Double Review: Figma Kurisu Makise Lab Coat ver. & Okabe Rintarou

A double review? What on earth is a double review? Well, it’s just what is sounds like: today we’ll be looking at two figures at once! And these figures are two who are so similar(you could even say inseparable) that I felt it would be a crime to not showcase them together. I present you: figma Kurisu Makise Lab Coat ver. and Okabe Rintarou by Max Factory!

*note* These figures are separate releases. Do not expect to find them bundled together*

Okabe and Kurisu come to us from the visual novel-turned anime Steins;Gate. Not being a VN player, I was introduced to Steins;Gate by the anime, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Steins;Gate was the first anime I watched weekly(something I still try to do but often fall behind on) which greatly contributed to the suspense in the second half of the series. The story has to do with time travel and features and intricate and tightly woven plot with outcomes reliant on what are sometimes miniscule events in the past. If Steins;Gate teaches you anything, it’s that you shouldn’t mess with the past unless you’re prepared to fix it. The very nature of the story makes it an excellent candidate for re-watching, but what draws audiences to Steins;Gate is not just the plot, but the characters. The show’s cast is made of remarkably colorful characters who manage to always feel genuine. At the heart of the story are the interactions between Mad Scientist Okabe Rintarou and actual scientist Kurisu Makise. Okabe is a slightly nutty gentleman who operates his own lab/hang out spot in a rented room above a TV shop. One of his most identifiable traits is his mad scientist persona which is complete with a lab coat, faulty experiments, a maniacal laugh, and even fake phone calls to a nonexistent organization. On the contrary, Kurisu is a the daughter of a notable scientist and has had her own research published. By the choice of Steins;Gate, the two meet and are united by their affinity for lab coats and Dr. Pepper among other things. Of course the their interactions are not without bumps as Okabe is prone to teasing and Kurisu possesses tsundere tendencies. These are just a few things which help to make Steins;Gate so grand.

A figma of Kurisu in her casual garb was released at the time the anime aired, but it was not until the movie that we were treated to a figma of Kurisu in her lab coat along with the long awaited and greatly demanded Okabe.
Being a fan, I immediately added these two to my collection.

ko 1
Gears are a recurring motif in Steins;Gate, so both boxes are appropriately covered in them. Okabe’s is light brown while Kurisu’s has a pink and blue combination.
It is important to note that although released after Miku 2.0, Okabe and Kurisu number before 200 which means they still use the pegged hands and classic box design.

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December 2013 Loot

With the entirety of my December loot finally here, it looks like I can truly say goodbye to 2013. Although with the figures in this loot having long been released, I’ve come to wish that I’d been blogging in the days when I used EMS for everything. Still, saving money on shipping isn’t bad with all the other hobbies I’ve picked up since then…

Anyway…here’s everything!
Takara Tomy Espeon, Azone Styling Wax, figma Kurisu Makise Lab Coat ver, figma Okabe Rintarou, and figma Nodoka Manabe

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Figma News Fridays 12/6/13

Figma News Fridays! I ended up not spending much time online this week because I have a job again! Finally. I haven’t worked since May, so I can now buy more figures replenish my savings account. Of course I’m going to concentrate on the important things in life, but that’s not interesting material for a figure blog. This will impact the blog in that I’ll have more wiggle room for extras and my projects, and you all also won’t have to see me try to explain my barren loots. It shouldn’t affect my time for blogging since my days are free for now. It was only an issue this week because I need to fix my ridiculous sleeping schedule. So if it took me a little while to respond to your message, or if you were expecting more posts, that’s why!
Speaking of this week, it was decent for figures! We have release date info and an super snow-riffic announcement! So let’s get started!


Kurisu Makise Release Date Announced
kurisu preview page
Kurisumasu is happening! Kurisu is joining her lab coat clad counterpart for a release in December. But will Okabe be out in time to join them? That just might take a Kurisumasu miracle, but I’ll share the good news if it does!
Kurisu will be released on December 16th.

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Figma News Fridays 11/29/13

Another round of Figma News Fridays! I had more posts planned for this week, but instead ended up…giving the blog a makeover! The old color scheme was there for a while, so I added more color this time which hopefully isn’t too distracting. I’m not entirely happy with how the header turned out yet, but think it’s ok for now. As far as figma news goes, this week started off with a boom, but quieted down to nothing near the end. But it’s still better than nothing. So let’s get started!


Hiro Release Date Announced
hiro preview page
After a quick delay, Hiro will be available on December 12th.

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Figma News Fridays: 11/22/13

Amazing! November is almost over already. Does that mean the year will be over soon? No, that’s crazy! Or maybe it isn’t. Well, the one thing that I’m sure of at least is that the week is over which means that there’s figma news to fawn over. With only one preorder and two delays, there isn’t much to fawn over, but we’ll have to make the best of it. I also have some other news to share at the end of the post. So let’s get started!


Hiro Delayed
hiro preview page
Hopefully you weren’t looking forward to Hiro or her one accessory, Nazuna, this month because she has been Delayed to December. Just think of her as a present to yourself!

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Figma News Fridays 6/14/13

It’s time once again for Figma New Fridays. This week offered a good amount of figma news. Not only was there information on release dates like I’d hoped, a new figma went up for preorder and we got a sneak peek at one in the works. So let’s get started!


Asuna Delayed
Asuna preview page
As expected, Kirito and Asuna will not be coming out in the same month. We can now expect Asuna in July.

Egashira 2:50 Release Date Announced
Egashira 2:50 preview page
Egashira and his tights will be out June 22nd

Gon Freecss Release Date Announced
gon preview page
Gon will also be out on June 22nd

Killua Zaoldyeck Release Date Announced
killua preview page
Killua’s release date in June 22nd

Kirito Release Date Announced
kirito preview page
Kirito will be release on June 22nd
He’s my only item for this month ^^’


Kurisu Makise: White Coat ver. Preorders Begin
kurisu lab coat preview page
From the popular game Steins;Gate which has been adapted into an anime and recently a movie, comes the genius scientist Kurisu Makise! Rather than her casual jacket, this figma features Kurisu in the white coat she wears in the lab. Equip Kurisu with one of her three brand new faces, crossed arms, or Future Gadget #12 for more fun. Her slippers are even removable! Kurisu retails for 3619 yen and is scheduled to be released in November.

I’m happy with the figma itself, but as for everything surrounding it, not so much. For starters, she barely comes with anything. The faces are just what I’d hoped (way more fitting than those of the first figma in my opinion), but could they really not think of anything else to include? Maybe the microwave, headphones, a metal oopa, or a manila envelope(maybe Okabe will some with some of these things?) The other thing is her price. Figmas are definitely becoming more expensive because 3619 yen is a lot for a figure with so few accessories. BUT none of this matters because I’m totally getting her. I’ll be waiting for you, Christina!

Okabe Rintarou Sculpted!
okabe back preview
Okabe? Oh yes! To go along with Kurisu, the Mad Scientist is now sculpted. We’ll see him at Wonderfest at the very least, and he better come with some good stuff! And I better get a job…

Well, that’s all for this week! Do you have any figmas to look forward to on June 22nd or are you happier to see the zombie go up for preorder?