2014 Photo Summary

It’s here! The end of 2014!
2014 marked a lot of changes for me. It was my first full year working a real job, it was my last year as a teenager *gulp*, I began college, completed my Dollfie Dream, and bought a car. 2014 was filled with many small accomplishments in my personal life, but somehow feels underwhelming as a whole.

In my hobby life, 2014 meant another year for Never Outgrew Toys where I’ve met plenty of new people and even hosted a postcard giveaway. This year was also my lightest in terms of new figures as I only added nine to my collection. That number includes scales and nendoroids! And matching the few new figures this year is equally few reviews because as college entered the picture, my motivation and time for figure reviewing shriveled away. This extended to sewing where I also made little progress. Looking at 2014 in my hobby life, the year began well, but I am not proud of how it ended.

But while viewing 2014 as a whole makes me feel unaccomplished, it is undeniable that 2014 was filled with its own unforgettable moments, and remembering them shines light on what can otherwise be seen as a gloomy year. I do want to be clear though that as far as my personal life is concerned, I did have a great year. I just stagnated creatively mid year more than wanted. That is not entirely abnormal for me though as I spend my winters waiting for spring.

Now on to the photo summary. This tradition sprung from my early days on DeviantArt where many artists make progress memes to track their yearly improvement. I was drawing at the time, and not very good at it, so being able to make a chart showing progress was a mere dream. However once I began photography, that dream was given life, and I now enjoy making photo summaries both for self evaluation, and to share with everybody who has supported me throughout the year.

Now let’s take a walk down memory lane:

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Figma News Fridays: Summer Wonderfestival 2014

Welcome to a very special edition of Figma News Fridays; one that I always enjoy writing, and never actually occurs on Fridays.

Sunday July 27 was the date of the annual summer Wonderfestival! Wonderfestival is one of the most anticipated events for figure collectors as it is essentially an exhibit for what we have to look forward to in the next part of the year. This being Figma News Fridays, I will only be discussing the figma side of the event, but seeing that I am able to write a sizable post about theses figures each week, I’m sure we all know that Wonderfestival provides much to talk about. However, keeping in mind that there is much much more to see at the event, I will follow up tomorrow with a list of personal highlights.

Following my usual setup for Wonfes posts, we will begin with announcements and progress to completed prototypes. Origin and any helpful additional information will be included for each figma along with my own opinion. There’s a lot to look at and enjoy, so let’s get started!


Character: Benisuzume
Origin: Shidonia no Kishi

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Figma News Fridays 6/20/14

Another week, another seven days.
With just release news, I figured this week would be ok at best. Then GSC and friends stopped our hearts by unveiling their Wonderfestival exclusives. Wonfes is still a ways off, which means we can all plan last minute trips to Japan to get these exclusives ASAP.
So let’s get started!


Mikasa Ackerman Rerelease Preorders Begin
Mikasa preview page

From the anime series ‘Attack on Titan’ comes a rerelease of figma Mikasa Ackerman!

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May 2014 Loot

Loot-ity loot loot root-ity toot toot~ It’s loot time!
This month’s loot has not a single figma, but that doesn’t mean there is not plastic goodness to be had. Instead, we have a type of figure that I purchase very rarely along with another Re-ment goody. And at the end, I have a little sneak peek to share!

Here’s everything:

loot 1
GEM Morgiana by Megahouse and Re-ment Rilakkuma Cafe set.

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April 2014 Loot

Once again it is time for the long awaited loot! There has not been a single figure for the last several months, but April’s loot finally remedies that with not one, but three figmas and goodies to boot!
Here’s everything:

Miku Hatsune Sailor Suit ver., Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, mini Danboard strap, and Doge.

