Cordelia Portraits

Cordelia is another figure I got months ago, photographed, and have not mentioned since. I’m rather indifferent towards Cordelia as a character, but I’m a huge fan of Fire Emblem Awakening, and how Tharja’s figure looked, so I went ahead and got her. I have some photos for a proper review, but in the mean time here are some portrait shots. I did full body ones, but ended up not liking any of them.


Ok, a lot of these are technically landscapes, but what I mean is they’re upper body shots. Idk I just didn’t want “Cordelia Body Shots” as a post title.



I think this one of my favorite for the colors.

Pretty sure I’ve taken this picture 111000011999 times with 1118939383 figures, but it looks good ok?!

cd7 There, this one is a little different.

I like her face here!

Well, thanks for looking! I may try to photograph her in her entirety today since the autumn weather is really kicking in. I haven’t photographed any figures in ages! Also, I can’t wait to saturate the heck out of these with Instagram.

Have an awesome weekend!


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