Usagi gets all deep and stuff

I was working on a little figure photo post, and ended up getting deep instead. Still, this is a bit about why I’ve slowed down posting a lot, and what I intend to so, so I made it a separate post. This is the last time I’ll get so deep and feelsy, ok?

I’ve been a little stressed lately by what this blog’s place is. I’ve run it since I was 15, and I intend to at least keep it going in some form, but I think a lot of people began coming here for reviews(which is great), but I don’t have the time for those so much anymore. Still, I like taking pictures, so I still want to share them, but I’m not sure what the best way is. I have a tumblr for figures, but figures don’t have an active presence there it seems. Twitter and Instagram are other options, and I am testing out Instagram at the moment. Something I noticed a while back is that I’ve always run blogs for other people. It’s true that I love collecting figures and writing about them, but a big part of this blog has always been giving people what they want whether it be news or reviews. It probably stems from my interest in branding, but I liked building up my blog as something people could rely on and benefit from. I made dedicated Instagrams and Twitters just for figures, so getting away from it all on my hiatus was relaxing for a change. I missed blogging though, and started using tumblr a lot only to have a little crisis when I found myself doing the exact same thing there–running a blog for something I liked, but slowly beginning to cater to other people. It was like having a big fancy blog was something I needed, and I couldn’t just be a normal person. As I’ve gotten older and moved on to enjoy other things, it felt wrong to keep having “figure exclusive” accounts. It felt like I was segmenting myself instead of being one complete person with many interests. I know this seems silly to fret about, but this is how I’ve been for so long that I have to continually remind myself to “cool it” and not worry about being the most popular or having tons of followers or dedicated content. Another reason I was so gung ho about being a noteworthy blog is because I saw a lot of figure bloggers and toy photographers being sponsored or working with companies which was my dream, and hoping to have my hobby become something more, I made a lot of work for myself. I loved it all, but it was also time consuming and stressful at times.

This all got a little dramatic, but I just want you all(whoever is left lol) to know what’s been going on with me lately. I’ve since started an Instagram account for myself where I intend to post about all of my life, and not just my figures. A lot of social media doesn’t allow for the comprehensive posts I apparently like to write though, so I will still post my figure photos with all of the overthought descriptions here, but far fewer reviews. I’ll probably move into Twitter too once I figure out exactly how it all works. My favorite photos will go on social media, but I’ll post full galleries here and of course on my Flickr which has all of my photos.
I just need to teach myself to slow down, be normal, and have blogs and such be a portion of my life, and not the driving force, and I want to I guess publicly admit that. I suppose this is all part of that weird maturing phase haha!

In conclusion! As dramatic as this all feels, one reason I can justify caring so much is because it was through blogging and collecting that I met a particularly wonderful group of real life friends. I have also made many connections with readers, so I see my blog’s future as something to worry about because it honestly changed my life! So, if you would like to remain in touch through social media of whatever, please leave a comment or send and email or something, and I can give you my Instagram…or something.


Review: Nendoroid Marth

Aaah finally back to writing something! I do still care about this blog, but with college kicking my butt, I’ve transitioned regularly to more stress free blogging via tumblr. But just know that I still care. Maybe not as passionately about figures as back in high school, but I CARE. *ahem* Today we’ll be looking at a nendoroid of Fire Emblem’s Legendary Hero King Marth by Goodsmile

Ah, Fire Emblem. Where do I begin? The series’ newest installments, Awakening and Fates, have destroyed my life, but Fire Emblem is in no way new. To celebrate Fire Emblem’s 25th anniversary, there has been a small influx of merchandise including nendoroids of classic characters Marth and Caeda. Another game many people know Marth from is Super Smash bros, and this nendoroid uses the same design seen in Smash 4. The FE game his design originates from is the 2010 installment titled “New Mystery of the Fire Emblem”.

Marth does not appear as a story character in either of the two Fire Emblem games I’ve played, but I find him rather endearing regardless. I did not care at all when he and Lucina(oh my gosh I haven’t even reviewed her) were announced, but by the time both were out, I was obsessed and picked up Marth both to support Fire Emblem nendoroids and because I thought he was really cute!

So let’s take a look at our kawaii Hero King!


The box is the standard nendoroid layout with accents in what my friends and I have come to refer to as “Fire Emblem blue”.

