Review: Amiibo Reflet/Robin

Today’s review isn’t on a figma, nendoroid, or scale! Instead, it features something from the latest infuriating craze! Unite your screams of anguish and frustration as we introduce Reflet/Robin from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo lineup!

Amiibos are Nintendo’s venture into the “toys-to-life” genre which utilizes NFC chips in small figures to unlock characters or features in video games. Other lines in the genre are Skylanders and Disney Infinity. All three proved surprisingly successful, but unlike the other two, Nintendo tried to increase the collector’s value of Amiibos by releasing them in small waves with emphasis on the most well known characters. This strategy was unexceptional in Europe and Japan, but created a frenzy in the US. Nintendo’s distribution practices have left characters like Pikachu and Mario very easy to get while characters like Reflet/Robin from less well known series like Fire Emblem can be difficult to acquire.

Reflet is the default Japanese name for the avatar character in Fire Emblem Awakening. The avatar is a tactician and Awakening allows you to customize their name, gender, and appearance, and even reclass however you choose. According to the Fire Emblem wiki, Reflet is French for “reflection” which is perfect for a character who can become whatever the player wants. Reflet’s name in the English localization is Robin which was most likely chosen because it is an androgynous name and also starts with an “R”. Because this is an English review, I will be referring to him as Robin from now on.

Since the Awakening avatar is customizable, their appearance is not canonized, and promotional artwork often features characters like Chrom or Lucina instead. The few times that the avatar is shown, a hood obscures their face. This is true also in the game’s opening and movie sequences. Seeing how much effort was put into ambiguity for the player character, it is funny to see that when the avatar was added to the fighting game Super Smash Bros., all of that was tossed aside for the default name and appearance.

Appropriately, I first saw Robin while playing Smash Bros. in a hotel room at a convention. I had never played before, and as my eyes slid across the lineup looking for a pretty lady to play as(these things matter to me), I saw him. He had white hair(my favorite thing ever), he used magic(my second favorite thing ever), and he had a long coat(my third favorite thing ever). He was perfect. Afterwards, I bought Fire Emblem Awakening to find out more about him, and loved it. Of course my other automatic reflex was to see if there were any figures of Robin, but I only found the overpriced Amiibo. Then when I was checking amiami one night, I saw the Amiibo for retail and preordered him.

Amiibo Robin is still not easy to find, and this is the only figure of him, so I wanted to give people a look at him from a figure collecting perspective.

r 1

Amiibo packaging places the figure in a plastic box backed by a colored card bearing the character’s name and portrait. Since my Robin is from Japan, his packaging reads “Reflet”. The packaging ensures that the figures cannot be scanned inside the box which is great for security, but not for those who want to keep the figures unopened and still use them. It is also a shame that removing the figure without destroying the artwork requires a lot of effort. I’ve seen methods using a hairdryer or cutting the bottom plastic, but opted to just save what I could. My only comment on the artwork is that Robin was dolled up perhaps too much for Smash. He looks like a K Pop star. r2
The back talks about the Amiibo’s features in Japanese. Since this Amiibo is from the Smash Bros. lineup, Smash is shown.

Amiibos are not region locked, so as soon as Nintendo releases that 3DS Amiibo adapter, someone is getting a beatdown. Robin is also compatible with Fire Emblem Fates.

When I opened Robin, logically the first thin I did was weigh him.


Ok I’m done

. r3
Robin is wearing his tactician class outfit and is equipped with a Levin Sword and Thunder Tome which are two of his weapons in Smash.


Bent swords have been one of the quality issues associated with Amiibos. The sword appears bent in this photo, but looks better in person.


AlthoughI’ve heard female Robin scores higher in popularity polls, male Robin is used more consistently to represent the character in Smash. Thank you, Smash.




I collect figmas, but was still amazed when opening Robin by just how tiny Amiibos are. tiny!
Aaaaaah! So cute!

A closer look at his face shows good detail for its size. The size and quality of Amiibos favors simpler or nunhuman characters, so while Robin’s face is not the stunning quality figure collectors are used to, it is very good considering that his face is smaller than my pinky nail.

His eyes, eyebrows, and lips are decals, and you can see that his eyes are brown if you look very closely. His nose is a little chubby though.

His profile is a little flat.

His hair sculpt is gloppy which is once again expected for the size.

But his hair does have airbrushed shadows!

The tome is accurate to the game with a little thunderbolt on the cover and decorations on the corners and spine. None of these details had to be included but they still were!

I’m very impressed that even the inside of the tome is decorated!

The front of Robin’s coat is the most complicated, and was painted fairly well. The areas where some gold paint is thinner appear on camera but are almost indistinguishable in person.
The gold trim on his tassets is visible even behind the coat where it would not normally be seen.

The details on his coat are raised and painted. The paint is not always matched up to the raised area which might bother perfectionists.
As I review this figure, I become more impressed by how complicated he is and that all of his details are present. Compare this to Disney Infinity figures like Elsa and Anna which are missing decorations on the dresses.

I’m actually working on a Morgan cosplay at the moment, so please excuse my creepy knowledge of all of this outfit’s details.

The trim on the hood is the most noticeable paint flaw on my Robin.

Creepy costume knowledge time! The stitches on his jacket shoulder are purple in Awakening and yellow in Smash.

I appreciate the sculpted wrinkles in his coat! Some nice details.

Tiny dots on pants.
*looks at cosplay in progress* Why is this costume so complicated? It looked so easy *sob*



Robin had normal boots in Awakening, so I kind of hate the leg warmer Len Kagamine boots they gave him in Smash.

The Levin Sword looks good!


His base is the Smash logo painted gold. I thought that only Robin’s base was gold to match his color scheme, but it looks like all Smash Amiibo bases are gold. The more you know. r28
Last is the bottom of the base which has copyright information and warns you not to trash your Amiibo.

This is normally the part of the review where I do a photo shoot, but Amiibos aren’t toys, so I didn’t take any.

Just kidding.


Randomly standing in grass. What a technically unimpressive photo. tomes copy
Attempting forced perspective.

robin brings the pain copy

Robin brings the pain. The psychological pain.

leaning copy
I see this as a metaphor for the marriage I forced them into.

No regrets.

Final Words

Amiibo Robin is a 1200 yen figure which is easily reflected(or should I say Reflet-ed!) by his unrefined sculpt and paint work. However the more time I spent looking at the figure, the more I was able to appreciate that even if every detail is not perfect, they are present, so I applaud Nintendo for not taking any shortcuts there. For a character who I like very much and has no other figures, I am very happy to have Robin, and he has earned a place in my display among his fancy expensive plastic brethren.


One thought on “Review: Amiibo Reflet/Robin

  1. I’m also pretty pleased with the quality and detail of the FE amiibos given how tiny and cheap they are. Male Robin is my preferred Robin too. Even though the dialogue (minus a support or two) is the same I just find him cuter and more lovable, probably because I’m a girl.

    Good luck with your cosplay!


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