Figma News Fridays 11/6/15 & 11/13/15

Welcome to two weeks of belated figma news! I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Rather, my free time has shifted more towards feverishly making cosplays. The next big convention is not until May(lol), but I’d like to be ahead for once–especially since I’m planning to be there for the whole weekend and am in a few groups. Since this has put off FNF so much, I’d say you all deserve some progress pictures!

I was unhappy with the length and overall sloppiness of my tactician coat, so I took apart the bottom and remade it completely. The rest was tweaked with better sewing on the bias tape and button holes added. I also did a second coat of paint on the purple designs. Last time I was Morgan, but so many people called me Robin anyway that I decided to just embrace it and be Robin next time. It’s not pictured, but I also got different gloves and a new belt. With the exception of props, this costume is finished! Next to it is my second cosplay: Jack Frost! I mainly did jack Frost because it would be an easy way to have a second cosplay, and I could also use the same wig. Much less complicated compared to Robin too. Whereas I had to make an entire coat from scratch for one, I only needed to paint a hoodie and pants for the other! Untitled
Here’s the entire Jack Frost cosplay. It’s super comfy, but also really hot T-T I need to make the staff next.


And my props for Robin! I made the tome Thoron as a tribute to my ex favorite move in Smash(Archthunder is my favorite now because it’s more useful). The Levin sword is obviously still a work in progress, but I think it’ll look awesome when it’s finished! As a plus, it’s made from an amiami box.

Overall, that puts me one Levin sword and a staff away from being 100% finished with my first two cosplays. After that, I will begin work on a maid Mulan and Elf from Dragon’s Crown which are both for group cosplays. My backup since the Dragon’s Crown cosplay may not happen yet is a Pokemon gijinka.

Now that you’ve been unwittingly lured into reading a cosplay post, we’ll return to figma news! Let’s get started!

Week 1


Bubble Head Nurse Release Date Announced bubble head nurse preorder page November 12th!

Red Pyramid Thing Release Date Announced Red Pyramid Thing preview page November 12th

FigFIX Anchovy Release Date Announced anchovy figFIX preorder page November 16th


Shirou Emiya 2.0 sculpted shirou emiya tuesday Rin released recently, and now it’s time for Shirou! The original Shirou is very hard to find, and mine is in bad shape anyway, so it’s great to see a new version! So far I’m liking that he isn’t so heavy on angry faces. The Fate uniform is still one of the ugliest male ones in my opinion though. Friday Fubuki Painted Untitled
She looks good! I-I don’t have much to say other than that though.

Week 2


Iona Release Date Announced
iona preorder page
November 25th!

figma Archetype He and She Release Dates Announced
archetype he and she
(sold separately)
November 26th!

That wraps up two weeks of missed news! A few things have been omitted solely because they will appear in this upcoming FNF. See you all again *checks date* SOON.


One thought on “Figma News Fridays 11/6/15 & 11/13/15

  1. I’ve got both Archetypes on preorder. The last few that came out had me face palming for not ordering them. Not exactly sure what I’d use them for, but I’ve been wanting the pair for quite some time now.

    And your cosplay is coming along nicely! Please continue to share, I’d like to see it again when it’s done 🙂


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