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Re-ment Samplings

About a year ago, I bought the “March Comes in like a Lion” Re-ment set with the intention of doing a casual review on it! However after shooting a few pieces, I lost my sunlight, and while I intended to go back and shoot the rest, I never did, and the pictures have been rotting in my folder. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and cobwebs were everywhere. It was terrible.

Uh anyway, I really liked the pictures I did take, so I’m going to accept that I’ll never photograph the rest of the set and just post what I have, so here we gooooo


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Review: 1/7 Caster Plain Clothes ver. by Flare

*My first intro was deleted somehow, so this review is a tad brief as I don’t have it in me to rewrite all that*

Today we’ll be looking at Flare’s 1/7 Caster from Fate Extra CCC. Caster is not only my first figure by Flare, but one of my favorite characters!

I like many characters, but there’s a precious few that I rate above the rest and prioritize finding merch of simply because they appeal to me very much personally. Caster is one of those(I have a list of the others on my MFC profile if anyone is curious *sweats*), but when the bondage-riffic designs from CCC began to get figures, I was able to easily pass on them. However in addition to the black leather and strap-fits, cuter casual outfits were also introduced, and I preordered Flare’s casual Caster right away.

Flare is affiliated with Alter, but to be honest, I do not know the exact reason for their existence. Offshoot companies like Orange Rouge or Altair are often created to serve a specific niche(in these cases, male figures), but I do not know if Flare is one like this, or if they simply utilize the same resources as Alter. Regardless, their quality is often on par.


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Vibrant Blues

The hydrangeas have been simply beautiful this summer. Pale green buds gave way to an exquisitely vibrant blue that I was in awe of the moment I saw it. Hydrangeas are some of my mom’s favorite flowers, and I think they’ve become mine as well. Rather than dramatic flowers like roses, I’ve really come to love small delicate flowers!

My most recent figures have of course gotten their time with the flowers, but I also wanted to feature the poor Dollfie Dreams who have been so neglected lately, so here they are!

ct h2

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My Figure Autographing Adventure

Howdy you all!

Today is my first full day back from Momocon 2016, so I’m still recuperating and getting myself organized to resume regular posting, but I just had to write this post while it was all still fresh in my mind!

There are always interesting guests at conventions I’ve attended, but I have never put aside time to see them. It’s nothing against people personally, but I’d think “Cool! Maybe I’ll stop by.”, only to later see the line and think “Eh I can live without it”. However as I’ve mentioned before, I recently became a huge fan of the newer Fire Emblem games, so when I checked Momo’s guest list and saw David Vincent who voices Robin(AKA the love of my life) for Smash, I had a mini freak out. Later on I checked again and saw Matthew Mercer who voices Chrom and my favorite husband Shigure which meant DOUBLE MINI FREAK OUT. Of course I wanted to have an item autographed, and while a copy of one of my games would have sufficed, I’m a figure collector at heart, so I knew that having it be a figure would be 1000% more meaningful. So for Robin, I got another Amiibo(It’s not like I already had 4 *eye twitch*), and for Chrom I purchased the chara forme from a nice person on MFC! With my figures all set, I was ready to go!

I went to get the autographs with my super friend Celestial-Kitten who is also a big FE fan, and we decided on the Friday 8:30 signing since they were both there.

I prioritized David Vincent because I think I mentioned I love Robin, and everything went smoothly.

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Flowers and Rain

I have not had the chance to take many photos in the past few months, but I did a few shoots that were oddly all during cloudy weather.

So let’s um…look at them!

magical pond copy

I feel like most of my Natsume pictures are underwhelming. Like he looks good but that’s because he’s a good looking figure. It’s not really bad. That’s just how it is. My only photos of him that I feel are exceptional are those of him in the yellow flowers. peaceful spot copy
Actually, this one isn’t bad.

magical water copy

I’ve yet to give Lucina a dedicated shoot. I’ve just been pulling her out while shooting pretty scenery, but it’s working so far. I need to focus more on her super cool sword fighting side. Too bad I’m terrible with fighting poses. bravery
Colors not working out? Just do some funky editing and pretend it was intentional! Seriously most of my black and white photos are ones where the colors didn’t work. Black and white photography is an art in itself though, so ONE DAY I’ll give it some practice.

