How About Some Momohime?

I found some Momohime pictures languishing in a folder on my computer, so let’s…let’s look at them!

Momohime has always been a treasure figure in my collection, yet I’ve never dedicated much time to posting about her. What I can confirm is that she looks good everywhere and all the time. It’s scary that a figure can be this photogenic!

momo h 1

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Flowers and Waves

What a fancy way to say photo dump…which is totally not what this is.

Here are some random photos with nowhere else to go taken in my backyard and at the beach; hence the title “Flowers and Waves”.

forgotten days copy
Momohime! I still haven’t posted a proper review/photo shoot of her, but I forgot about that when I uploaded these pictures, so enjoy!

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June-ly Loot

Today we’ll be looking at my combined loot for June and July because more is better when it comes to loot!

Here’s everything:
loot 1
Figures: figma Snow Miku, figma Levi, figma Armin, figma Ranko,
Goods: Dollfie Dream accessories, Kumamon phone pouch, custom phone cover, and Miku shirt.

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Gluing Things Together

I’m not afraid(although slightly ashamed) to say that I’ve been slacking off in terms of photo taking lately. It has been raining for the last few days and I’ve also been sewing for Tamaki and Kagura a lot, but the truth is that I’ve just not been doing much, and without the photos I usually rely on, I’m scraping the barrel for posts. But the good thing is that I actually like scraping the barrel every now and then. Not only does this allow me to stretch my imagination and venture out of my comfort zone for new content, it hopefully gives you all something different to read. So today I have a special post in line. A post about…glue?

That’s right, glue. Whether they have bad luck or just really big hands, those who collect regularly are eventually brought face to face with the misfortune that is a broken or loose figure and the sadness that comes with it. I’ve run into this problem several times within my collecting life, and after finally procuring the glue needed to fix my many breaks, thought it would be fun to show just what’s broken over time and celebrate that it’s finally fixed. So I hope you enjoy this tidbit from the bottom of the barrel!

gc 1
We’ll start with the most important part: the glue!
The glue I used is Elmer’s Krazy glue. Why do they call it Krazy glue? Because it sticks to everything within seconds! O_O’

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