April 2016 Loot

Before I get to the loot, I should announce that the Never Outgrew Toys tumblr is up and running! You can pay a visit to get your tumblr dose of figures!

Now back to our scheduled programming.

It’s been quite some time since my last loot post! Even before the hiatus, I was having a hard time keeping track of all the random things arriving at different times. However, these packages arrived mere days apart!

Here’s everything!
loot 1
From left to right we have: Takara Tomy Shiny Mega Gardevoir figure, Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack, nendoroid Marth, Charaforme Chrom, Amiibo Robin, and Caster Extra Casual version by Flare!


loot 2

First up is Gardevoir. Gardevoir is my favorite Pokemon, and is thankfully getting a lot more merch since receiving a mega evolution in X and Y! I already have the normal color for this figure, but Mega Gardevoir is such a pretty shiny that I couldn’t resist! loot 3
Next is the Fire Emblem Fates soundtrack! Only because of a rerelease, I finally got the Awakening one which had been super expensive, so I made sure to nab the Fates soundtrack right away. It was gut wrenchingly expensive(especially since I bought the limited version of the game too…), but the whole package is very pretty!

loot 4

And the first print comes with buttons. Yay buttons. loot 5
Marth! I know very little about Marth to be honest, but his nendoroid came out nice, and I wanted to support GSC’s making more Nintendo figures–specifically Fire Emblem. Now that I have Marth though, I really love him! He’s also my first full action nendorid, which I’ve wanted for a long time!

loot 6 loot 7
Chrom and Robin!
Chrom has been on my wish list for a while, but not with huge priority since *ducks under table* I’m a little indifferent towards him. What bumped Chrom up as a priority was when I found out that his English voice actor will be at Momocon which I am going to *checks calendar* next weekend!!! I thought it would be super amazingly awesome to ask him to sign the figure’s base, so I went ahead and bought one from someone on MFC. I could have gotten my copy of Awakening signed instead, but since figures are much more special to me, the autograph will mean more!
Now if only I can find a Shigure print at the convention…

I got the Robin Amiibo because Robin’s VA will be there too! *sob sob*
And this isn’t my first Robin Amiibo…it’s my fifth. I need them for Smash, and I-I really like him, ok?!

loot 8

And if you’re sick of hearing me talk about Fire Emblem(it’s only going to get worse as I blog more), have some Caster! I own Phat’s figure of original Caster, but never got the CCC version because her face and bondage-y outfit aren’t my taste. This casual version by Flare though is way more my style! She’s much bigger than expected(actually bigger than most of my figures), has great quality, and I like her face much more than the Phat version. loot 9
Just look at her~ ❤ I’m so excited to photograph her more!

That wraps up today’s loot! What loot awaits us in the future? Will any of it be from the convention? Maybe not because I spent too much already on my cosplays.

See you again soon!


3 thoughts on “April 2016 Loot

  1. Glad you’re back and doing well! The Fates soundtrack is a gorgeous set. I was iffy on the price but it’s really well worth it. I just hope Nintendo puts the English version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone up for purchase somewhere… Congrats on snagging the LE of the game too! It’s really nice to have all 3 games on one cartridge and not have to mess with DLC outside of the bonus maps and whatnot. Plus the mini art book and pouch were nice too.

    I really want a Leo figure. Elise is a good start, but Leo and Camilla and Xander are all must-haves.


    • The price surprised me at first too, but it was one of those times when I definitely wanted it, so I looked away and clicked order XD And yes it is gorgeous!
      My friends laughed at me for preordering the LE as soon as it went up, and then it sold out and i was like MUAHAHA

      I’d love a Leo figure SO MUCH. I think he has a really good chance, but I dont want to get my hopes up and be disappointed. I really wish they’d do petite sets so we could get more characters. I’d love even a small Shigure figure.


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