The Best of Red’s Adventure 2015

Veering away from my past two 2015 wrap up posts to focus on something new I did in 2015 which is Red’s Adventure. I use surprisingly few of the big social media sites. Even Facebook only became a regular site for me a year or two ago(which I’ve made up for considerably since I practically live there now), and I have seriously considered joining Tumblr solely to blog about my Fire Emblem obsession(you all don’t know how bad it is.), but Instagram was completely foreign to me since I am too much of a camera snob to use a site based entirely on *shudders* phone cams. However, I was inspired by the many toy related Instagram accounts especially Barbie’s(barbiestyle–I suggest checking it out if you love toy photography) which treats Barbie like a real person and follows her life which is way better than most people’s. I decided to do something similar with nendoroid Red since Pokemon is dear to my heart and I like the premise of an adventure. The account was intended to have daily pictures, but I haven’t quite been able to keep that pace. Regardless, it has been a fun ride so far and I enjoy the candidness of a lot of the photos–some of which I would rank among my best! I’ve been limiting Red’s photos to Instagram, but will be sharing my favorites here since it gives me a chance to talk more about them! Plus they’re unfiltered and uncropped!

And if you’d like to accompany Red on his adventure, you can do so by following @Reds_Adventure on Instagram

first day copy

The photo I started out with! Instagram of course has selfies, but people photograph food and the items around them just as much which I wanted to mimic with Red.

red copy
My favorite tree~

vs seeker copy

I just feel like this is very Instagram. Although to be honest, I hate those “Oh haha look at my shoes and coffee cup” pictures.

rough day copy
Not every battle ends well. I doubt anyone pays attention to these things, but I made Charmander my Red’s starter–he appears in photos before the other Pokemon!

amber waves copy

Expect to see this one in the yearly photo summary. I love it so much >_<

selfie copy
My only figure selfie! This is Red’s profile picture…or icon. Whatever it’s called on Instagram.


On the beach! Red comes on all of my trips with me now. I’ve always wanted a figure trip buddy!

Most of Red’s pictures get around 35 likes, but this one got 63, and I still don’t know why.


Working with just one figure forces you to get creative…and I missed that!

015 copy
I haven’t thought of giving my Red a personality–he seems to be up for anything, but I do try to make him look cool whenever I can. I feel like he’s just a normal guy who spends a lot of time traveling alone and secretly dotes on his Pokemon.


I suppose time alone is a considerable part of my Red’s persona. I think it fits with his being the silent protagonist in a game about a journey, but there also aren’t many other Pokemon nendoroids to pair him with and I feel like mixing in other series too much would break the immersion. He did, however, visit a Pokemon convention in one photo set.

Why would Red visit a con? To meet and get an autograph from his idol Champion Cynthia of course!
*sniff* I want to go to a con again soon.


I suppose Red and Cynthia eventually became friends. They’re in the kimono stage of friendship.

I find this one so peaceful~ My getting more nendoroids allowed Red to have more variety of emotion which is something that really makes nendoroids great. B-but not greater than figmas of course!

red leaves copy

I love this one too. I’d have entered it in GSC’s nendoroid contest if it wasn’t already on Instagram *grumble*

bad day
Squirtle squirtle!
What’s that, boy? Red is stuck in the mud?

red pool copy
I love the colors in this one! He’s been with Squirtle a lot lately!

*note* This last picture recently popped up on the Pokemon 20th anniversary site under favorites for January!


And that post is in the bag! Get it? Because trainers carry bags–oh never mind. The next 2015 wrap up post will be dolls!



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