Review: Nendoroid Marth

Aaah finally back to writing something! I do still care about this blog, but with college kicking my butt, I’ve transitioned regularly to more stress free blogging via tumblr. But just know that I still care. Maybe not as passionately about figures as back in high school, but I CARE. *ahem* Today we’ll be looking at a nendoroid of Fire Emblem’s Legendary Hero King Marth by Goodsmile

Ah, Fire Emblem. Where do I begin? The series’ newest installments, Awakening and Fates, have destroyed my life, but Fire Emblem is in no way new. To celebrate Fire Emblem’s 25th anniversary, there has been a small influx of merchandise including nendoroids of classic characters Marth and Caeda. Another game many people know Marth from is Super Smash bros, and this nendoroid uses the same design seen in Smash 4. The FE game his design originates from is the 2010 installment titled “New Mystery of the Fire Emblem”.

Marth does not appear as a story character in either of the two Fire Emblem games I’ve played, but I find him rather endearing regardless. I did not care at all when he and Lucina(oh my gosh I haven’t even reviewed her) were announced, but by the time both were out, I was obsessed and picked up Marth both to support Fire Emblem nendoroids and because I thought he was really cute!

So let’s take a look at our kawaii Hero King!


The box is the standard nendoroid layout with accents in what my friends and I have come to refer to as “Fire Emblem blue”.

And Marth isn’t just any nendoroid! He’s a super moveable one!


Super moveable nendoroids are different because unlike most nendoroids that feature optional arms and legs in fixed positions, they have joints.

I’ve wanted a super moveable nendoroid for a long time(in spite of the complaints I’ve heard about their joints popping out) which is why I was especially excited to get Marth!

m5 m6
Marth’s super moveable joints allow him to make cute poses with ease! He’d probably make a good beginner nendoroid for anyone who might feel overwhelmed by all of the pieces that come with a regular nendo. However, unlike figma joints, these joints have simple hinges which means they can pop off, and that is a common complaint for super moveable nendos. My Marth stays together well except for his left arm which pops off constantly. It’s definitely something to watch out for if you want to do outdoor photography or travel with your nendoroid.

Now for a closer look at the details!
m7 Marth’s signature tiara is a bright gold with a symbol carved into it. I am always happy to see gold on a figure that is actually gold and not muddy brown(although that seems to be a thing of the past nowdays). m8
His little mantle is soft PVC and the many yellow details on his armor and tunic are present. Especially impressive are the teeny yellow designs on his shoulders.

m9 m10
His blue cape has lots of ripples in it.
It attaches to a joint in his back, so you could remove the cape if you wanted. It just wouldn’t be “clean”.


Rich red lining inside.

*sobbing* So small.
The belt is free floating at attaches to his scabbard which we’ll get to later.

m13 Look at his little feet! LOOK AT THEM. They’re jointed at the ankle too!

His back!

With all of the details covered, we’ll move on to his accessories.

m faces Marth’s two expressions are a jolly neutral and serious shout. Thanks to Smash, Marth has a reputation for being #cool and fabulous, but his canon personality is actually quite cheerful, so these faces are fitting. m15 Marth has no arm or leg parts, but there are still plenty of hands, and it is here that I’d like to bring up some criticism. Marth is not my first nendoroid with fingerless gloves(Kirito and Red are others), but he is the first where I’ve noticed such poor execution. Both Kirito and Red’s hands are skin toned plastic with black painted over which works because it is dark paint on a light surface. Marth, however, has dark blue hands with light skin tone painted over which looks a lot cheaper in my opinion. The same is done on his forearms which would otherwise be cast as a separate piece. It’s just odd to see from GSC and could have been done better. Anyway, with the optional hands, he can do all kinds of things. Like hold these adorable accessories! m16 m17

His scabbard is a pretty blue and gold. It has a little nub that attaches to a hole in his belt.


His sword is the amazing legendary super duper awesome Falchion…looking a little plain. This is the same Falchion that Lucina brandishes, but in an earlier and simpler form.


In addition, he has two other swords. I had mixed feelings about these swords’ inclusion because my first thought was that since we already have the much cooler Falchion, they should have been omitted in favor of something else. But then I remembered the vast selection of weapons FE has to offer, and how were a nendoroid of a sword wielding character from a FE game I knew better were to be made, I would appreciate some weapon diversity.


To go with his legendary sword is Marth’s shield: the Fire Emblem itself! m21

Like Falchion, The Fire Emblem was redesigned in Awakening(it has a tree on it), so this is an earlier version with what I assume is a Phoenix. m22

The shield slips into Marth’s hand and has a very helpful ball joint so it can be favorably positioned. I really like this attachment because it’s super easy to work with. There’s nothing worse than being afraid to swap out accessories for fear of breaking something. m23

The last accessory is a blue swoosh for his sword. m24

It catches light nicely!

Ok! Now that we’ve seen Marth and all his accessories, it’s time for some photos~ This summer, I took a trip to California and brought Marth along with me. These were his photos:

marth-travels marth-family

Bringing him along was fun, and I took all of the pictures with my phone since lugging around a heavy SLR camera is a pain. I’m going to California again in a few weeks though, and I’ll most likely bring my camera then. Marth may come along again too. I’m not quite sure yet.

But! I did take some #legit pictures with my camera at home! marth pic 1 copy
For this shoot, I gave diorama building another go. Cosplay has made me a lot more craft savvy, so it was fun putting those skills to use for my figures!
To fit Marth’s medieval theme, I made a little ruined church castle dungeon thing.

marth pic 2 copy marth pic 3 copy
It’s a special boy!

marth pic 4 copy

Get wrecked Kirito kun.

marth pic 5

marth pic 6 copy marth pic 7

marth pic 8 copy marth pic 9 copy
(I forgot how to do the tiny yo oops)

So there I was shooting Marth. Innocently and with dignity. Then I had an idea. A sinful idea. A spicy idea.

And for that I apologize in advance.

marth pic 10 copy marth pic 11 copy
I’m sorry

marth 12 copy
So very sorry.

Final Words

Marth is a cutie and lots of fun! I wouldn’t say there’s anything exceptional about him like a breathtaking design or unique accessories, but it’s so great to be able to play with a character like him who I really care about! So if Marth does mean something to you, or you are remotely interested, then I think he’s a great pick. If not, I’m not sure if it’s worth going out of your way for him.

Thank you for reading!

(By the way, this is my first review written since I turned 21 last week*blows tiny party trumpet*)


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