Figma News Fridays 11/29/13

Another round of Figma News Fridays! I had more posts planned for this week, but instead ended up…giving the blog a makeover! The old color scheme was there for a while, so I added more color this time which hopefully isn’t too distracting. I’m not entirely happy with how the header turned out yet, but think it’s ok for now. As far as figma news goes, this week started off with a boom, but quieted down to nothing near the end. But it’s still better than nothing. So let’s get started!


Hiro Release Date Announced
hiro preview page
After a quick delay, Hiro will be available on December 12th.

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Figma News Fridays 8/2/13

The first Figma News Fridays of August! But the second one this week. In spite of the recent Wonderfestival, a good number of figures from various companies have already gone up for preorder. Among this batch is one new figma, and a release as well. So let’s get started!


Sae Preorders Begin
Sae preview page
Joining the Hidamari figma crew is none other than Sae! Make use of an optional pair of fogged glasses or a delightful embarrassed face to showcase Sae’s wide range of emotions. She also comes with a head to transform her into Nori for twice the fun. Sae retails for 4000 yen and will be released in December.

Another Hidamari Sketch figma. Hmm let’s count her accessories! One…two?
My knowledge of Hidamari Sketch is slim, but to be expected to pay a high price twice just to be able to display all of the characters is sad. And to receive very few accessories for the characters you bought is also sad. It’s just sad.

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