Review: 1/7 scale Sallya/Tharja by Goodsmile Company/Max Factory

*Does jumping jacks* Are you ready for another review? I hope so because it’s time to put your hands together for Goodsmile Company and Max Factory’s 1/7 scale Sallya/Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

While Sallya is her Japanese name, I assume that most people reading(including myself) know this character as Tharja, so I will be referring to her with that name for the rest of the review.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the 13th installation in the Fire Emblem tactical RPG series, and in the game, you play as the tactician to Prince Chrom of Ylisse and help lead him to victory and a bright future. Along the way, your army gains many new additions, and interacting with the game’s cast of colorful characters is a definite high point. Characters like the Mage Ricken and Dancer Olivia join automatically as the story moves along while others like Thief Gaius and Villager Donnel are optional, but worthwhile additions. Tharja is of the latter, and can be recruited(or not) during Chapter 9 outside of Plegia castle. Plegia is Tharja’s homeland, and she along with Henry, is one of the Dark Mages who leaves the enemy lines to join you. As is fitting for their craft, Dark Mages have twisted personalities, so Tharja is always occupied with curses and the Avatar character(AKA Robin) who she has an unhealthy obsession with. Regardless of her unsettling personality, Tharja’s shapely body and revealing outfit ensure her popularity.

Oddly, I remember the day Tharja’s preorders opened, and thinking that she looked like an interesting character from one of those games I would never play. Fast forward to this summer when I played Fire Emblem: Awakening, which took over my life, and I found myself looking at Tharja again. To be honest, even after playing, the figure took time to grow on me as her alluring pose did not quite mesh with my impression of Tharja, and seductively posed figures are not something you find in my collection. But when you have interest in a character, more money than sense because it is summer, and something pops up on amiami preowned for retail price, what is a girl to do? Soon enough, Tharja, along with other figures, was EMS’d to my house(did I mention more money than sense?), and it was time for the moment of truth. An unboxing and a few casual shots later, and my my feelings were clear. Let’s see her box!

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Figma News Fridays 9/18/15

Welcome to a late edition of Figma News Fridays!
I apologize for the lack of activity on the blog lately. For the last week or so, I have been slave to this:

(Not even trying to look excited)

Long hours, lying on the floor in despair, and nights with little sleep have culminated to bring this accursed coat together. And the reason? No, I am not trying to achieve the highest form of video game immersion. I am going to Anime Weekend Atlanta! This Friday and Saturday will be my first time at the convention in a long time, and it’s all because I had so much fun at Momo con. I will be Ash Ketchum on Friday and Morgan(pajamas not included) on Saturday. I will also bring Tamaki and a figma long. If anybody else will be there, please let me know!

Now back to FNF. This week had the usual release dates and delays along with some unexpected announcements, so let’s get started!

Monday FigFIX Amatsukaze Release Date Announced figFIX amatsukaze preview page

September 28th!

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Review: Amiibo Reflet/Robin

Today’s review isn’t on a figma, nendoroid, or scale! Instead, it features something from the latest infuriating craze! Unite your screams of anguish and frustration as we introduce Reflet/Robin from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo lineup!

Amiibos are Nintendo’s venture into the “toys-to-life” genre which utilizes NFC chips in small figures to unlock characters or features in video games. Other lines in the genre are Skylanders and Disney Infinity. All three proved surprisingly successful, but unlike the other two, Nintendo tried to increase the collector’s value of Amiibos by releasing them in small waves with emphasis on the most well known characters. This strategy was unexceptional in Europe and Japan, but created a frenzy in the US. Nintendo’s distribution practices have left characters like Pikachu and Mario very easy to get while characters like Reflet/Robin from less well known series like Fire Emblem can be difficult to acquire.

Reflet is the default Japanese name for the avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening. The avatar is a tactician and Awakening allows you to customize their name, gender, and appearance, and even reclass however you choose. According to the Fire Emblem wiki, Reflet is French for “reflection” which is perfect for a character who can become whatever the player wants. Reflet’s name in the English localization is Robin which was most likely chosen because it is an androgynous name and also starts with an “R”. Because this is an English review, I will be referring to him as Robin from now on.

Since the Awakening avatar is customizable, their appearance is not canonized, and promotional artwork often features characters like Chrom or Lucina instead. The few times that the avatar is shown, a hood obscures their face. This is true also in the game’s opening and movie sequences. Seeing how much effort was put into ambiguity for the player character, it is funny to see that when the avatar was added to the fighting game Super Smash Bros., all of that was tossed aside for the default name and appearance.

Appropriately, I first saw Robin while playing Smash Bros. in a hotel room at a convention. I had never played before, and as my eyes slid across the lineup looking for a pretty lady to play as(these things matter to me), I saw him. He had white hair(my favorite thing ever), he used magic(my second favorite thing ever), and he had a long coat(my third favorite thing ever). He was perfect. Afterwards, I bought Fire Emblem Awakening to find out more about him, and loved it. Of course my other automatic reflex was to see if there were any figures of Robin, but I only found the overpriced Amiibo. Then when I was checking amiami one night, I saw the Amiibo for retail and preordered him.

Amiibo Robin is still not easy to find, and this is the only figure of him, so I wanted to give people a look at him from a figure collecting perspective.

r 1
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