Review: 1/7 scale Sallya/Tharja by Goodsmile Company/Max Factory

*Does jumping jacks* Are you ready for another review? I hope so because it’s time to put your hands together for Goodsmile Company and Max Factory’s 1/7 scale Sallya/Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

While Sallya is her Japanese name, I assume that most people reading(including myself) know this character as Tharja, so I will be referring to her with that name for the rest of the review.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is the 13th installation in the Fire Emblem tactical RPG series, and in the game, you play as the tactician to Prince Chrom of Ylisse and help lead him to victory and a bright future. Along the way, your army gains many new additions, and interacting with the game’s cast of colorful characters is a definite high point. Characters like the Mage Ricken and Dancer Olivia join automatically as the story moves along while others like Thief Gaius and Villager Donnel are optional, but worthwhile additions. Tharja is of the latter, and can be recruited(or not) during Chapter 9 outside of Plegia castle. Plegia is Tharja’s homeland, and she along with Henry, is one of the Dark Mages who leaves the enemy lines to join you. As is fitting for their craft, Dark Mages have twisted personalities, so Tharja is always occupied with curses and the Avatar character(AKA Robin) who she has an unhealthy obsession with. Regardless of her unsettling personality, Tharja’s shapely body and revealing outfit ensure her popularity.

Oddly, I remember the day Tharja’s preorders opened, and thinking that she looked like an interesting character from one of those games I would never play. Fast forward to this summer when I played Fire Emblem: Awakening, which took over my life, and I found myself looking at Tharja again. To be honest, even after playing, the figure took time to grow on me as her alluring pose did not quite mesh with my impression of Tharja, and seductively posed figures are not something you find in my collection. But when you have interest in a character, more money than sense because it is summer, and something pops up on amiami preowned for retail price, what is a girl to do? Soon enough, Tharja, along with other figures, was EMS’d to my house(did I mention more money than sense?), and it was time for the moment of truth. An unboxing and a few casual shots later, and my my feelings were clear. Let’s see her box!

tharja box Tharja’s box has a lovely “Chrom’s hair blue” and white color scheme. It also has her name, pictures of her, windows, and all of the other good things we expect from figure boxes. Overall, the box is fine, but I think the design better represents the game as a whole than Tharja herself.In the upper right corner, both Goodsmile Company and Max Factory are listed. MFC credits both as manufacturers which is not something I am used to seeing. Assembling the figure is surprisingly easy as she comes in three pieces: Tharja, the base, and the table. There are absolutely no pegs, so you just have to lean Tharja against the table and place her on the base which is both reassuring and frightening. Thankfully she is incredibly sturdy with the cape, but I still keep her at the back of my Detolf(“My Detolf” I thought I’d never type those words).

Shall we have a look around?

t1 copy
Something I failed to mention in my usual heartfelt opening paragraphs is that Tharja is my wife, and I don’t mean that in a woman crush way. I played as default male Robin, who is unquestionably my soulmate, and married him to Tharja. Sometimes I question that decision what with Tharja being an obsessive stalker, but when I look into the faces of our two beautiful daughters, the apprehension melts away.
Were there subconscious motivations for my marrying Robin to the woman obsessed with him? Who knows.

t2 copy
According to Goodsmile’s product page, “She is posed as if in front of her most admired Avatar, with a sexy gaze and charming smile on her face.”

I usually like my scaled figures girly and joyful, so Tharja is quite the departure. However, she has tons of personality and the all-important sideways glance(you all know how I feel about them) which are fine assets for figure photography.


t5 copy
One thing I find appealing about Tharja’s outfit is that while she is technically wearing just a bikini and cape, the sheer body suit makes it feel like she is showing far less skin thus bringing class to an otherwise skimpy costume.


Now for a closer look at the details!

Tharja’s rear commands a lot of attention, but her face does a fine job at competing. Those eyes make me fear whatever she is plotting!

Lovely details are also in the hair framing her face.


The rest of Tharja’s hair cascades in a silky black waterfall down her back. The depth of the sculpt really stands out under soft light like what we have here

I love the folded strands over her left shoulder.


Even without Tharja’s face showing, her body language is such that her devious nature can still be felt.

