Review: 1/8 scale Ayesha Altugle by Penguin Parade

I have been buying a lot of scaled figures lately, and today’s review showcases one of my newest. Get ready for 1/8 scale Ayesha Altugle by Penguin Parade!


Ayesha Altugle is the protagonist of the Playstation RPG Ayesha Altugle: The Alchemist of Dusk. The game is part of the Atelier series which revolves around alchemy. I have admired the series and its characters for a long time primarily because its artwork is done by Hidari who is one of my favorite artists. Sadly I lack a Playstation and have been unable to try out the games. Regardless, because Goodsmile Company’s Nessa ,who was adapted from a Hidari illustration, is one of my favorite figures, I have been watching Atelier figures and hoping to find one that I liked enough to buy. That figure eventually came along in the form of Ayesha whose flowery pastel design, wavy hair, and cute smile I loved. For whatever reason, Atelier figures tend to fall into the hands of lower quality Goodsmile umbrella companies, so Ayesha’s prototype endured a number of changes which made me nearly certain that I would have to pass on her. But surprisingly although the final product had a very different look from the prototype, I liked her enough to warrant a purchase in the end. 008
Ayesha’s box is green and yellow with flowery designs reminiscent of stained glass.

010 012
Take note of the figure’s face on the box because the actual figure looks…nothing like that

011 014
The floor of the box has a logo.


Ayesha comes in three pieces requiring minimal assembly. Her feet secure easily into the base 006
and the staff fits into her hands.
There seems to be no specific way to place the staff, and it bends slightly the way I have it placed. The plastic seems flexible enough though.
Also, can I mention how perfectly my table works with this figure?

ayesha illustration
Ayesha is based off of this illustration.

Comparing to the illustration, the figure is nearly a match. The most notable changes are the figure’s closed mouth and the orientation of the staff.
Having the staff be horizontal does not ruin the pose, but I did like the dynamic sense the diagonal staff added in the illustration.



Ayesha is still dynamic though, and her dress flutters around her at all angles.
If anything, the staff now adds a sense of stability which is a notable change.




She is not leaning dramatically. I am just bad at photographing things on tables.

I need a gyroscope.



Shortly before this figure was released, Goodsmile posted a notice saying that Ayesha’s ahoge(the short piece of hair sticking up) would be pointing up on the final product rather than down like on the box or prototype. So if you see this figure for sale, do not use that as evidence of it being a bootleg.

Her tiny hat has white detailing.
Please excuse the tiny grains of sand that are on Ayesha throughout the review. She was with me when I went to Tybee Island, and I thought I got all of the sand off everything…

You will see this again in her dress, but one of the things that made me decide to buy Ayesha when looking at her final product is the dark brown wash that was applied to the figure. The brown paint fills all of the crevices and highlights detail in a way I’ve never seen applied to a figure. It makes her feel special to me.

Flowers in hair is one of my favorite design choices.
I also love the wonderful flow her hair has.

Glorious waves!

As is typical of anime profiles, she has little lip definition. The nose is prominent enough to keep it from looking too strange though. Much better than Morgiana who’s blunt profile still haunts me.

The most noticeable change between the prototype and final product is Ayesha’s eyes. Rather than the defined eyes of the prototype, Ayesha’s eyes are a muted brown. This became another favorite feature of mine because it makes her look sweeter and her eyes remind me of my Dollfie Dream, Celeste.
Her lips are painted a gentle pink.


Oh she’s looking to the side. It’s not like that influenced my decision to purchase her or anything.


Ayesha’s hair has lovely strands and fasteners.

The wash I mentioned earlier is excellent for bringing out the lacy details in her top.

Her top is sculpted to look slouchy.


Ayesha’s light brown hair has subtle pink tips. Multiple loose strands give the hair plenty of depth without ugly seam lines.

Her little nails are painted, and there’s a yellow gradient on her wrist protectors.

I love the little bows sprinkled throughout her costume.
The butt of her staff has a fleur-de-lis design.

And the head of the staff has a lily!


Behind the lily is a piece which looks like wood. Also a detailed silver handle. 051
Ayesha has a hint of cleavage with a well sculpted neck and collar bone.

Her green dress is accented by a decorated dark green bow and sheer robe.


The sculpted ripples in the bow make it look luxurious like satin. 055
Her staff fits behind the robe which is decorated at the ends.

Her dress fades from green to yellow in a way which is surprisingly not jarring and has more decorations at the hem.


A closeup of the details on her robe. 064


She also has a peach underskirt.



The backs of her knees are well sculpted and shaded.



Designs on both skirts are visible. 073
Rather than continuing up to her waist, the underskirt stops awkwardly mid thigh.

Her shoes are black and yellow wedges with mustard “socks”.


Her toes remind me of a statue~

The base though is a boring and disappointing white. I am tempted to say that the price of this figure did not warrant a fancy base, but she retailed for a shocking 11000 yen. A sculpted grassy or brick base like what Alter’s Tales figures often get would have been best, but at least a green or yellow tint would have complimented the figure better. Anything other than white!


Now that we’ve seen Ayesha, it’s time for a photoshoot!

First, a few pictures from home. rose garden


And now for Savannah!

I bought Ayesha shortly before my Savannah trip and decided to take her with me because her design and colors would work well with the old Savannah architecture. Sadly it was very difficult to take pictures like I wanted to, but I did my best! My best photos were at the beach. I’ll post those with Melty’s review. garden princess copy
Our bed and breakfast had outdoor access. This was in the garden. The colorful blur is the garden. So detailed. Very wow.

painted colors copysa10
We were in the basement because it’s cheaper there.


Wrought iron and gas lamps all over the city. So pretty *_* sa16


We stayed at the Hamilton Turner Inn!

I wanted this shot with the trees to be more dramatic, but hey.
Also trying desperately to hide her base.


I could have taken this picture anywhere, but I’ll always remember that these are ferns in Savannah. At this point, I was just pulling her out my bag quickly, so she’s a little dirty. sa144
The sun was intense here, but check out that building!



Final Words

As far as design and colors go, Ayesha is perfect for me. Pastels, lace, flowers, and soft eyes make her a sweet and charming figure. I rather like the changes made to her face from the prototype as well. As for quality an execution,I would rate her as something to be expected from a smaller company like Penguin Parade with everything being acceptable but not phenomenal. My least favorite aspects are her white base and the 11000 yen retail price. I paid around 9500 which was still steep in my opinion. If you can find this figure below retail, she is a lovely gem.


2 thoughts on “Review: 1/8 scale Ayesha Altugle by Penguin Parade

  1. She looks really nice. i was contemplating a pre-order since I really liked the game, but she was a little pricey and I wasn’t confident about this particular GSC-umbrella company. Guess it’s time to add her to my wish list again. A grassy base with some flowers would have been perfect for her. The white base is the only thing that really bugs me about the overall figure. I don’t mind simple bases for figures, but a solid black/white base for a scale figure, especially at this price point, is just so cheap and unattractive.


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