Wrap up- Scaled Figures

But it’s January 10th, so why are you still on 2015–*punches*
I mentioned before that I have a backlog of figure pictures from before I decided to stop only publishing pictures with reviews. Before I post my yearly photo summary, I want to share all of those pictures, so here’s some scaled figure goodness for you to enjoy. Oddly enough these are all from my two Savannah trips!

109 copy Melty! I took these on the beach at Tybee Island.

111 copy
Graceful photos make beach photography seem romantic, but my two experiences with it were rather terrible as the wind coming off the water cakes the lens in salt *sob* There must be equipment to combat that, but I go to the beach so rarely anyway.

126 copy Some people walked by while I was taking these pictures. Act cool. Act cool. Act cool. sa85
Melty is my first real Max Factory figure. I wanted her for a while and finally decided to get her when I knew I’d be going to the beach. I love having a good excuse like that to buy a figure. Maybe one day I’ll have a good enough excuse to get my grail: Kureha Touka by Max Factory.

sa95 And we can’t forget Sorbet! Making little trails in the snow and sand are things I usually forget to do since I spend so little time around those things, but I remembered this time! I’ve seen people rough up the sand around figures in beach photos which adds lovely texture. sa104
There was a tide pool behind us that was very warm and had kids swimming in it, but then I saw some freaky creature poking its head up. *heavy breathing*
The lighting in this one came out cool though! It reminds me of a gold course calendar…

Now onto trip two where Haru was my man of honor. Like with Melty, I used this trip as an excuse to purchase Haru. My intention was to take him the the pool and beach, but we ended up not visiting the beach. This is my first time photographing a figure poolside!

haru 1 copy Every time I photograph a figure in a crazy place, people comment telling me to dry it off or be careful because of something, and while I appreciate the sentiment, I have been photographing figures for a long time and can assure you that Haru was carefully dried and cared for after his dip in the pool. haru 2 copy
Can we appreciate how much this figure resembles Haru? He’s my third Alter figure behind Momohime and Natsume. I tend to buy Alter figures knowing little or nothing about the characters. Imagine if Alter made a character I really love.

haru 3 copy

haru 4 copy
This is one of my favorites because I tend to take close up or half body shots.

haru 6

That polishes off my scaled figure photos. Next up will be nendoroids!


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