Wrap Up- Nendoroids

The last wrap up was scales, and now we’re looking at some nendos!


Another Savannah trip picture >_< I think these are the last of them.


autumn colors copy

Jiiji! My sword husband~ This photo shoot was very fun and spontaneous which is what I really love about outdoor photography and the season changes. drowsy copy
The Japanese maple in my yard shed most of its leaves at once and left the ground with a sea of red leaves on a rainy day. I grabbed my sword boys for the occasion, and I love that Jiiji’s blue compliments the red leaves while Kashuu’s red blends in.

ella ella ella copy
Umbrella borrowed from Maiko Madoka.

folded copy

Mmm that delicious side eye. intensity copy

red jiiji copy

There’s one more photo from this shoot, but I am not posting it since I entered it in Goodsmile Company’s nendoroid photo contest.

elsa portrait copy
Elsa! She’s posed in a little diorama box I made for a school project(but I secretly made it for figures). The box is a winter scene and takes advantage of back lighting which I love oh so much.

winter elegance

Elsa by Calvin Klein

mermaid copy
A recent arrival is Lunar Miku! She blends well with late fall browns, and the right lighting makes even dead plants look good!

mirkwood copy

This is how you get sick, Miku. peachy copy
side eyes~

red soil

Let’s drop in a figma picture I forgot from last time 😛 t 3
And we’ll finish with what technically aren’t nendoroids, but are close enough! *whispers* They’re in Savannah.

That wraps up these nendoroids! Next up is a special nendoroid post~


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