Mid Day Caster

Howdy! I hope everyone is doing well~
It was surprisingly warm today, so I thought it a good opportunity to play with one of my newest figures: Caster!

I’ve wanted a Caster figma for years, so finally having one is a dream come true! I plan to get the nendo as well when I can.

I take most of my pictures outdoors, so winter is always a dry spell since there’s not much interesting out(snow comes not until January and February–if at all). However, the colorless grass and bright sun do make for an interesting backdrop which worked just fine for Caster. Winter light also has a uniquely pure brightness to it.

Caster is on my list of top favorite characters, so I hope I made her shine!

caster 1
The figma very pretty, but her elbows are a pain to pose. Her arms are also very limited which is a shame since she’s a mage who performs magic mostly by moving…

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Review: 1/7 Caster Plain Clothes ver. by Flare

*My first intro was deleted somehow, so this review is a tad brief as I don’t have it in me to rewrite all that*

Today we’ll be looking at Flare’s 1/7 Caster from Fate Extra CCC. Caster is not only my first figure by Flare, but one of my favorite characters!

I like many characters, but there’s a precious few that I rate above the rest and prioritize finding merch of simply because they appeal to me very much personally. Caster is one of those(I have a list of the others on my MFC profile if anyone is curious *sweats*), but when the bondage-riffic designs from CCC began to get figures, I was able to easily pass on them. However in addition to the black leather and strap-fits, cuter casual outfits were also introduced, and I preordered Flare’s casual Caster right away.

Flare is affiliated with Alter, but to be honest, I do not know the exact reason for their existence. Offshoot companies like Orange Rouge or Altair are often created to serve a specific niche(in these cases, male figures), but I do not know if Flare is one like this, or if they simply utilize the same resources as Alter. Regardless, their quality is often on par.


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April 2016 Loot

Before I get to the loot, I should announce that the Never Outgrew Toys tumblr is up and running! You can pay a visit to get your tumblr dose of figures!

Now back to our scheduled programming.

It’s been quite some time since my last loot post! Even before the hiatus, I was having a hard time keeping track of all the random things arriving at different times. However, these packages arrived mere days apart!

Here’s everything!
loot 1
From left to right we have: Takara Tomy Shiny Mega Gardevoir figure, Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack, nendoroid Marth, Charaforme Chrom, Amiibo Robin, and Caster Extra Casual version by Flare!

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A Merry Dolly Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody! It’s actually only Christmas Eve here, but I’ve always found the day before to be more festive than the day itself. Because anticipation!

I tend to scramble for photos as holidays draw closer, so I don’t really have a special planned out photo shoot. But what I do have are some images of my dolls enjoying Christmas! This is Tamaki’s third, Kagura’s second, and Celeste’s first Christmas. That makes it their first all together, and my first having a Dollfie Dream. I hope to celebrate with two next year! Another thing I scrambled on was clothing, so only Celeste has a new outfit *mostly* made by me. The Pureneemos are wearing a mixture of old clothing, but I tried to make it look festive regardless.

family photo_edited-1

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Tamaki, Kagura, and the Monster Part 3/3

This labor day, I was able to get several things done. I took the review photos for Eren and Mikasa, broke down some clothing into fabric, and prepped a DD tank top for sewing. But another thing I knew I had to do was finally finish Celeste’s intro story!

So here’s the third and final part of the story. My camera battery was dying at this point, so I didn’t focus much on styling everybody for each shot, but I think the message still comes across. Also, let’s just not pay attention to Celeste’s wig change between parts two and three…

If you’d like to catch up with the previous parts to the story, here’s 1 and 2

And as usual, previous stories can be read in the Photo Stories tab.


ds 1
Tamaki: *Phew!* We just escaped that beast’s grasp by the hair of my tail!
Kagura: But it feels like something is missing…

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Spring Cleaning with Tamaki and Kagura

Once again, my figures have been receiving a lot of attention during photo shoots. And after my sewing books came in the mail, suddenly nothing in Tamaki or Kagura’s wardrobe was good enough. The girls haven’t had a proper photo story in quite some time either. So after a huge wardrobe purge, new outfits were definitely in order. And to show off these new outfits, I decided to finally bring to life some photo ideas I’ve had for quite some time. This is a lot like my Christmas shoot which combined a mini story with the typical photo shoot. So let’s reign in one of my favorite seasons with something that everybody should do every now and then– spring cleaning!

With Christmas festivities and New Years buzz having melted away with the snow, the house has taken on a stagnant air, and now that every resident has settled like dust, nothing but the sweet scents and brisk breeze of spring can rouse them.

sc 1

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Snippets of Spring

The photo shoots I post usually consist of photos taken to be displayed as a group, but this time I have pictures that were taken at different times and are coming together for this post. But there is one theme which unites them: spring!

I’ll work in chronological order.

elsa bouquet
First are a few pictures of Elsa. I sadly missed the snow with her, but spring flowers compliment anyone and work well for the transition from the harshness of winter to gentleness of spring.


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Snow Day Part 2

Not long after our first surprise snow day, we received yet another dusting of white wonder. Perhaps dusting is not the right word though because this time around it was truly worthy of being called a storm, and we received a healthy five inches along with three days of white. Unfortunately I caught a nasty cold the first night of snowfall which still has yet to clear up completely. This left me unable to take full advantage of the snow which is upsetting the more I think about it, for that reason, I’ll just move on to the pictures!

I received something in the mail just in time for the cold weather. I’ll go over it more in my loot post, but for now I’ll say that Tamaki will no longer be the only one with lots of clothing!

Because of this arrival, most of the photos taken this time were of my dolls.
hand out
Kagura in the outfit speed sewn just for this shoot!

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Tree Decorating with Tamaki and Kagura

My first holiday post this year! I definitely wanted to do something with my girls since Tamaki got no attention last year, and this is Kagura’s first Christmas. So here’s a combination photo shoot and photo story!

As Christmas time nears, the weather has certainly changed.
tree 1
Tamaki: Hmph You know that I’m only sharing my blanket with you because it’s cold, right?
Kagura: Whatever… Just scoot closer. I’m freezing!

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Happy Birthday Tamaki!

That’s right! Today, December 3rd, is my little Tamaki’s first birthday!

You may have noticed from my lack of Valentines, Halloween, or Christmas posts, that I am not very good at preparing for this sort of thing(it always sneaks up on me >_>), so Tamaki has not had her party yet, but I’ll be sure to have a photo story up by the weekend. That way she can show off her presents!

But since I wanted to post something on her actual birthday, I’ve put assembled a little summary of Tamaki’s first year!

Tamaki was my first doll. I was interested in a few Pureneemos before, but never dreamed of buying one because $100 for a doll is crazy, right? Then while browsing MFC one fateful night, I stumbled across the prototype pictures and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to have her, and several agonizing months later, she was mine.

I was first very apprehensive about owning her since right out of the box, Pureneemos don’t look nearly as neat as in the promotional pictures. I also wasn’t sure how to pose her. Still, I proceeded with her review which is where Tamaki had her very first photoshoot

Golden Lights
The photos were taken in a Christmas tree!

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