Room/Collection Update: September 2015!

Two years after my first room update on this blog, we are long overdue for a second. But this is no simple room update. It’s a room remodel.

As a refresher, this was my room before:
Full post is here.
room 1

room 30
Blue and chocolate brown were the main colors and I had posters, figures, and stuffed animals everywhere. My room was fine like this, but it started feeling too “teenager-ish” after a while. My tastes also changed and I wanted something more mature and feminine. Dust was also a problem and the room always felt dark. This is one of the few times it was clean, and I gave up on cleaning it eventually which helped me finally decide to go through with a remodel.

This time, my goal was light and airy. I wanted a more subdued palette that would allow me to display framed art. I also wanted to get proper display cases for my figures. A trip to Ikea was in order! So what do we have after months of redecorating?

*Dramatic gesture*
Are you ready for the tour?

Removing all of the posters made the room feel bigger, and the new color makes it much much brighter.


I spent a night shopping for art online. I wanted traditional pieces with pastel colors.

I had a compiled list of Etsy and Storenvy artists to choose from, and first was Laura Amiss’ store which sells abstract cityscapes in beautiful colors. Choosing a favorite was tough, but I decided on the Netherlands. All of my frames are from Goodwill and were repainted white. I chose different styles so that they would all be unique.

I taped my two favorite posters from my old room inside the closet.


My old dresser was long, short, and took up a lot of space, so I traded with my mom and dad for a taller one. The first few drawers have clothing, but the lower ones are filled with decorative paper and photo props.


The dresser quickly became home to my dolls who previously spent their time lying nude in the sewing room. This is a far more dignified place.


My figma accessory bin. I want to switch to a more organized system eventually, but at least everything is in the same place.


And to the right of the dresser is the focal piece of the room…two detolfs! Moving past them is a tight squeeze, but I rarely walk on that side of the bed anyway. There would have been more room had I put the cases on the other side of the bed, but the figures need to be as far from sunlight as possible. As I mentioned, dust was a huge problem in my old room, and I often felt like my figures were not getting the care they deserved–especially for being so expensive. With detolfs, the figures are more organized and protected. r9//

Most of my collection is figmas, so I decided to put the non-figmas on the top shelves. This shelf is all scales, and I am happy to have crammed eight onto it.


Below is mostly magical girls. I try to group figmas by series, so I began with the largest groups and used loner figmas to fill in space.

Next is mostly Vocaloid. And by Vocaloid, I mean Miku. I really do love Miku figures.


Then we have Black Rock Shooter, K-on, and Lucky Star. r13//
I needed to fit as many figmas as possible in each case, so risers were a must. My cheap solution was acrylic party cups. Balancing the figures can be difficult, but I like that the acrylic blends with the glass. I am able to fit three rows on the top three shelves and four on the bottom.


The second case houses scales who would not fit in the first and my growing nendoroid collection. r15//
Below is the Fate series with Aya Shameimaru and Sun Seto acting as fillers. This shelf will be all Fate soon. By this point, I gave up on making interesting poses.


Haruhi, Se Kirara, and Ika Musume. r17//
Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill, Monogatari, Steins; Gate, and Sword Art Online. I barely fit my collection into these cases(there are some figmas I am selling which are in the other room), so a third detolf is obviously a necessity. I got some figures at AWA that already have no place to go, so my mom agreed to another Ikea trip for Thanksgiving break!


To the right of the detolfs is my nightstand and lamp. r19//
My second framed piece is a paper folder of Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu. Aside from the glorious Mikazuki Munechika, Yasu is my favorite sword, and this folder was only a few hundred yen and great quality, so I decided to frame it.


The nightstand is repainted from my old room. I like it much better now!

The Elsa picture is a piggy bank!


My old lamp also got a makeover!

The biggest thing in my room is my bed which I share with stuffed animals and sometimes my dog. Except for the sheets, the bedding is from Ikea.


Stuffed animals–er people? I have many many plushes, but these fought the long battle to be considered favorites worthy of my bed. I used to keep a lot more on the bed, but rearranging them took too long. r25//
Above my bed is a painting which used to be in my grandparent’s house. I used to look at it all the time, and never liked it because it was in a gaudy gold frame. But when I redecorated my room, I realized that the colors are perfect and reframed it.


My window has blinds and a sheer curtain. I wanted the curtain to add an ephemeral feeling with soft light.

The finials are plastic with glitter. My first choice was little pink flowers, but not for $50.


And last is my work space with three pictures hanging above it.

The first picture is the illustration of Lucina from the Fire Emblem Awakening soundtrack. Unlike my other pieces, this is sadly not an official poster. For the record, I can’t find the soundtrack for a decent price either… I chose this illustration because of the soft colors and overall peaceful feel. Dark blue has slowly become one of my favorite colors. I need to redo the matting on this picture though…


Next is a piece by Brittney Lee who’s style I adore. I wanted many prints from her shop, but decided on this one because of the warm colors an natural setting. I wanted nature and organic shapes to be a predominant theme in my room’s design.

Last is a promotional poster for Fractale illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Hidari. I found Fractale rather disappointing, but the art and music are still very beautiful.


Back below is Build a Bear Fluttershy who sits in my chair when I’m away. The chair is also from Ikea, and surprisingly comfortable.

My desk can fold into the wall *cough Ikea cough* and holds my computer and supplies.


Some desktop decorations.

Since taking these photos, my room now has a mini fridge which was a birthday present in the corner.

Thank you for touring my room!
I am exceedingly happy with how everything turned out, and feel far more organized now that everything has a place.


12 thoughts on “Room/Collection Update: September 2015!

  1. Aah, I love your new room! It looks so simple and clean and the clear display cases gives the illusion that there’s more room instead of there just being a massive shelf there or something *v*
    I really like the framed Lucina image you have on your wall! I know you said it wasn’t an official poster or anything like that, so did you just print out the image and frame it?


  2. You have as many figma’s as I have haha. Do you own the Chogokin Saber and Gilgamesh figures?? If not, I’d highly recommend them. I was originally skeptical about ordering them when they were on preorder but when they came in, I was extremely impressed. Two of my favourite display pieces. The Gilgamesh’s gold armor is one of my favourite pieces of eye candy in my room haha. It’s stunning. While slightly larger than Figma’s in terms of scale, their build quality (armor is die-cart metal!) and pose-ability is amazing. On a side note, love your room & collection. I need better display cases for all my figures and gunpla. Running out of room T_T.


    • Including those in the mail, I’m up to 90 >_<' Trying to sell a few though.

      I've heard good things about Chogokins before! But like RAHs, they're in my list of things I won't buy until they make a character I LOVE since they're a little beyond my price point.

      Thank you! I recommend getting cases if you can! I displayed my figures on a book shelf for years, but having them in a case looks better, and I feel like they're better protected.


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