Vibrant Blues

The hydrangeas have been simply beautiful this summer. Pale green buds gave way to an exquisitely vibrant blue that I was in awe of the moment I saw it. Hydrangeas are some of my mom’s favorite flowers, and I think they’ve become mine as well. Rather than dramatic flowers like roses, I’ve really come to love small delicate flowers!

My most recent figures have of course gotten their time with the flowers, but I also wanted to feature the poor Dollfie Dreams who have been so neglected lately, so here they are!

ct h2

I shot the two dolls separately, and first up was Celeste. My focus with her was to be the contrast between her bright red hair and the deep blue flowers. I haven’t made any clothes for her in a very long time(have been making cosplays for myself instead hehe), but I pieced together something from her existing wardrobe.

ct h3
Also added plenty of jewelry since Celeste loves accessories! I’m terrible with remembering them for my own outfits, but I try to with her…

ct h4
I don’t have many Dollfie Dream sized props, so taking interesting pictures of my dolls is a struggle sometimes. However, I read a cosplay post about posing recently(I’m very bad at posing myself *sob*) that said even your wig can be a prop if you interact with it, so I employed that idea here!

ct h6 locks
Dem luscious locks.

Next up is Kanade! I try to maintain a Japanese aesthetic for Kanade even if she isn’t wearing something traditional, and there’s a particular one that is very natural and ephemeral which I wanted to imitate. It’s something fairy-like that pushes the boundary between fantasy and reality as if you’ve stumbled upon something fantastical in a forest. Perhaps it’s Mori with a splash of Fairy Kei I’m thinking of? Whatever it is, I really like it, and it was my inspiration for these pictures of Kanade.

kd h1

Kanade is borrowing one of Celeste’s dresses which suits her surprisingly well!

kd h2
I find Kanade’s blank look really endearing(it was what I wanted for her anyway haha), and I think it gives the pictures a different feel than if she was bright and smiling like Celeste.

kd h3

She looked really nice from far away too, but my lens doesn’t capture that so well. I keep saying I’ll get another lens, BUT NO.

kd h4

kd h6 *sob* My baby! And can we talk about how pretty White Dolly Story eyes are? I like them so much better than her original eyes!

kd h5
Surprise surprise it’s Kagura!
I mentioned I love little flowers, so when Azone made dresses for spring with little flower crowns, I just had to get one!

kd h7

kd h8

kd h9 Looking at Kagura’s face with the tilted eyes, I noticed that she’s an older anime style. I love so many of the new Pureneemos, but I’ve decided to not buy any more >_>’

Afterwards, I thought Kanade looked very fashionable, so I took some fashion magazine type shots showing off her clothes. kd h11

kd h12

Then my camera battery died.

Thank you for looking!


2 thoughts on “Vibrant Blues

  1. Those are awesome! Kanade’s eyes match so well with the flowers, and Celeste’s hair really pops (is that a new wig btw?)


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