Vibrant Spring Ayesha

Uhuhuhu I have returned to dump some photos!

But let’s have a little life update! After a full year of trying business, I switched my college major back into art. Art still makes me unsure sometimes, but frankly, I was miserable in business. I still think that I would have done well could I have gotten to the creative type classes, but business was very frustrating because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do well, and perhaps more importantly, I couldn’t make myself care about anything. I have at least always been a good student, but this past year was just…bad. Failing an intermediate accounting midterm threw me off the edge, and I decided to essentially go crawling back to the art department. It was a hard decision to face because I had told myself for so long that leaving art was the right thing to do. But as soon as I resigned myself to returning to art…I felt better. A LOT BETTER. Better than I had felt in a long long time. Focusing on business classes meant I had to give up a lot of things I usually did(like this blog) which is fine and understandable, but I soon came to realize that practicing creative things is more a part of me than I had realized. Through that year, I never stopped looking at and admiring art because that’s what I’ve always done, but it started to make me very sad. I still wanted artistic fulfillment, but had resigned myself to not having it. Now, I’m not saying that choosing one thing means you can’t have the other or that people of one mind can’t be of another. But for me PERSONALLY, it was not a good thing.

SO I have returned to the creative side of things, and now that I see it is more important to me than I had realized, I am taking it more seriously! Previously, I didn’t think of myself as an artist because I am not good at drawing and painting. And while that still frustrates me, I’ve begun to immerse myself in the kind of art I am good at! This includes crafting which my passion for was reignited through cosplay. I’ve also begun doing things like making felt dolls and paper art. It’s been very fun and fulfilling! Figures have taken a back seat for a long time because I have not been financially able to support this hobby. I do miss it though, and I now have the incentive to give it more attention, so I’m not making any promises about coming back to this blog in full force, but just wanted to talk about what’s changed with me. And thank you to anyone who has stuck around after a year of intermittent silence.

Also, I am much more active on other sites! My Instagram tipsy_scales is for all of my crafts and photos and such. I’m also on twitter as Tipsy_Scales which still has updates on what I make, but also a fair bit of retweeting fan art. My tumblr Yam1Usag1 updates my figure photos only and is about as active as this blog.

Ahaha now that that’s all out of the way, let’s move on to the photos!


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Choosing and Organizing Photos

Let’s set the stage: you’ve just gotten a brand new figure and can’t wait to photograph it. With your shiny new acquisition in hand, you head out to take photos, and After a vigorous photo shoot, return to your computer to upload and admire your handiwork. But there’s just one measly problem: you now have a folder filled to the brim with pictures! Just how are you going to choose the “winning shots” and go about organizing them? What about the “maybes”? This is the question Akane asked in a comment, and I think it’s a very good one! Many people post figure photos, but rarely do we get to see what goes on behind the scenes and how they manage to keep their computers from exploding with all of those pictures. So today I’m going to go over how I do a basic figure photo shoot, pick my favorites, and organize them. Hopefully I can offer some good tips!

For this post, I decided to do a simple shoot. I noticed that it was dark and cloudy today which is not the most appealing environment for outdoor photos, but there are some pretty flowers blooming, so I decided to use them as a background. My figure of choice was nendoroid petite uniform Madoka Kaname.
When doing a planned figure shoot, it’s good to have some idea of what you want your final image to look like. Serendipity is great, but shouldn’t be relied on, so make sure to know what you want to get out of your shoot. All I wanted was some simple pictures of Madoka in the flowers.

After photographing Madoka, I uploaded my pictures on the family computer. Because my laptop’s color settings are off and the family computer is the only one with a good photo editing program, I always upload my pictures there.
It’s always important to stay organized, so once the pictures are uploaded, I name the folder they’re stored in.
madoka shots image
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Random Pictures 2

Alrighty! In addition to daily comics(at least until I catch up with my backlog–we’ve still got a long way to go), I’m going to start posting regular photoshoots. I try to take new pictures daily during the summer, and the weather is warm(maybe too warm), so now is the best time for daily photoshoots!
photoshoots will have all of the pictures I’ve taken for the day. This post is actually a compilation of three days since I just got around to fixing the pictures. ^^
Ok! Picture time!

I spent the first day in a patch of grass in my backyard. I love how long grass looks in the sunlight–especially when it’s a beautiful day. Pretty grass is my go to when I can’t think of anything, my only fear is that the pictures will all look the same XD

Kureha is my third PVC. I like her, but feel that her quality is not quite up to par with my other two PVCs. I actually wanted the Max Factory version and bought her since Max Factory’s is expensive, but can’t help but feel that I’m missing out. I think I’ll keep her until either I have money for Max Factory’s or a miracle causes it to be re-released.

Another picture of her–I like how the colors came out.

My lovely armored Sabers basking in the sun.

Saber with Saber Zero’s head. I kind of like that ponytail on her.

Rider is finally getting some attention. I don’t photograph her much because I have trouble posing her. She also works best in action poses and I’m awful with those XD. The pink and green contrast is nice though.

Saber Lily is not happy. I need to remember to use that face in some comics ;D

Smiling Saber is so cute >///<

This was taken on the other side of the yard when the sun was setting. Invisible Excalibur looks pretty cool like that. I need to remember to photograph it like that more.

Shiro’s harem family is getting bigger. Now I just need Alter and Extra(and Bride when she comes out).

The second day I played with my Madoka Magica figures, but only had time to photograph Madoka and Homura. I need to get started earlier so I’ll have more time for photos ^^’

Ooh~ mysterious.

Going for that last episode feel.
For some reason, there is a pile of rocks in my back yard. It works very nicely for desolate landscape photos.

Yes Homura! Be happy! Be happy!

I only have three pictures from the third day since I was lacking in inspiration a bit. But there are some nice flowers in the back yard!

Tsukihi in the hydrangeas. Getting even a nendo petite to stay in those flowers wasn’t easy.

My first scaled figure, Nessa. I just couldn’t resist ordering when Mikatan previewed her!

Nessa and her tiny counterpart. They’re so cute together ^^

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be sure to do gallery posts more often, and next time it will only be for one day. I hope you enjoyed this post!