Room/Collection Update May 2016

*deep breath*
I’m baaaack, so let’s do some catching up!

If you recall, I took a hiatus to give myself more study time during a particularly tough semester. The hiatus was beneficial, but the semester still turned out rotten. And I mean it. It was bad. It was the worst I’ve done in school ever which is a shame because I’ve always taken pride in being a good student. Strangely though, while I am undoubtedly ashamed, I don’t feel too bad about it because I know what went wrong and that things will be much better next time. So that’s that. I really don’t want to talk about it, but I figured I’d mention it.

But it’s not all bad. I’ve received plenty of new figures, played lots of Fire Emblem Fates, and continued to work on new cosplays! Since seriously getting into cosplay last year, it’s something that I’ve enjoyed more than expected. I’ve also learned plenty of new crafting skills thanks to it! All of this has put my hobbies into perspective though and, especially after I bought so many figures last last year, I’d like to avoid going crazy in any of my hobbies. Now that I have a reliable lineup, I’d like to slow down to one new costume per convention and focusing my collecting on figmas again.

One last thing that being on hiatus made me realize is that I love blogging dearly. This blog was something that I started in a different phase of my life, yet even if other things get in the way more often now, I genuinely enjoy sharing and writing about figures or just in general. It also gives me a sense of belonging. I like knowing a lot about figures, being able to talk to other people about them, and even direct them to my blog for more. I guess without my blog, I feel a little empty. The same goes for not having time for photos. Spring is my favorite season, and being too busy to photograph my figures during it was really tough. It was like a mini identity crisis. I even had a dream about it haha!

I missed blogging so much that I did something I’d thought about a lot before, but always avoided…I joined tumblr. I save and collect fan art which led me to tumblr quite often and made me finally decide to join. I decided to start a personal Fire Emblem only blog just for fun. It tracks my cosplay progress, FE figures, and plenty of reblogs for fan art and cosplay. It’s been lots of fun to play around with, and you can visit here. It’s also helped me to learn how tumblr works, so I’ve decided to start one for Never Outgrew Toys as well! I’ll update again when it’s up and ready!

OK! I’ve unintentionally written a book…again, so let’s get on with what this post is actually about: a room update! My room hasn’t changed too much, but there’s just enough that I figured it’s worth an update!

Here we gooo!

room 1 Maybe the biggest change is the addition of a third detolf! The first two filled up almost as soon as I got them, but this one has plenty more space in it which is good. I could feasibly fit in a fourth, but do I want that?

room 2

room 3

The Fire Emblem Fates calendar is on my closet door. It doesn’t match my room at all, but waking up and immediately seeing Corrin is important to me.

room 13
Other things that don’t match are on the inner closet door. I could never betray Kirito or Irisviel.

room 4

The dolls still rule the dresser. Kagura even got a new outfit! You can see by Celeste and Kanade’s frumpiness that I haven’t been focused on my dolls so much, but the Azone spring dresses were so cute that I couldn’t pass them up!

room 5
My relentless love for Fire Emblem and joining tumblr where a lot of artists are lead to me buying a lot of straps–even if I had no place to put them. I was hoarding them in my nightstand for a long time, but eventually got so many that I decided to display them!
I’m trying to preserve my wall space, so I pinned the straps to the side of the dresser(it’s a cheap one).

The first four are these from Robodumpling. I only purchased Robing and Tharja, but there was a little mix up with Robin that ended up in me waiting a while, so I was totally stoked when I opened the package and got Frederick, Gerome, and Stahl in addition to Robin. It was such a nice thing to do, and I totally didn’t expect it! Robin is not pictured here because I keep him on my phone so that people can know right away what a dork I am. The straps are so nice that I want more now. And I just checked the shop again to see that there are Fates straps now *sigh* better put in more pins.

The next two are from Wuuki(linking their blog since their store is closed). A little hard to see, but they’re double sided acrylics of female and male Morgan and Kana! I got the Morgans with brown hair and Kanas with default gray hair because those are the versions I cosplay! They’re so cute!

The others are the official rubber straps. I didn’t collect them right away because I didn’t like the style much, but I somehow now have 9, so… Also, a friend got me Robin, but I don’t have him yet, and I’m hoping to track down female Morgan and Tharja to complete my family~

The very last strap is from Frost Delusion. It’s Robin(shocking). They also had Chrom and Lucina with mustaches which is pretty darn great, but I had to resist. I HAD TO.

room 7 room 8
My collection!
I didn’t photograph each shelf this time since the bottom shelves are dark, but you can see everything I own on my MFC profile.

room 10
I got a few new watercolor prints, so I’m going to hang them up in the empty wall space. I want to keep the wall space uncluttered, but it’s a shame to pass up pretty art just because of that.

And by now you’ve probably noticed my pillow too…

Being an anime nerd for so long makes you eventually want certain things–almost like a rite of passage, and while the oppai mousepad has yet to call me, I did gain mighty need for a body pillow. The pillow is this one from Robodumpling(I ordered the straps with the pillow) of Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening. I usually play that game as male Robin since I love him so much, but when I did play as a girl, Henry was my husband, and the pillow had a silly rather than sexy feel to it which I liked. Shigure is my favorite husband in Fates, so I’d like to find something of him eventually.

room 6 With the exception of a new mini fridge which is more of a table, this area is the same. room 11
Oh but I did decorate my window with some of my favorite Touken Ran-boys.
I bought these humongous keychains thinking they were regular keychains ages ago, and was never sure what to use them for. I really love how the light from the window shines through them!

room 12
My little desk buddies~

That wraps up this update! I’m glad to finally be back up and blogging.
I am attending Momocon at the end of this month, so Figma News Fridays will be returning after then. In the mean time, I have plenty of things to blog about!


10 thoughts on “Room/Collection Update May 2016

    • haha I got it from Ross which is a discount clothes/furniture/knick knack store if you’re not familiar with it. They had it in the home decor section because people like to decorate their homes with tiny couches I guess? I’ve seen little chairs too! My parents got it for my stuffed animals when I was a kid, so it couldn’t have been too expensive.

      And thank you!


  1. Happy to see you back! Also.. wow!! I didn’t know you were somewhat local to me – I’m in GA, too! I probably won’t be going to Momocon this year since I hate driving in downtown ATL & all I really do is ogle at cosplays & buy from the artist alley/dealer’s room. Hope you have fun!


    • Holy crud that’s awesome! I used to try really hard to find local people, and I never found many, and now several people have messaged me to say they live nearby XD Seems most people are South of Atlanta though, and I’m north =_=

      Aww that stinks, but I don’t blame you. I hitch a ride with my mom down to Atlanta, and just being in the car scares me XD


  2. Welcome back! While I have lost some of the interest I had in figurines after I started cosplaying, it makes me really happy to see you return!


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