Review: 1/7 Caster Plain Clothes ver. by Flare

*My first intro was deleted somehow, so this review is a tad brief as I don’t have it in me to rewrite all that*

Today we’ll be looking at Flare’s 1/7 Caster from Fate Extra CCC. Caster is not only my first figure by Flare, but one of my favorite characters!

I like many characters, but there’s a precious few that I rate above the rest and prioritize finding merch of simply because they appeal to me very much personally. Caster is one of those(I have a list of the others on my MFC profile if anyone is curious *sweats*), but when the bondage-riffic designs from CCC began to get figures, I was able to easily pass on them. However in addition to the black leather and strap-fits, cuter casual outfits were also introduced, and I preordered Flare’s casual Caster right away.

Flare is affiliated with Alter, but to be honest, I do not know the exact reason for their existence. Offshoot companies like Orange Rouge or Altair are often created to serve a specific niche(in these cases, male figures), but I do not know if Flare is one like this, or if they simply utilize the same resources as Alter. Regardless, their quality is often on par.


Caster’s box is the definition of kawaii with lace and floral designs along with blue pastel polka dots. Assembly is easy with Caster only needing to be plugged into the base via a peg in her foot.

My first impression upon opening Caster was that she is BIG–and this isn’t just her 1/7 scale. She still towers over Max Factory’s 1/7 scale Melty.

Now for a closer look at Caster:

026 027



030 031

032 033
Her pose is a simple and cute one which ,aside from the possibly exaggerated curve of her back, is quite realistic and not inherently fanservicey. Figures like this with simple poses and no accessories can be a simple solid release or a home run depending on the quality of the manufacturer, so it’s really down to the details!


In case you haven’t noticed, Caster is a kitsune, and a genuine one at that. Those ears are not a costume–they’re a part of her body! 035
And my are they lovely! The fluff inside is painted a pearly off white for extra…lushness?


I always love the sculpting on hair parts ^^’ 037
Her hairstyle is adorable! Caster’s high pigtails have been traded in for relaxed ones held by two frilly black scrunchies. Said scrunchies also have a slight sheen as do all of the black parts on this figure.


Her sideways expression features two golden eyes and a sly “V” shaped smile. Oh and she even has a little gold necklace! 040
Amazingly, each stripe on her hoodie is individually sculpted and painted accordingly. She also has hot pink nails!


The way she grips her oversized sleeve is very cute…and I guess a bit sensual if you read into it. 042
I suppose her chest is a big focus here, but it doesn’t feel gratuitous to me which is nice since most Caster figures suffer from cringey underboob.


The zipper! Oh my gosh the execution on that zipper! They painted inside the closed parts! IM SO IMPRESSED. 044
One thing I never noticed before is the bunny ears on her hoodie!
Ah a fox dressed like a rabbit. What would it look like if she tried to wear the hood up? We may never know.
Her body also has a very nice curve. This seemingly innocent figure has a lot of subtle sex appeal.

046 047
Ah the tightest shortest shorts ever with special guest zettai ryouiki.
The pink frills are very well painted!


Ok those frills are seriously well done. Flawless! Oh and her butt is there too. I didn’t get a clear shot of it, but her shorts are very tight in the back.049
And now for the most glorious fluffy tail in the universe!
It is painted with a lovely pearl finish which makes the light dance off all of the sculpted fur strands wonderfully.

050 Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiilllll.

Her legs!


Gosh imagine how tall this figure would be were she standing.


I ADORE her shoes. Like I want some for myself!


The bows on the back! Aaaaahhhhhh so perfect!

And last is her base! It’s a simple white with cherry petals and the game’s logo. Not exceptional, but I didn’t expect anything more.

Now before we move on to pictures, I want to compare her a bit to the first Caster figure by Phat.
For much more about that figure, please see my review

For this comparison, I’d like to revisit my final words from that review on Phat’s Caster:

There are some figures that you buy because you like the character and others you buy because they’re so gosh darn beautiful it doesn’t matter who they are. Caster is the former. Although she is well made and an excellent representation of Caster, this figure is nothing to write home about. I would not buy her as an example of the best figure ever made. I bought Caster because I love the character and that’s what matters. So if you like this figure for any reason, go ahead and get it, you won’t be disappointed! I don’t think buying her is settling for something inferior either. She’s cute, a good size, puts a smile on my face, and I wouldn’t dream of selling her.

Seeing Flare’s rendition made my point about buying Phat’s Caster purely out of love for the character more poignant. Flare’s version is far superior in every area of quality, and I now remember Phat’s Caster also being difficult to photograph well.

Flare’s Caster has so much more movement in her tail.


Now before you write off Phat’s Caster completely, I do believe she has her purpose. Phat Caster remains the only scaled figure in her blue outfit(truly a crime to be honest), and I still think that she is a faithful “vanilla” representation. What I mean by this is that it very plainly tells you everything about Caster by showing her as the cheerful kitsune mage she is in the game. She reminds me of one of those figures you get in a limited editon set. No sexy pose, no fancy base…just Caster. So until somebody makes a better figure of Caster in her blue outfit, Phat’s Caster dominates that category.

Ok, how about some pictures?! I took these a really long time ago ahaha *sob*

ch 3

The same lovely hydrangeas from my last post!

candy colors copy

my eyes hurt copy

caster uwwwaaaahhhh copy ch 5

ch 4 ch 2
Wow these are all very similar, but the colors!

Final Words

This figure oozes cuteneess. She’s one of the cutest figures I’ve gotten in a while, and she just screams girly which is very fun to see. However, Caster’s supple body, and alluring pose adds an extra layer to the figure for everyone to enjoy. I recommend her for her adorable design and awesome quality which will surely brighten your day and your display case!


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