Changing How Things Are Done


cleopatra copy

(Random Tharja picture because I’m so obsessed with Fire Emblem. You don’t even know.)

After several years, Never Outgrew Toys is still chugging along. But while the figure world continues to churn out plastic temptations, the real world is forever changing, and with new friends, hobbies, and priorities, I’ve found it more and more difficult to maintain the blog like before. Ideally, I get new figures, photograph them, write a review, and publish easy peasy…except that has not been happening. As I get more and more figures at a time and find myself with less time to review them, they pile up and up and up and up and…you get the point. My review backlog stretches back to figma Levi, and not even cleaning Levi . I’m talking about original Levi from summer 2014. Now, catching up is not impossible. I could buckle down and do it, but just knowing that there are that many figures backed up is very stressful and stops me from what this blog should be about…fun! Now, this isn’t anybody’s fault. I was the one who decided to review figures, and I really do like it. Whenever I get a new figure, I love looking at all of the details and can’t wait to show them to you all, but I’ve found that my current system is rather stifling.
What I have been doing is getting a new figure and putting it away until I can properly review it. Then, I try to give it the best most unique photo shoot possible to accompany the review which itself takes several hours to write. The whole process is very formal, and I’ve begun to dislike it more and more, so I want to do away forcing myself to do it. I initially began reviewing my figures to show them off with fun photos at the end of the review, but trying to make everything perfect and planned takes away those little moments of serendipity and candidness which I personally value.

What I want to say is that I will not be quitting reviews, but I no longer want them to be my main focus. I have many many photos from throughout the year waiting on reviews that will take ages to write, so I am just going to publish them. It will be the same with all of my new figures. If I want to photograph a figure, I will. Then I can publish the pictures right away and you all can see new figures sooner leaving me to write a review on my own time. The reviews will still have fun photos at the end–nothing about the reviews themselves will change, but I do not want to withhold content anymore because of them. Hopefully, that way my blog won’t be Figma News Fridays for weeks at a time anymore and I can return to enjoying the hobby and concentrating on what I really want to. When a hobby starts feeling like a job, you’re probably doing something wrong.

I am not upset about this change though. When I began blogging, my life was very different, and I had a lot of time to myself–maybe not in the best way, so I am happy to see things swing in a different direction, and I think that this change was a long time coming.

Anyway, please look forward to posts perhaps not regularly, but at least more often and an overall looser feeling with my photography. I have some cute figma pictures to share!


6 thoughts on “Changing How Things Are Done

  1. I’ll be here reading all your posts regardless of what they are about (awkward? lol). It’s become a weekly routine for me to check your blog to see your thoughts on figures you own or upcoming figures. It’s fun to see how someone aside from myself feels about anime-related figures (usually). Hell, I even recently started replying to your posts (which I had not been doing previously for over a year). Like what Alasse said, if it is beginning to feel like a chore, you should take a step back. Another thought is, you could try to come up with some ideas on unique & new things you could post about that would be out of your norm but would bring you joy to talk about…this of course is easier said than done.

    Keep up the good work ^_~


    • *sniff* Thank you for always checking out the blog!
      I’m glad that you like the opinion side of things because that was something important to me when I started blogging and especially with FNF. I like seeing what people think about things, so only straight news sites that just list the facts are kind of boring to me. I’d think of myself as the opinion section rather than the front page 😛

      Thank you! I’ll see what I can do >:)


      • Haha no worries! Ya, sorry I never bothered to post before aside from once a year ago. I believe I’ve been coming here to view posts regularly since September 2012. Can’t believe it’s been such a long time. Regardless, I will start responding to posts more often and leaving comments. I will most likely leave my opinions on upcoming releases or recently released items as well to get feedback as I usually purchase most figma’s I see. I collect Gundam model kits and Figma although I have recently purchased a few non-figma figures just because they had quality that appealed to me. The Chogokin Saber & Gilgamesh for example. That Gilgamesh is one of the nicest looking figures I own (which is saying a lot). Also, I’m a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul even if the anime didn’t turn out how I wanted (yet I still love it >_>)…so I am purchasing the Super Action Statue line of figures. I’m really excited for the Ken Kaneki figure, that sexy beast (no homo!).

        Cheers ^^


        • Woah! Thank you for sticking around for so long. I can’t believe its been that long either. So many things have changed too~

          As you can see, I started out with figmas and slowly branched out too *sigh* what happened? XD

          I still haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul >_>’ Apparently I’m taking a break from anime? I haven’t felt like watching any for a long time.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog quite a bit and have discovered many new figures through your blog (not so good for my wallet though!). But yes, I agree, if it starts feeling like a chore, maybe take a step back and do something you enjoy, even if it’s just random photoshoots that you feel like posting. As you said, this is supposed to be fun for you and if it stops being fun, then it is most certainly time to reassess. Either way, I’ll continue to read and enjoy whatever you decide to share.

    And I love that photo at the start. I keep meaning to look into Fire Emblem.


    • Thank you for understanding! ^^ I know it’s frustrating following a blog you like where the person doesn’t update regularly or care, so I at least try to let you all know I care!

      Fire Emblem ruined my life.


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