Figma News Fridays 8/14/15

Welcome to my last FNF before fall semester!
Obon holidays have left us with few announcements this week, so let’s get started!


Gorou Inogashira standard and Extra Helping versions Rerelease Date Announced
gorou preview page

inogashira extra helping

August 26th!

Little Armory Black and Tan Tactical Gloves(each color sold separately) Released tan gloves black gloves

figma archetype: he flesh color ver. and figma archetype:she flesh color ver.(sold separately) Rerelease Preorders Begin archetype he and she 2 archetype he and she

A rerelease of the foundation of all male and female figmas, the skin-colored figma archetype: she and he! Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability. An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken. He and She retail for 2778 yen each and are scheduled for a November release.

First I should specify that 2.0 Archetype figmas have been announced, but these are not them. These are the first flesh colored archetypes from 2012 which use the peg hands. With the new versions on the way, I wonder why this rerelease is happening, but it is a excellent opportunity for those who prefer these versions to get them for the original price since both versions command over 5000 yen on the aftermarket. I passed the first time, and I’ll have to do it again since I have to pinch pennies with how much my collecting and hobbies have branched out.

This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 10th August 2015 (Mon) from 12:00JST and the 9th September 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

Honoka Kosaka Release Date Announced honoka kousaka preview page
August 24th!

Iron Man Mark XXI (Midas) Release Date Announced
iron man XXI 1
I almost forgot about him!
August 21st!

figma Vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf. D Tank Equipment Set Preorders Begin
panzer 1


panzer 2

The very first in the figma Vehicles series is the figma Vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf. D ‘Finals’, and this plastic model kit is a set of tools is designed to be displayed on and around the tank for an even more authentic looking design! The set includes spare tank tread, wirecutters a jack and many more items that are likely to be seen with a tank, all faithfully sculpted into figma size! Use this set together with the Panzer IV for an even more enjoyable experience!

– Set Contents –
Spare tank tread, s-shaped hook, fire extinguisher, spanner, wirecutters, track tensioner, crowbar (large/small), hand axe, crank handle, jack, jack base, cleaning rod and shovel.

* Please note that the “figma Vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf. D Finals” Tank itself is not included with this product.
* A pin vice to open holes as well as an ABS adhesive are required to attach parts to the tank. These are not included.
* Photos on this page represent a painted product. Standard plastic model paint can be used to paint the finished model.

Itty bitty panzer kit retails for 1648 yen and is scheduled for a September release.

A while back, preorders for a complete model of the tiny smexy panzer opened, and this is the less expensive model kit alternative. Instead of getting the teenie weenie panzer prebuilt, you have to make it yourself, but for the extra hassle you only pay 1648 yen instead of 14800 yen. I love that we have this option!

Another thing that interests me is that this is apparently the first of the figma Vehicles series. Has Max Factory decided to release figma model kit vehicles instead of premade ones since the FREEING Ex:Ride vehicles often end up in the bargain bin? Max Factory seems to be trying to get PVC collectors interested in model kits with their new Shimakaze kit, so perhaps this is the beginning of something.

I’ll be passing on the kawaii baby panzer, but am interested in seeing whatever comes next.

That ends this week! What from this batch intrigued you?


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