Re-ment Samplings

About a year ago, I bought the “March Comes in like a Lion” Re-ment set with the intention of doing a casual review on it! However after shooting a few pieces, I lost my sunlight, and while I intended to go back and shoot the rest, I never did, and the pictures have been rotting in my folder. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and cobwebs were everywhere. It was terrible.

Uh anyway, I really liked the pictures I did take, so I’m going to accept that I’ll never photograph the rest of the set and just post what I have, so here we gooooo


I got the whole box for around 3000 yen, and all of the sets are little family meals with some having utensils, food packages, or cooking implements. This one has a rice cooker!

rm 5
And it comes with rice you can put inside! I love the detail and slight translucency of the rice.

rm 4

A lot of the packaging and implements come bare, and you have to put the stickers on.



rm 3
You also cut out the placemat.

rm 2

Curry I assume


rm 10
This one has eggs with a pot and timer, an instruction paper, and…a chipmunk.

rm 12

I don’t really like the taste of egg, so I can only eat them runny T-T

rm 11
Everything is so cute *sob*

rm 6

This meal is more my style! Rice and meat with vegetables? BRING IT ON!!

I ate a burrito, but I must still be hungry…


rm 9

rm 8

I’m an adult, but I want all of my spoons to look like this. rm 7
This little bowl is one of my favorite pieces in the set!

And that…that’s all I have. I still need to photograph *looks at detolf* every Touken Ranbu nendoroid though, so there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing more of these!

Thank you for looking!


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