Returning to her face, one of my favorite details is Tharja’s lip which she is gently pulling back with her thumb.

Her dark blue cape is hemmed with rich gold.

The position of her arms and clasped hands also cannot be ignored as they contribute tension to the pose. I also love the execution the wrinkled sheer around her wrists. Good shading and sculpting imitate the appearance of a body suit rather than disturbingly thick skin.





We’re getting close to the main event.

Nothing to see here.

The “S” curve of her body really is excellent! It has such a wonderful flow.




I love how the gold areas react to light. Sections of them shine just like with real metal.

Tharja is leaning on a stack of tomes which are beautifully sculpted down to the pages.

I love the textures in this shot. The pages feel crisp and defined while the tassels are gentle and flowing. Notice how the subtle curves of her cape are highlighted.


Tharja’s long cape spills neatly into a luxurious puddle.

Those ripples!


Tharja wears gold heels, and the inner cape is lined with burgundy.


The skull can be moved around freely.


Those cape crinkles!

Her underside is difficult to see while posed normally, so I removed her from the base for this shot.
Her hip bones, stomach, and ribs are visible from this angle. Tharja may be “meatier” in certain places, but several characters do describe her as scrawny and official art shows her that way too.

Another way to see more of Tharja is by removing her cape for which a special piece is provided.
Simply pop off her head, remove the cape, and slide on this gold collar in its place. Doing so lets you see Tharja in a whole new light!

t42 copy
Or just with less coverage.

She somehow looks thinner this way too. It must be because there is no cape to fill in the negative space.



Fun fact: I have been listening to the Awakening OST the whole time I’ve been writing this review. “Don’t speak her name” is playing now…


Not having the cape favors this angle!

You can see her forearms and torso better this way.


Her hair floats up perhaps too unnaturally though. Tharja’s accessories include the aforementioned tome table and skull.

The table is made of a rigid cheaper plastic while the tomes are the same PVC as Tharja. Thankfully the plastic’s quality works well with the table and it is still sturdy. I even dropped the table during this shoot, and the tomes which are glued to the table snapped off, but there was no damage at all! *body twitches angrily*


The skull is a lovely deep red.

I don’t recall Tharja ever holding or referring to a skull(or maybe she does in the two support conversations I still haven’t unlocked), but it is relevant to her craft.


However, in my case, the skull represents…

Robin’s dignity.

Last is her base which is a black disc with a layer of soft blue felt. This is my first figure with a fabric base, and I find it rather fitting for Tharja in this context. Adding the sensation of touch to a figure posed this way is very clever too. As you can see, keeping it lint free is a challenge, but since my Tharja is preowned, I opted to keep the lint from her mother country on the base. Or that’s my own lint, and I am just too lazy to clean the base. Please choose your preferred perception of me.

On the underside is the game’s logo and a little paragraph which I found interesting–especially since it is in English!

It reads:
“Two sleeping dragons–one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragon’s awakening–and the world’s ending.”

We have now finished looking at the lovely Tharja. But this review is not over yet because it’s time for her photo shoot!

Tharja’s shoot was entirely coincidental. On a rainy day, I decided to take the review shots for Melty who I photographed a long time ago in Savannah. I set up a table in front of the window with some fur for that cute fluffy look and realized that the light was amazing. The gentle light and that sultry fur made me think of Tharja, and this shoot was born! I had intended for something darker for her, but I think this set up highlights some of the figure’s less obvious charms.

always watching copy

Saw my chance and took it.

RobinXTharja forever. No regrets.

cleopatra copy

dimensions copy

fallen angel copy


he touched the butt copy
He touched the butt!

mellow copy

moody copy

morning copy
Definitely my favorite shot.

naughty copy

noire copy

senses copy

sexy lady
Ayyyy sexy lady!

shapes copy

shimmer copy

silky smooth copy

sultry copy

the fur copy

tome time copy

Ylisse copy

leaning copy

Final Words
This is a beautiful figure. Tharja’s detailed sculpt is highlighted by rich colors, and her sleek air of mystery adds something completely new to my collection. Photographing her even convinced me to finally preorder the upcoming Cordelia! I am surprised by how pleased I am with her, and I think that Tharja can be enjoyed even without knowledge of her character.


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