A Little Ichi Niisan

Please check the bottom of the post for the first of many figures I’m selling!

Now back to our scheduled programming

Considering how much I like Touken Ranbu and that I have 8 nendoroids from it, I’ve posted woefully little about it. And I’m going to continue doing just that for the foreseeable future. Still, a few months back when I got Ichigo Hitofuri, I snapped some pictures of him with some flowers. I also took the photos for a review which I will hopefully write some time before I die.

And by the way, for those who don’t follow my Facebook page, I’m on Instagram now! I intended for it to be a private-ish personal account, but in all honesty I never go anywhere ever, so it’s mostly pictures of figures with cosplay progress on the weekends. My name is tipsy_scales

Ok, back to flowers.


As a character, I’m indifferent towards Ichigo, but I bought the nendoroid because I love his pastel color scheme.

I’ve been obsessed with over saturated bright colors for a while now. Like I just need to get the colors as BRIGHT AS POSSIBLE.



Considering my changed collecting habits, I wouldn’t buy Ichigo now, but I’m glad to have him, and I don’t want to sell him. I have a several figures in that middle ground.

I have a great diorama idea for him.
I said 6 months ago.


Just look at that sweet face~

Thank you for looking!


I’m selling some figures on ebay right now! I’ll be putting up more, but this week it’s Altair’s Haruka Nanase and Figuarts Zero Elsa and Anna! There are four days left in their auctions, so please check them out and add them to your watch list!

Here’s Haru and Elsa and Anna


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