Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Con Coverage!

Howdy! I am already the poster child for not posting on time, but I have been seriously skimping on posts lately. I could use school as an excuse, but being a master procrastinator offers me little excuse(I am procrastinating from my Japanese homework right now!). The biggest reason for that these past weeks has been a little convention called Anime Weekend Atlanta.
I first attended AWA when I was around 14 years old. I would go for a few hours with my childhood BFF, and we would plod around the dealer’s room and panels for a few hours on Saturday. It was always fun, but as time passed, we stopped going together, and my supply of con friends dried up(now that I’m in college, I really realize that high school was rough for me socially), and I had little reason to go anymore–especially once I started importing figures and the dealer’s room lost its charm.
That all changed when I made some friends online and through Dollfie Dreams who slowly convinced me to attend Momo con(AWA’s younger cousin). I whipped up a Yamatonokami Yasusada cosplay, and had a blast. Even with all of my worrying over whether I would get along with everyone, everything turned out amazing, and attending Momo con this year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I thought that it would be my last convention this year since they are rather expensive, but as AWA crept up, I began to change my mind. First I thought I would only go Saturday, then I bumped it up to Friday and Saturday.
Before Momo con, I wore a yukata to conventions. Being a perfectionist and not wanting to spend money, I did not think that cosplay would be fun for me. But when I finally did cosplay, it added a layer to the convention that I had sorely been missing. I decided after that to never attend a convention without cosplay again!
My Yamatonokami Yasusada cosplay was fine, but there were still some things that needed to be fixed before I wore it again. I also wanted to try something from my newest obsession, so the big cosplay I planned for this con was Morgan from Fire Emblem Awakening. I also added a female Ash Ketchum to the list last minute so that I would have two costumes.

I think I’ve set everything up sufficiently, so let’s start the con coverage!

(woah is this FNF now?)

This day I was Ash Ketchum. I already had the hat(a true sign of my dedication) and a black wig for Morgan, so I only had to make the vest.

*deep breath*
Prepare for my face!


My “Waiting in line” selfie. Selfies are my weakness, but this one was ok.

I knew that this con would be a good one when I ran into Baymax within minutes of getting my badge.
I am notorious for not taking pictures, so one of my goals this time was to have enough for a blog post. Just look at me now.

But Baymax wasn’t the only amazing thing at AWA! At Momo con, few panels or guests caught my interest, so I only spent time with friends. This time, I was interested in many things, and the crown jewel was Good Smile Company. I had seen a GSC panel listed in the events, but assumed it was fan run like the many figure panels I had attended before. However, when someone mentioned the panel on MFC as being official, I rushed to the schedule and learned that it was. GSC in Atlanta?! Selling figures?! It seemed too good to be true! But it was true, and I rushed to the booth right away.

I asked my friend to photograph me with the booth! Untitled//
Another reason I rushed to the booth was to buy Maiko Madoka and Natsubaki Miku! I never got the two when their orders were open, and Madoka especially has risen in price, but GSC was selling the two for an astounding $35 each! I bought both in a heartbeat, and remembered only when I handed over my debit card how much 35 X 2 is. I also picked up two blank nendoroid faces for only $1 each!

GSC was also holding an Umaru giveaway! Umaru was in a little room, and you only had to photograph her and enter by following GSC and hashtagging the photo. I brought Tsukasa along, but looking at what other people did, I wish I had put more thought into setting up my photo.
This Nakigitsune cosplayer was at the booth too! Yayayaya


I saw Saber too!

Saber of a different kind.
You’ve probably noticed, but this entire post is made of iphone photos. I do not have a good lens for indoor photography, so bringing my SLR is more of a burden.


What a great deal…

So glad I got my soulmate’s Amiibo at retail.

After hours in the huge dealer’s room and a night of little sleep, my friends and I were exhausted. We rested for a bit and ended up going to a concert for Universe and Heidi. Untitled//
Motto motto motto motto motto! Zutto zutto zutto zutto zutto!

We went home shortly after that which bring us to

The best day

Started out the best day by reuniting the Momo con squad! All of us girls were there except one who was being photographed every minute as Sardonyx. We met up with her later!

From left to right is: Me as Morgan, Sophia–the super awesome cosplayer behind Story Teller Cosplay as genderbender Howl, and my amazing friend Celestial Kitten of D Chan’s Display Case as Amy!

We reunited up at GSC’s booth where we met MAMITAN. Untitled//
I packed up four or five postcards and gave them to her! Celestial Kitten and I were both so happy to be there!
But notice how we’re keeping our cool *puts on sun glasses*
Speaking of glasses, I wear them, but if I have to be blind for cosplay, so be it.


I also photographed the Ninja Turtles scales!

