January 2015 Loot

Behold! The first real loot of 2015! Thanks to one item, the box for this loot was much bigger than usual. Here’s everything:

loot 1

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A Makeover Fit for a Queen

Today I am finally writing a post which I have been wanting to finish and share with you all for a very long time!
This doll project was different from my others in that I decided to keep the details secret and share everything at the end instead of piece by piece like with Celeste and Kanade’s projects. Pictures were taken over a year, and some are even from my cellphone. Not all progress shots look good, but the ones that matter do!

Perhaps you have heard of Frozen. It is the movie that has essentially invaded the world and flooded everyone’s minds with the song that we dare not speak of. As with most popular movies, I did not watch Frozen until it came out on DVD, so I was surprisingly unaware of the phenomenon it had become. But one thing which caught my eye before seeing the movie was Disney’s Classic dolls of Elsa and Anna. I spotted them in a video by My Froggy Stuff who reviewed the deluxe set which includes the two sisters and both dresses they wear in the movie. Both dolls looked cute and well made, and I was surprised by how much they resembled the on-screen characters. I quickly searched for the dolls and found that they were long sold out and very hard to find thanks to Frozen’s popularity. I put the dolls out of my mind until I saw the movie, after which I decided to at least pursue Elsa who had become my favorite.

Devoted searching led me to pay a lot, but not too much for an Elsa on Ebay.

loot 2

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