The Box Throne

Sharing yet another thing I did a long time ago. But first, something I did even longer ago!

box tower

Four years ago, after one year of collecting, I decided to stack up all of my boxes and found that they were taller than I was!

For the record, I am around 5’2″

I always wanted to try this again since I have more figmas now and was finally inspired to tackle the task when someone on MFC posted a fort made out of scaled figure boxes. So what does five years of figma collecting look like?

This apparently:


Same room, same me, and many many more figmas. My first picture shows 22 figmas, and I surprisingly still have all but two of that original 22! My newest photo features nearly 100 figmas!

I had to take a bunch of pictures to get one where I didn’t look really awkward.

But of course I needed a proper response to the scaled figure fort,  so I raise you my figma throne.

throne 2

I sit upon it with my trusty companion who is definitely rethinking his life choices in this picture.

Here’s the throne without my crazy self on it.

throne 1

The boxes have since been safely moved to my closet which is already full…



3 thoughts on “The Box Throne

  1. OMG! That throne is beast mode. I wish I thought of that. I guess I could mimic it, but then I’d have to go get all my boxes out of the closet fml Y__Y. Really neat idea. I’m really happy to see some more personal posts or updates like this. So do you have a top 3 figma from your collection? I’m quite interested in your favourites and opinions as to why they are o.o


    • It took me forever to take this picture because I had to drag out all of my boxes XD
      Ah great! I try to keep my personal life kind of mysterious–like some people share their real names, but the cosplay posts ruin that a bit haha.

      Hmm that’s always a tough question for some reason. I’ve grown a bit indifferent to my figures. Not like I don’t care about them, but I sort of view them all with the same level of sentimentality. Still, I’d say some top figmas for me would be Snow Miku 2015 and Kuji Miku because I love love love their unique designs and their nature motif. I also like Tsukihi Araragi, Aya Shameimaru, and Reimu Hakurei for their versatility. I suppose versatility is important to me since I like outdoor settings, and it’s fun to have a figure that fits in a lot of places. I also like the Lucky Star figmas for their great faces, but not much else. Len Kagamine isn’t really a great figma, but he gave me tons of fun early on. Lucina also deserves a mention since I adore the game she’s from XD


  2. Okay, that was an awesome photo. Who would have thought that you could make a throne out of figma boxes! And here I was thinking my collection of 16 figma, 2 nendoroid and 3 cu-poche girls was a lot! I think I have all my figure boxes packed away in plastic container boxes.


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