A Little Ichi Niisan

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Now back to our scheduled programming

Considering how much I like Touken Ranbu and that I have 8 nendoroids from it, I’ve posted woefully little about it. And I’m going to continue doing just that for the foreseeable future. Still, a few months back when I got Ichigo Hitofuri, I snapped some pictures of him with some flowers. I also took the photos for a review which I will hopefully write some time before I die.

And by the way, for those who don’t follow my Facebook page, I’m on Instagram now! I intended for it to be a private-ish personal account, but in all honesty I never go anywhere ever, so it’s mostly pictures of figures with cosplay progress on the weekends. My name is tipsy_scales

Ok, back to flowers.


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Ode to Tree

Hello everybody!

It looks like this is the second week with no posts other than Figma News Fridays. I doubt you all mind too much, but not being able to update with something makes me sad, so I want to talk about a few things along with a small tribute.

First a little about projects. I always find myself with a slew of ongoing projects. My interest in each fluctuates, but they are still things that I definitely want to do.

One is as simple as collecting all of the Frozen(*cough Elsa cough*) merchandise that I can. Generally I am not fond of American merchandise since it is rarely as accurate or high quality as what comes from Japan, but I am impressed with the quality of Disney Store Frozen items and loving the character designs from Frozen so much does not help. Frozen merchandise has been in high demand lately because of how disturbingly popular the movie was, but I’ve noticed it slowly trickling back into stock thanks to the holidays. I have no idea how quickly it will be gobbled up again, but am happy to see Disney putting effort into making Frozen merch more widely available. I would buy some, but money is too tight.

Part of my Frozen quest involves giving a makeover to my Elsa doll. I plan to sew another dress and restyle her hair myself, but will be commissioning her refaceup. Since faceups are so expensive, I sometimes wonder whether I should learn to do them myself, but supplies are expensive and I honestly like waiting to see what the artist does.

All of this talk about faceups reminds me of Dollfie Dreams. Now, let’s say that I hypothetically had begun working on a second DD. Would you all hypothetically be interested in another Project DD like what I did with Celeste, or would you prefer a different hypothetical approach? Unlike with Celeste, I would have no problem revealing the hypothetical name of this DD and talking about her in depth. I had not planned on doing another Project DD initially, but if you all genuinely liked reading it, I would not mind. Hypothetically.

The last project to draw my attention lately is cosplay. I used to attend anime conventions regularly, but after I began seriously collecting figures, I stopped going. This was partially because figures leave me with little extra money, but also since my list of con friends grew slim, and being at conventions alone is not nearly as fun. However, for the first time in a while, I felt that I was missing something by not attending this year. One thing that bothered me when I was a regular attendee was not cosplaying. I am not opposed to the idea, but my love of accurate details in figures extends to my cosplay which makes me a perfectionist. I worry about everything from not having the right face shape to skin tone which has kept me away from cosplay for years. I know that none of these things really matter, and I am completely fine with the way I look otherwise, but they still bother me when it comes to cosplay. Because of this, the characters I did consider often shared my skin tone, hair, and eye color which is a limited selection and none of the characters were ones I loved. However, for last year’s con, I began considering Mikasa Ackerman which made me realize that there are hair colors other than my own which I could work with. I also became aware of the plethora of cosplay makeup techniques which make it even easier to resemble the character. Another thing I began considering was body type. I am petite and slender which makes not just girls, but boys an option. For this reason, the character I am now strongly considering is Aladdin from Magi! I would like to do his Magnostadt outfit with his new staff from the manga since I love the wizard look and find Aladdin cuter that way. Sheba is another character I thought of, but I doubt many people would recognize her unless we get a third Magi season.
Makeup is the part of cosplay I know least about, so to prepare, I want to begin practicing by following the tutorial videos I have found. Whenever that does happen, I would be happy to share my makeup learning experiences. Whether I will have everything together in time for the next convention is questionable, but I am still excited to dedicate myself to something like this.
…I addition to all of my other projects.


And now to address the title of this post: “Ode to Tree”. Surely you recall my posts during spring about how much I love seeing the trees in my yard bloom. There is a cherry tree, but my main subject has been a pink flowered mystery tree. This tree’s lower branches were far easier for me to reach, and the abundant pink flowers provided a beautiful environment for blissful spring photos. Even after the blossoms had fallen, the tree’s broad leaves filtered sunlight beautifully. Unfortunately, sections of the tree began dying this year, and my dad cut it down. I am sad to see the tree go not just because it’s branches were one of my regular places for photography, but because the tree was a sapling when I moved into my house and it has grown with me and my family. Seeing its remains in the back yard genuinely made me sad, and I will surely miss seeing it. So, to pay tribute to the little tree which gave me so many photos, I want to share them with you all in a little tribute! An ode to the tree!

We’ll look at the photos chronologically.

len loves spring
Len Loves Spring from 2011.
Len nestled in those pretty pink flowers. I took this picture by simply holding him up to the branch, but a lot of people liked it anyway!
Now neither Len nor the tree are with me anymore!

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Snippets of Spring

The photo shoots I post usually consist of photos taken to be displayed as a group, but this time I have pictures that were taken at different times and are coming together for this post. But there is one theme which unites them: spring!

I’ll work in chronological order.

elsa bouquet
First are a few pictures of Elsa. I sadly missed the snow with her, but spring flowers compliment anyone and work well for the transition from the harshness of winter to gentleness of spring.


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