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March 2014 Loot

The loot is here once again!
And for anyone interested, my Pokémon X journey is going fabulously. I currently have 6 badges and just bought my trainer a cute pink dress in Anistar city. I love being able to change outfits which might be a problem since I’m tempted to do it almost every day. I even changed my trainer into a coat to ride Mamoswine through the snow. Were the Global Sync server not undergoing maintenance at the moment, I’d be sharing pictures as well.
There have also been some changes to my team. I now have: Jolteon(Pippa), Flygon(Pandora), Delphox(Inari), Venusaur(Midori), Azumarill(Blueberry), and Mienfoo(Mutton). Kalos has a phenomenal selection of Pokémon that are accessible throughout your Pokémon journey. In previous regions it felt like there were only a few good Pokémon to catch along the way and all others were merely to fill space in the Pokedex or for you to use until you reached those good Pokémon. But in Kalos, I found that there were infinite possibilities for my team and was often upset that I’d filled a particular spot in so early. I do not want to rush the game, but I am really looking forward to training a competitive team and taking on some other trainers. I’ll definitely be IV training the best Gardevoir that I can. By the way, did you know that Gardevoir is Yami Usagi’s favorite Pokémon? Because it is.

As for this month’s loot, it was another goodie filled one with not a figure in sight. Here’s everything:
loot 1
Disney Classic Elsa, Shrine Maiden costume, Pink Round Toe Strap Shoes, Asuna Earphone Jack, and Goodsmile Kuji Miku tote.

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February 2014 Loot

Root-it-toot-toot it’s time for loot! How are the seasons progressing in your area? Spring has definitely sprung here, and it feels great! I already have a set off cherry blossom photos completed, and will have even more flowery fun on the way. But today is a day for loot. And a little look at this loot will explain why those cherry blossom photos might take me a while to publish.

Here’s everything!
loot 1
Murasaki.me shirt, Japanese fashion book, Pureneemo flection M body, and Nintendo 3DS XL

Once again, not a figure in sight! This will change in April when Eren and Mikasa come my way, but let’s just enjoy the goodies for now!
Also notice that all of the dolls came out for this loot post!

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Happy Miku Day 2014

Ha! I did it!
No matter what the day be, holiday photography is not my strong suit. This is for the simple reason that holidays tend to “sneak up” on me. I think that Christmas is a few weeks away when suddenly Christmas is breathing down my throat and I have no pictures to show for it. But just what changed this time? Nothing! …Except the time! With daylight savings having kicked into gear last night, I have one less hour of sleep and one more hour of daylight! And that extra daylight combined with a wonderfully warm day to give me one of the longest photo shoots I’ve been able to have in a while.

So what is Miku day? Well, using a pinch of Japanese linguistic magic, the 3/9(March 9th) makes the word Miku! And what better day to dedicate to Miku Hatsune than Miku Day?

So since I had the day off, a little Miku themed photo shoot was definitely in order.

With the weather becoming warmer(for now at least) and the world becoming greener, I was finally able to do one of my favorite and sorely missed outdoor photo shoots. With no fiddly artificial lighting or space constraints to worry about, I was finally free to just take pictures, and I have to say that I am very happy with this shoot. The whole Miku herd was assembled for this day(although not all made it into the shoot), so let’s join hands and celebrate the electric angel, Miku!

Shade for a Friend
Even though the other Mikus were out, Miku 2.0 stole the spotlight today. She starts by offering some shade to Snow Miku. We wouldn’t want her to melt!

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Figma News Fridays 3/7/14

Are you ready for figma news? Good! Because it’s time for Figma News Fridays!
This week had a lot of pictures of new figmas, but no actual new figmas. This seems bad for now, but it means that next week will definitely have at least one new figma to prepare your wallets for. So let’s get started!


Strength Animation ver. Previewed
The anime version of Strength is not scheduled to hit the shelves until March 14th, but we have kindly been treated to some sample photos of the final product!
Her box!
I will not be getting this version of Strength, so these are the only pictures of her you’ll see here >_>’

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January 2014 Loot

As usual, we’re celebrating the beginning of a new month with loot from two months ago. And I don’t delay my loots either! Everything just takes a long time to get here–especially when it comes in several boxes like this one did!

Here’s everything:
loot 1
DDS arms and hands, Build A Bear Fluttershy, Doll Coordinate Recipe: My First Coordinate Recipe, and Re-ment Rilakkuma kotatsu.

Oddly, the one thing that I did plan to purchase has been delayed to March…after it was delayed to February.

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