My Figure Autographing Adventure

Howdy you all!

Today is my first full day back from Momocon 2016, so I’m still recuperating and getting myself organized to resume regular posting, but I just had to write this post while it was all still fresh in my mind!

There are always interesting guests at conventions I’ve attended, but I have never put aside time to see them. It’s nothing against people personally, but I’d think “Cool! Maybe I’ll stop by.”, only to later see the line and think “Eh I can live without it”. However as I’ve mentioned before, I recently became a huge fan of the newer Fire Emblem games, so when I checked Momo’s guest list and saw David Vincent who voices Robin(AKA the love of my life) for Smash, I had a mini freak out. Later on I checked again and saw Matthew Mercer who voices Chrom and my favorite husband Shigure which meant DOUBLE MINI FREAK OUT. Of course I wanted to have an item autographed, and while a copy of one of my games would have sufficed, I’m a figure collector at heart, so I knew that having it be a figure would be 1000% more meaningful. So for Robin, I got another Amiibo(It’s not like I already had 4 *eye twitch*), and for Chrom I purchased the chara forme from a nice person on MFC! With my figures all set, I was ready to go!

I went to get the autographs with my super friend Celestial-Kitten who is also a big FE fan, and we decided on the Friday 8:30 signing since they were both there.

I prioritized David Vincent because I think I mentioned I love Robin, and everything went smoothly.

I didn’t really say anything to him since I was nervous with this being my first time getting an autograph, but I did get a picture!

I was Morgan that day hehe. Managed to bring down my derpness 30% for this photo.

And here’s the figure on it’s own!
*silent crying*
I’m going to pass it down to my children as a family heirloom. My poor poor children.
Now I just need the Japanese VA to sign it. I love me some Hosoya Yoshimasa.

That was easy, right? Just as it should be! But here’s where the real adventure began:

Right after, we tried to get in line for Matt Mercer, but the line was full…
He had another session Saturday morning though, so I marked it on my schedule. But when I got the notification, I was having a lot of fun with another friend in the park. I thought this was his last signing, but decided to just let the opportunity go. Sure I’d bought the figure, but I wanted it anyway, and Chrom isn’t really a favorite like Robin. Plus I didn’t have any Shigure merch to get signed, so it was fine to miss out, right? I was proved dead wrong though that night at the costume contest when Matt Mercer was one of the announcers. He seemed like such a cool guy, and at one point he even said something and sounded just like Shigure which meant the return of mini freak out.  Celestial Kitten then pointed out that he had one more signing on Sunday morning which I had not seen, so we marked it down to definitely attend. However I misread the schedule and thought the signing began at 12:30 when it really began at 11:30. We had to check out at 11, so when we finally finished with our luggage, and realized the mistake, it was already 12 and TOO LATE.

I always try to be positive, but sometimes I suppose it’s detrimental since I just accept things. “Oh the pants I bought online don’t fit?” I’ll just suck it up and keep them. “Oh the man misheard me when I ordered a root beer float and just gave me root beer?” that’s ok I like root beer(both of these are things I’ve actually done). So when we were told that the line was full, I was upset, but I just accepted it. It was my mistake for not prioritizing him more anyway. But Celestial Kitten though told me not to give up. She said that her dad had told her not to live with “What ifs” and that I should do the same. We had seen David Vincent at another booth in the same room after his signings, so we decided to browse the dealers room for a while and hope that Matt Mercer would do the same.

I still had the Chrom figure with me in a little yellow drawstring pouch, so I fastened it to my back belt loop, and we shopped around for about an hour. Shopping made me feel better, and to be honest, I had accepted that I wouldn’t get an autograph. When we finished looking around, I touched my pockets like usual for my wallet and phone which were accounted for, but then it hit me: THE POUCH WAS GONE. I thought I had tied it tightly, but that wasn’t the case, and since the pouch was fastened behind me, I couldn’t see it and completely forgot I had it. We both went into searching overdrive, but I had no idea when it had fallen and prepared for the worst. While we retraced our steps, I thought about what I’d spent on the Chrom figure, and how I’d probably have to throw away the box at home out of sadness. I was just looking on the ground, but Celestial Kitten suggested asking the shop keepers too in case somebody found it and turned it into them. I checked the lolita booth, and she went ahead to a figure booth we’d also looked at. No luck at the lolita booth, but she thankfully found it at the figure booth where just as she said, it had been turned in to the shop keepers. I thanked the shop keeper profusely, and was so happy to have my little Chrom again with or without an autograph. The poor little guy had been through enough for a figure lifetime.

With our mini debacle completed and Chrom safe, we met up with another friend, and went to check on the booths hoping Matt Mercer was there. Sadly he was not. Celestial Kitten though went back to check his signing booth. I didn’t expect much since his signings had been over for at least and hour. But about a minute after she left, my other friend’s phone rang and it was Celestial Kitten. I ran over and she said she’d just seen Matt Mercer leaving, but he went the other way. “Oh darn” I thought, but then HE TURNED AROUND AND CAME OUR WAY. My friend was like “Go go go!” and I said “No! Come with me!”. When I cosplay, I don’t wear glasses which makes it hard to discern facial expressions, and it was impossible for me to compose myself that quickly, so I asked her to talk to him. She did, he stopped, and she quickly told him that I’d missed him earlier and bought a figure that I really wanted him to sign and asked if he had time. He said he did if it was quick, so I grabbed Chrom’s base out of the pouch at the speed of light. While he was signing, I told him he voiced my pegasus knight husband, and he mentioned the DLC which I said everybody was excited about. Then he had to leave, and I was like THANK YOU SO MUCH. I don’t even know if he said anything after that.

And with that, my day was made and the figure signing adventure complete.
I doubt he’ll ever see this, but I’d really like to thank Matt Mercer for graciously stopping to sign my figure, and rather than the way I got his autograph, I’d like to emphasize his being nice enough to stop for me. I really don’t encourage stopping guests like that since it’s stressful for you(I think this post made apparent what a roller coaster it was) and potentially rude, but next time I hear my pegasus husband, I’ll remember how his super cool voice actor signed my figure.

And a big thanks to Celestial Kitten. This definitely would not have happened without her!


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