that I’d at least like to bring attention to. That’s what this post is for! Here I will be featuring and discussing the non figma items that caught my eye whether they be future candidates for my collection or not. I’d love to hear your opinions too!

Here we go!

Character: Sinon
Series: Sword Art Online

You may or may not have heard, but SAO has a confirmed second season for 2014 thus reigniting my passionate love hate relationship. And to celebrate, we finally have a scaled Kirito…just kidding, it’s Sinon! Sinon is a new character from the show which hasn’t aired yet, but she already has scaled announcements from Pulchra and Aquamarine. I do want my Kirito, but can’t blame anyone for hopping on the train early.
Until the inevitable figma, Sinon is not on my list.

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Figma News Fridays: Winter Wonderfestival 2014 Edition

Is that not the longest title ever? But it’s definitely fitting for a long post filled with figma goodness!

As usual, figmas have a strong presence at Wonfes, and although there are a few winners in my book, I have to say that I feel a tad underwhelmed since there was nothing that had me jumping out of my seat. Is this perhaps a sign of a newfound maturity as a collector? Instead of a pounding heart and flailing arms, will a smug smile of satisfaction now suffice? Regardless, I’ll let you decide how successful this Wonfes was. Let’s get started!

As usual in Wonderfestival posts, I will begin with unsculpted announcements, then move on to unpainted prototypes, before ending with fully painted figures. The name and series of the character will be included.

bubblehead nurse
Character: Bubblehead Nurse
Series: Silent Hill 2

If the figma line has shown us one thing, it’s that they’re not opposed to venturing outside of the anime realm. This is especially the case when companies other than Max Factory produce figmas, as is the case with this one.
FREEING is the manufacturer this time, and after bringing us oddities like Egashira, they’re gracing the figure world with Silent Hill figmas. I’ll be honest and say that I know little about Silent Hill, but Bubblehead Nurse is someone I’m at least familiar with(she has PVCs as well), and judging by what I’ve seen, this will be an ultra creepy figma! I wonder if they’ll even try with interchangeable faces…

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Figma News Fridays 2/7/14

Welcome to the Friday before the storm! What is this storm I’m talking about? Why it’s Wonderfestival of course! Ah, Wonderfestival, the day when hearts skip and wallets weep…
I honestly did not think there would be a FNF this week for the obvious reason that companies are focusing all of their attention on the big event and releasing little info as a result. However, GSC and company are always there with their wonderful teasers, so we have some tasty tidbits to chew on until the feast begins.

And on a separate note, in case anyone was wondering why I didn’t contribute much to the blogosphere this week…it’s not like I’ve spent the last two days trying to sew a collar on a doll jacket.Nope, not at all.

So let’s get started!


Hazuki Mizuhara Announced
mizuhara hazuki friday
B-but it hasn’t started yet. Looks like Max Factory has gifted us with an anti teaser by publishing a full picture of Hazuki Mizuhara. Hazuki is from Toushin Toshi II which I know nothing about, but at least I can say she’s pretty! I especially like her mouth.

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