dat sword selfie copy
A personal favorite!

water fox

Ah I’ve hardly played with or talked about my Touken ranbu nendoroids, but I can assure you that they are WORTH IT. eyes
These nendoroids are so well done and detailed, and their colors are bright and bold, and their faces are so elegant *sob*

mushirorooms copy

And they have plenty of sideways glances! You all know how I feel about those! jiiji
Jiiji is my favorite character they’ve made into a nendoroid so far. I really want Yamatonokami Yasusada!

admiring flower wm

It’s undeniable that I went through a buy now think later phase with figure collecting last year which resulted in a lot of impulse buys. One was nendoroid Alice Cartelet here who I know NOTHING about. But you know what? I regret nothing with this purchase. I mean look at that face! And those big puffy pigtails! And the pastels! It’s like she was made for me!

alice with cherry blossoms wm

blue asuna wm

Blue Asuna is a lovely figure~ madoka
Another figure I love but have still barely photographed!

sakura in cherry blossoms wm

And it’d be a shame to not take a cherry blossom photo with Sakura! sakura hanging wm

Thanks for looking!
I’m going to start work on some reviews next *_*

April 2016 Loot

Before I get to the loot, I should announce that the Never Outgrew Toys tumblr is up and running! You can pay a visit to get your tumblr dose of figures!

Now back to our scheduled programming.

It’s been quite some time since my last loot post! Even before the hiatus, I was having a hard time keeping track of all the random things arriving at different times. However, these packages arrived mere days apart!

Here’s everything!
loot 1
From left to right we have: Takara Tomy Shiny Mega Gardevoir figure, Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack, nendoroid Marth, Charaforme Chrom, Amiibo Robin, and Caster Extra Casual version by Flare!

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Room/Collection Update May 2016

*deep breath*
I’m baaaack, so let’s do some catching up!

If you recall, I took a hiatus to give myself more study time during a particularly tough semester. The hiatus was beneficial, but the semester still turned out rotten. And I mean it. It was bad. It was the worst I’ve done in school ever which is a shame because I’ve always taken pride in being a good student. Strangely though, while I am undoubtedly ashamed, I don’t feel too bad about it because I know what went wrong and that things will be much better next time. So that’s that. I really don’t want to talk about it, but I figured I’d mention it.

But it’s not all bad. I’ve received plenty of new figures, played lots of Fire Emblem Fates, and continued to work on new cosplays! Since seriously getting into cosplay last year, it’s something that I’ve enjoyed more than expected. I’ve also learned plenty of new crafting skills thanks to it! All of this has put my hobbies into perspective though and, especially after I bought so many figures last last year, I’d like to avoid going crazy in any of my hobbies. Now that I have a reliable lineup, I’d like to slow down to one new costume per convention and focusing my collecting on figmas again.

One last thing that being on hiatus made me realize is that I love blogging dearly. This blog was something that I started in a different phase of my life, yet even if other things get in the way more often now, I genuinely enjoy sharing and writing about figures or just in general. It also gives me a sense of belonging. I like knowing a lot about figures, being able to talk to other people about them, and even direct them to my blog for more. I guess without my blog, I feel a little empty. The same goes for not having time for photos. Spring is my favorite season, and being too busy to photograph my figures during it was really tough. It was like a mini identity crisis. I even had a dream about it haha!

I missed blogging so much that I did something I’d thought about a lot before, but always avoided…I joined tumblr. I save and collect fan art which led me to tumblr quite often and made me finally decide to join. I decided to start a personal Fire Emblem only blog just for fun. It tracks my cosplay progress, FE figures, and plenty of reblogs for fan art and cosplay. It’s been lots of fun to play around with, and you can visit here. It’s also helped me to learn how tumblr works, so I’ve decided to start one for Never Outgrew Toys as well! I’ll update again when it’s up and ready!

OK! I’ve unintentionally written a book…again, so let’s get on with what this post is actually about: a room update! My room hasn’t changed too much, but there’s just enough that I figured it’s worth an update!

Here we gooo!

room 1 Maybe the biggest change is the addition of a third detolf! The first two filled up almost as soon as I got them, but this one has plenty more space in it which is good. I could feasibly fit in a fourth, but do I want that?

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