I’m very sad to have to write this post, but judging on how I’ve been posting lately, I don’t think it’s too surprising of a jump.

You all know I love to talk, so first, some context:

(and an unrelated pretty picture to break up the text)

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I started this blog back in 2012 which was a very very different time. I was a junior in high school with about a year and a half of figure collecting and photography behind me(I started when I was 14 oh my gosh). I had no job, a lot of time, and -I don’t mean this pitifully- not many friends. Like I said, I’m not trying to drum up pity, but it’s true that I had very few friends of people to spend time with, and I say that only now looking back. Naturally, I took to the internet and began blogging as the best way to chat with others about my hobby. Having lots of time also let me write tons of reviews, take tons of pictures, and write for tons of hours. Reviewing my stats, 2014 was my best year for views and posts, and ironically, it was a tough time in my life. However, as I began college and my life changed in 2015, I found it just a little bit harder to keep up with my previous pace. When I compiled the photos for the 2015 Photo Summary(which I will write one day…), I found several months with absolutely no pictures which was very uncommon in past years. My review pile grew also to be so large that I had to change the way I publish pictures. Amid this, my personal life changed a lot. I made many more friends in college, at work, and in the hobby too which was something I didn’t expect. My hobbies also expanded to include sewing, crafts, dolls, games, and most recently cosplay. My time was no longer solely for figure photography and blogging, and I hated to think of it becoming a chore. Over the past few months, I have done my best to remove the scheduled posts and routines on the blog in favor of something more spontaneous and less time consuming. However, it has only prolonged the inevitable which is that I do not have the time right now to maintain the blog as I have or need to.

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Which brings us to where we are today. This semester is much more difficult than my past two, my grades are slipping which worries me, and I already have plenty of distractions which I am having to deal with.

For these reasons, I sadly have to put the blog on hiatus for my own good. And as much as I hate to say it, this includes Figma News Fridays. I often receive messages saying how helpful FNF is to fellow figma lovers, so I really really hate to stop writing it, but I have to. Just today when Max Factory teased a Ted figma(YOU HEARD ME. THAT BEAR FROM THAT MOVIE), I seriously wanted to not go on hiatus, but I have to keep myself focused.

This hiatus means that I will not be writing new posts for a while, but it does not mean that I will stop blogging forever or quit collecting. I still love figures very much, and when I do return, I’d love to bombard you all with tons of figure, doll, and cosplay love and pick FNF back up! I also will not be leaving the internet or Facebook, so please please feel free to continue reading or leaving comments on older blog posts(they go straight to my email), PM me on MFC, or message the blog’s Facebook page. I check all of these things regularly, and will happily answer any questions you have about anything or even just chat about figures with you! Even during this hiatus, the blog and FNF will likely live on in an abbreviated form through the Facebook page which is much faster to update than the blog itself.

The elephant in the room is Wonderfestival which is tomorrow. Admittedly the four hours I usually spend writing the wrap up post for Wonfes is part of what convinced me to go on hiatus, but I’d feel terrible stopping literally the day before a huge event for figmas, so rather than the traditional monster post, I will create a Facebook album for pictures of every figma at the event with any comments I have which I feel is better than nothing.

So to everybody who has kept up with the blog for its many years, left comments, and shown me your support, thank you thank you thank you. I hope to return properly in due time, but until then, I wont disappear!


4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Listen kiddo, it’s great you want to keep us all posted, I personally appreciate it, but you need to focus on you. Don’t apologise or feel bad for it, school is extremely important. Take as long a break as you need, your fans will wait patiently. Take care and good luck with everything, I hope it all goes in your favor young lady.


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