Flowers and Rain

I have not had the chance to take many photos in the past few months, but I did a few shoots that were oddly all during cloudy weather.

So let’s um…look at them!

magical pond copy

I feel like most of my Natsume pictures are underwhelming. Like he looks good but that’s because he’s a good looking figure. It’s not really bad. That’s just how it is. My only photos of him that I feel are exceptional are those of him in the yellow flowers. peaceful spot copy
Actually, this one isn’t bad.

magical water copy

I’ve yet to give Lucina a dedicated shoot. I’ve just been pulling her out while shooting pretty scenery, but it’s working so far. I need to focus more on her super cool sword fighting side. Too bad I’m terrible with fighting poses. bravery
Colors not working out? Just do some funky editing and pretend it was intentional! Seriously most of my black and white photos are ones where the colors didn’t work. Black and white photography is an art in itself though, so ONE DAY I’ll give it some practice.

dat sword selfie copy
A personal favorite!

water fox

Ah I’ve hardly played with or talked about my Touken ranbu nendoroids, but I can assure you that they are WORTH IT. eyes
These nendoroids are so well done and detailed, and their colors are bright and bold, and their faces are so elegant *sob*

mushirorooms copy

And they have plenty of sideways glances! You all know how I feel about those! jiiji
Jiiji is my favorite character they’ve made into a nendoroid so far. I really want Yamatonokami Yasusada!

admiring flower wm

It’s undeniable that I went through a buy now think later phase with figure collecting last year which resulted in a lot of impulse buys. One was nendoroid Alice Cartelet here who I know NOTHING about. But you know what? I regret nothing with this purchase. I mean look at that face! And those big puffy pigtails! And the pastels! It’s like she was made for me!

alice with cherry blossoms wm

blue asuna wm

Blue Asuna is a lovely figure~ madoka
Another figure I love but have still barely photographed!

sakura in cherry blossoms wm

And it’d be a shame to not take a cherry blossom photo with Sakura! sakura hanging wm

Thanks for looking!
I’m going to start work on some reviews next *_*


The Best of Red’s Adventure 2015

Veering away from my past two 2015 wrap up posts to focus on something new I did in 2015 which is Red’s Adventure. I use surprisingly few of the big social media sites. Even Facebook only became a regular site for me a year or two ago(which I’ve made up for considerably since I practically live there now), and I have seriously considered joining Tumblr solely to blog about my Fire Emblem obsession(you all don’t know how bad it is.), but Instagram was completely foreign to me since I am too much of a camera snob to use a site based entirely on *shudders* phone cams. However, I was inspired by the many toy related Instagram accounts especially Barbie’s(barbiestyle–I suggest checking it out if you love toy photography) which treats Barbie like a real person and follows her life which is way better than most people’s. I decided to do something similar with nendoroid Red since Pokemon is dear to my heart and I like the premise of an adventure. The account was intended to have daily pictures, but I haven’t quite been able to keep that pace. Regardless, it has been a fun ride so far and I enjoy the candidness of a lot of the photos–some of which I would rank among my best! I’ve been limiting Red’s photos to Instagram, but will be sharing my favorites here since it gives me a chance to talk more about them! Plus they’re unfiltered and uncropped!

And if you’d like to accompany Red on his adventure, you can do so by following @Reds_Adventure on Instagram

first day copy

The photo I started out with! Instagram of course has selfies, but people photograph food and the items around them just as much which I wanted to mimic with Red.

red copy
My favorite tree~
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Wrap up- Scaled Figures

But it’s January 10th, so why are you still on 2015–*punches*
I mentioned before that I have a backlog of figure pictures from before I decided to stop only publishing pictures with reviews. Before I post my yearly photo summary, I want to share all of those pictures, so here’s some scaled figure goodness for you to enjoy. Oddly enough these are all from my two Savannah trips!

109 copy Melty! I took these on the beach at Tybee Island.

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Figma Flood

Yesterday I shared my intention to photograph more freely and post a little more often. A lot of times I would take some pictures and be super excited to share them…except I couldn’t because I needed to review the figure. But forget that now! I’m opening the floodgates on all of the pictures I’ve been holding on to, so let’s start with figmas!

We’ll go chronologically
chilly copy

This is from the ice storm back in February! Everything was coated in ice, and it was so pretty! One day I should paint that little fence…

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Hanami with Dollies

Hanami season is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and people gather to view them. This is Celeste and Kanade’s first spring, so I wanted to be sure they enjoy the flowers properly. Sadly with the loss of the large cherry tree, my yard only has a small one left. This tree is one of the last to fully bloom in the neighborhood and it’s branches are very high which makes it difficult to take pictures in, but I couldn’t let that stop me!

Also, I recently got new wigs for them both!

So please enjoy some pictures of the dollies using spring flowers as a backdrop.

fluttering copy

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Happy Miku Day 2015!

March 9th is Miku Day because in Japanese, 3/9 can be read as “mi/ku”! Last year I prepared a shoot just for the occasion, but because I for some reason refuse to acknowledge that 2015 is a thing that is happening, it slipped my mind this time. Still, Miku Day must not go uncelebrated! So instead of new photos, why not relive past memories of Miku? I’m sure you’ll see that Miku indulges in a plethora of fun activities.

Like sledding!

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July Mish Mash Gallery

Look at me making posts like some kind of blogger!

Every couple of months, a good amount of photos with nowhere to go develops which means what I still try to avoid calling a photo dump develops. So it’s mish mash time!
These photos span from early spring to now. The spring photos are a few spare ideas executed during other shoots while the recent ones are part of my trying to figure out how to work with Celeste since she’s ,you know, way bigger than anything I’ve photographed.

water lily_edited-1
First up is Kagura in the clovers. That is, before they became the patch of brown they are now. I was first excited when my dad said he would not be mowing the back yard for a while because it meant I would be able to work with the wild flowers and grasses for a while. Sadly that glee has since melted away as the clovers have largely shriveled up and the yard is filled with weeds almost or as tall as me. There are also giant bugs. I try to stay away from there.
At least the clovers were pretty while they lasted, and being able to get so many pretty shots with Sailor Suit Miku was more than worth it!

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