Review: figma Miku Hatsune Sailor Suit ver.

Today we’ll be looking at one of my must-have figures, figma Miku Hatsune Sailor Suit ver. by Max Factory.

Many are aware of Miku Hatsune’s overwhelming presence in the figure world. Being a highly versatile virtual diva makes her widely known and an easy sell. For these reasons, Miku can be described as “overdone” as figure after figure of her saturates the market while other overlooked characters(even other Vocaloids) go without a single figure. But the worthwhile thing coming from her saturation is lessening of risk for companies. Figure makers need to make profit like everybody else, and for any number of reasons, some characters or particular costumes are simply too much of a gamble to spend time and labor producing for minimal or uncertain return. But when a character rises to super stardom like Miku has, the gates of possibility suddenly swing open. Super cute Miku is still as popular as ever, but her status as a hot commodity has made unique figures like World is Mine, Deep Sea Girl, Love is War, Romeo and Cinderella, and even the disturbing Mikudayo possible. Various artists even design for Miku under the Snow Miku and Goodsmile Racing guises producing creative Miku after creative Miku. Official art can lose its flavor after some time, so I enjoy seeing what the public creates for Miku which is what Miku has always been about. And even if a chunk of the collecting community may cry foul every time yet another Miku figure is introduced, with the number of unique Mikus on the rise, I can’t help but be excited to see what will be next.

This Miku is a product of yet another one of Goodsmile Company’s ingenious wallet emptying schemes– a lottery! The lottery opened in spring of 2014 and included a colorful menagerie of Vocaloid related goods. As in previous Goodsmile Lotteries, a nendoroid was the “A” prize and sat at the top of the pile of goodies. Yet for the first(and probably not last) time, a figma was added to the mix. I had hoped that the figma would be a rehash of previous limited Mikus like Cheerful Japan Miku, but much to my delight and horror, I was dead wrong as both the nendoroids and figma were based on an original design. The figures were based on illustrations by Tica85 Bookstores. Here are a couple of the illustrations which I combed the internet to find again after not saving them the first time…
A promo image with sugar sweet Miku.

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April 2014 Loot

Once again it is time for the long awaited loot! There has not been a single figure for the last several months, but April’s loot finally remedies that with not one, but three figmas and goodies to boot!
Here’s everything:

Miku Hatsune Sailor Suit ver., Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, mini Danboard strap, and Doge.

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March 2014 Loot

The loot is here once again!
And for anyone interested, my Pokémon X journey is going fabulously. I currently have 6 badges and just bought my trainer a cute pink dress in Anistar city. I love being able to change outfits which might be a problem since I’m tempted to do it almost every day. I even changed my trainer into a coat to ride Mamoswine through the snow. Were the Global Sync server not undergoing maintenance at the moment, I’d be sharing pictures as well.
There have also been some changes to my team. I now have: Jolteon(Pippa), Flygon(Pandora), Delphox(Inari), Venusaur(Midori), Azumarill(Blueberry), and Mienfoo(Mutton). Kalos has a phenomenal selection of Pokémon that are accessible throughout your Pokémon journey. In previous regions it felt like there were only a few good Pokémon to catch along the way and all others were merely to fill space in the Pokedex or for you to use until you reached those good Pokémon. But in Kalos, I found that there were infinite possibilities for my team and was often upset that I’d filled a particular spot in so early. I do not want to rush the game, but I am really looking forward to training a competitive team and taking on some other trainers. I’ll definitely be IV training the best Gardevoir that I can. By the way, did you know that Gardevoir is Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokémon? Because it is.

As for this month’s loot, it was another goodie filled one with not a figure in sight. Here’s everything:
loot 1
Disney Classic Elsa, Shrine Maiden costume, Pink Round Toe Strap Shoes, Asuna Earphone Jack, and Goodsmile Kuji Miku tote.

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Figma News Fridays 3/7/14

Are you ready for figma news? Good! Because it’s time for Figma News Fridays!
This week had a lot of pictures of new figmas, but no actual new figmas. This seems bad for now, but it means that next week will definitely have at least one new figma to prepare your wallets for. So let’s get started!


Strength Animation ver. Previewed
The anime version of Strength is not scheduled to hit the shelves until March 14th, but we have kindly been treated to some sample photos of the final product!
Her box!
I will not be getting this version of Strength, so these are the only pictures of her you’ll see here >_>’

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Figma News Fridays 2/21/14

Figma News Fridays! Would you believe that February is almost over?
I was not expecting much this week, but several gems of information popped up to surprise me. So let’s get started!


Ninja Slayer Sculpted and Painted
ninja slayer sunday
Every Wonfes, a slew of unique and unanticipated figmas appear, but we often do not hear about them for a long time in comparison to their anime derived counterparts. Ninja Slayer was one of those figmas. In fact, he was announced last year. However, there is indeed progress on Ninja Slayer as he is making his first appearance since then with not only a sculpt, but a gleaming coat of paint.
The dramatic comic book look is really cool to see on an action figure!

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Figma News Fridays 10/18/13

It’s Friday once again! This week had little in terms of volume, but two big ticket characters created a scramble that more than made up for it. There was also a small announcement from the end of last week. So let’s get started!

I report figma news on Fridays because there is rarely ever news on the weekends, but last Saturday happened to have something small.
Miku Hatsune Goodsmile Kuji Announced
miku saturday
For anyone who doesn’t know, Kuji are lucky draw prizes that can be potentially won by purchasing lottery tickets. They are only available for purchase in Japan which makes second hand places or proxies the only options for international collectors.

Goodsmile Company entered the lottery prize business a while back with their flagship nendoroid series. Since then they’ve been torturing their loyal fans with adorable and painfully exclusive entries such as Santa Miku, Jumbo Miku, and even Family Mart versions of Rin, Len, and of course Miku. But since GSC distributes for Max Factory, that makes it more than possible for the same to be done with figmas. So we’re finally seeing our first kuji figma of Miku. It’s listed as “Uniform Version” which leads me to believe that there won’t be anything spectacular about this Miku, but you never know. I just hope that this is an experiment and not the start of an era of pain for figma fans.

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