How About Some Momohime?

I found some Momohime pictures languishing in a folder on my computer, so let’s…let’s look at them!

Momohime has always been a treasure figure in my collection, yet I’ve never dedicated much time to posting about her. What I can confirm is that she looks good everywhere and all the time. It’s scary that a figure can be this photogenic!

momo h 1

Just how old are these photos? They’re from 2013…

I had them in a folder labeled “Momohime Review”. It was from a simpler time when I wanted to review everything in my collection.

momo h 4
I wouldn’t say these photos are incredibly impressive, but they’ve held up well which either says something bad about me or good about Momohime!

momo h 6

Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. Momohime would look lovely with pink ones, but the blue makes a nice contrast!

momo h 7

She’s just *sob* so pretty.

momo h 10 momo h 11

momo h 12

That there is a natural lens flare.

piggy momo 2
These last two are even older! They were taken with my old Olympus camera!

piggy momo

I could never decide between color or black and white, so have both!

I hope you enjoyed these! It’s nice posting them after so long!


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