Figma Flood

Yesterday I shared my intention to photograph more freely and post a little more often. A lot of times I would take some pictures and be super excited to share them…except I couldn’t because I needed to review the figure. But forget that now! I’m opening the floodgates on all of the pictures I’ve been holding on to, so let’s start with figmas!

We’ll go chronologically
chilly copy

This is from the ice storm back in February! Everything was coated in ice, and it was so pretty! One day I should paint that little fence…

glass branch copy
See how thick the ice was on the branches? Wind and rain is a deadly combination. Miku’s butt must have been cold.

icewine copy

A good way to get bokeh with a kit lens is to have something with little dots of light reflecting off of it behind your subject. I often use a bush in my yard with tiny leaves. It works here too because everything is icy! shining beads copy
Looking at this makes me cold…

winter play copy

I love photos on that tiny swing.

snowy cheer copy

Next up: more Miku!

by chance copy

I end up loving a lot of Miku figures because of their lovely designs, and this is definitely one of them! Her forest look and little faces are precious! minty copy

the world copy bun bun
The bunny is so cute!

Now that Snow Miku figmas are a thing, I am liking them much more than the nendoroids. I think that the different art styles are able to adapt better than with nendoroids which have very specific facial and body proportions.

And now are you ready? For LUCINA?! *da da da duuum*

So, I really like Fire Emblem Awakening  <–understatement of the century

In a weird way, I like and don’t like Lucina. I like her design and her characterization–especially her unwavering strength, but it’s not enough to love her. Looking more at Lucina’s conversations with other characters, she is rather stiff and reserved which I suppose is fitting considering the bleak future she came from, but just not my favorite type of character. Overall I find Lucina to be should I say…tragically beautiful? There’s a certain loneliness about her that I find captivating and it’s very sad that someone who should have had so much is left with so little. As Chrom said, “You deserved more from me than one sword and a world full of troubles”.
The Lucina moment which impacted me most came at the end of the game in the dialogue which appears after the war if she is unmarried:

Lucina disappeared after whispering these words to her infant self: “Yours will be a happy future.” Did she journey to another land or back to her own time? …No one knows for certain.

snapshot copy This one is very simple, but I like it! satisfaction copy
With this mini shoot, I wanted to toy with the idea of Lucina right when she arrived from the ruined future to the past.
Here, hell is at the world’s doorstep, yet everything is so calm if only for a moment.

nobility copy I arranged these flowers around her to mimic the soundtrack cover, and later realized they are also used in the illustration for her S support with Robin. Yippee for significance!

By the way, M Robin is my favorite Fire Emblem character #foreverfictionalsoulmate #howcaniloveafakeemansomuch #alsomysmashmain #andicosplayhim #helpthisgameruinedme

and I do not ship him with Lucina millefleur copy
I also wanted a picture of Lucina as a princess, so I put her on dress Saber’s body. It made a good match!

That wraps up this little feature! I shared some photos and talked a lot which is what I like to do, so I hope you enjoyed it!


4 thoughts on “Figma Flood

  1. I live in an area where ice storms are unheard of. I’ve never seen one. It’s pretty much just hot all year around, although it is a little less hot during “winter” and I use that word very loosely. So it was neat to see this featured in your shoot. It’s not something I see in person ever.

    I like that forest Miku. The design is quite interesting. I only recently got into the Miku character so I missed out on all the older stuff (so far I only have one Pop Vinyl of her). Did you see that racing one that was recently released? I think it was one of the 1/8 figures though. The design was pretty neat but I think she’s already sold out. That’s usually the way with popular characters.

    And I was pleased I actually knew who Lucina was even though I haven’t played the game yet. I’ve seen her character design pop up … wasn’t there a Figma of her at one point?

    All the photos are gorgeous. I especially love Lucina in amongst the flowers and that tiny swing is just so very adorable.

    Thanks for sharing such great photos and the tip on the bokeh.


    • Here too, ice storms are not common, but they do happen every now and then. Just enough that I can be awed by them haha.
      Ooh! I’m glad you liked the pictures then! If you want to see more from the same day, I have a bunch in my Elsa doll shoot It has pictures of the landscape too!

      There are tons of Racing Mikus not, so it can be hard to keep up. I’m collecting the figmas, but I’ve only gotten around to buying the first one =_=’

      Haha Lucina gets a lot of exposure from being in Smash. And having played the game now, I notice there’s tons of fan art of all the characters in Etsy and Storenvy shops and at cons.


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