Celestial Kitten is in the background. I love her wig *_*

On my second visit to the glorious booth, I purchased a Nendoroid More cheerleader body since they were being sold individually. This isn’t something I would purchase a whole set for, but being able to get just one is perfect! Even more perfect was that the body I got was…

The secret male cheerleader body! When I opened it, I shouted in the food court >_>’
Also, Madoka is trying out one of the blank faces. There was supposed to be a panel for decorating the faces, but it must have been on Sunday, so I missed it.


Sinbad! She was having fun being in character.




After that, we headed for lunch, but had to split up to get a few things first. While I was waiting by myself, I ran into Untitled//
Robin and Lucina!
All of Morgan’s official poses are just her standing, so in true character, I just stood there. For every photo…


Celestial Kitten took several pictures of me waiting for her and Sophia before I noticed. I put my phone in the book, so it would look like I was reading it.

The length of my coat really bothered me since I had to cut about three inches off due to some measurement problems. I have enough fabric left that I might redo the bottom. Untitled//
On the way to lunch, Sophia took this amazing selfie. We were all freaking out by how good it came out!


After lunch at the mall, we dropped by Gamestop for some photos with our respective games. They were out of Awakening, so I went with Smash Bros.

I thought this was the same Robin and Lucina, but it wasn’t!

Irisviel T-T

Then we headed to GSC’s panel which was an introduction to figure collecting. It covered what kind of figures GSC has, how to buy them, and stuff about bootlegs. Celestial Kitten and I knew a lot of the things already, but the panel was still very engaging! I recommend going to it if you have the chance. And don’t think you won’t! I never imagined GSC would come to Atlanta!

After the panel, we lined up to see Celestial Kitten’s waifu Reika If you don’t know Reika, she’s a talented cosplayer with hundreds of costumes in her repertoire and was a guest at AWA.

I didn’t buy any books of prints, but I did get

a selfie! She was even dressed as my sword husbando Jiiji!



Jiiji and Cashew!

Free! boys!


These two were really cute because they wanted a picture with their daughter when I said I was Morgan.

By the way, most people mistook me for Robin. Even Robins mistook me for Robin. I started calling it Not Robin Con.

Then came the next highlight of the day. The gathering of heroes from across space and time…the Fire Emblem photo shoot!

The Awakening turnout was huge.



Libra and Maribelle were amazing! We were all happy when they showed up. Untitled//
I was thrilled to see these two Henrys. Henry is my second favorite character after you-know-who, so I was glad he wasn’t forgotten in the time since the game came out.


Lords! People are already cosplaying Fates *_*’ Untitled//



All of the Robins and Morgans(there were two of us). I was surprised to see so many since I figured Robin wasn’t as popular as Chrom and Lucina in spite of his utter perfection. Oddly, there was not one Chrom at the shoot. Untitled//
Shout out to the girl who cosplayed female Grandmaster Robin so she wouldn’t have to wear pants!






Magic users!





Thank you to Celestial Kitten for camping out at the shoot and taking all of these and more photos for me! Afterwards, we parted ways(T_T), and I headed over to a concert. I am not usually excited about musicians, but I choked back squeals when I found out that Aoi Eir would be performing! Aoi Eir has done many anime openings and endings like Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, and Kill la Kill, and I listen to her music often. Sadly my phone was dying, so I was not able to tape any of the concert, but that helped me enjoy it more anyway. Untitled//
The radiant being on stage is her.
Seeing Aoi Eir, who’s music I always listen to in my room and is from far away Japan, right in front of me made me realize how amazing this day was. Had you told me a year ago that I would be cosplaying all day with friends, visiting GSC’s booth in person, and listening to one of my favorite singers with hundreds of other fans, I’d have not believed it.
She said she had a lot of fun and wanted to come back. I think this was her first time performing overseas too. The song she ended with was Niji no Oto, and I think it will always be special to me because of that. I just bought the single on iTunes!

After the concert, I saw Bob Ross!
And at the end of a long day, I was pooped.

We headed home not long after and put a close to one of my best days ever!
The post con blues have hit me hard, but I suppose that’s a good thing since I’ve been given such a great reason to feel them. I am really looking forward to Momo con next year, and my mind is already forming my next cosplay ideas. I know for sure that I’ll stop trying to explain the differences between the two, and just be Robin.

Thank you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015 Con Coverage!

  1. Sounds like someone had an awesome weekend XD You can always get some contact lenses for cosplay (coloured as well for weird eye colours), but I guess you’d rather spend that on figures 🙂 Btw, you look so cute and small ^^


    • You bet! Haha
      I would, but I’m not fitted for contacts, and I have an astigmatism…It’s nothing major, but I’d prefer to have real contacts before trying with cosplay ones. It’s on my list haha.

      Ah thank you XD People always think I’m a kid >_>’


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