2 Month Loot Bonanza

It’s been a while since we’ve had a loot post hasn’t it?

Usually I compile all of my goodies with figures into a single loot post. However this summer, I received many things when my room was a total mess from redecorating. Rather than trying to get all of those things together again, I’ll refer to that batch as “The Lost Loot”, and just move on to my most recent loot batch which is this one! Those other items will pop up in reviews eventually anyway.

Moving on, these are my items from June and July!

loot 1

We have: Figuarts Zero Elsa and Anna, figma Sakura Kinomoto, Gift’s Mikazuki Munechika, Tharja by GSC, Yukata Miku nendoroid, nendoroid Hoozuki, Amiibo Robin, Pureneemo Pearl Yukata, Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusasa Portrait Acrylic Keychains, Yamatonokami Battle Pose Acrylic Keychain, and Yamatonokami Yasusasa Japanese Paper file.

My summer can be summarized by Touken Ranbu and Fire Emblem Awakening.

Now, let’s take a closer look at everything~

loot 3
Elsa and Anna!
I preordered these back when nobody was sure how much Japanese merchandise the sisters would get. Were they to open for order now, I would not get them, and I was tempted to sell them when they came, but I doubt I could make my money back, and being 1/10 scale slightly redeems the sculpts. Still, Elsa and Anna’s expressions hover between awkward and constipated. Oh, and Elsa’s hair really is that shiny.

loot 2Amazingly there is only one figma in this batch! That shows just how freely I’ve been collecting this summer. Sakura Kinomoto is a character I never thought would become a figma, so having her is surreal.

Gosh, some Chii figures would be nice too. *nudge nudge* loot 4
Oh, I didn’t see you there.

Several years ago, I owned Gift’s Len and Rin Kagamine, and as much as I liked the plushes, I decided to let them go during a collection purge, and while I’ve not regretted selling them, I’ve wanted to get another Gift plush for a long time. Sadly there were never any characters I liked enough to commit to getting an expensive plush of…until Jiiji came along! Foxy Grandpa was an exclusive, but that didn’t stop me! I got him with the help of a MFC member, and his presence has truly changed the pillow he now sits on.

loot 8

The one with her butt in Jiiji’s face(not that he seems to mind) is Tharja! I remember reading Mikatan’s post when Tharja went up for order, but had no knowledge of her or Awakening. When Awakening took over my life this summer, I casually added her to my wish list and expected to remove her later since I liked the character more than the sculpt. Then everything changed when Amiami preowned attacked. I saw Tharja for her retail price, scooped her up, and am now very happy to have gotten her. Some test shots proved that she photographs beautifully, she’s a valuable asset to my army, and we share an obsession. It was meant to be.

loot 10
And now for some tragedy.
This Miku was on my wish list for a long time before I found her for a good price and got her(Amiami preowned strikes again) but while I was carrying her over to the table for these photos…I dropped her, and she lost a dango and some paint on her hair.

But no worries because I’ve since fixed her! Still, the regret will live on forever inside me.

loot 11

Nendoroid Hoozuki! I thought of selling him too, but decided against it when I opened him up and saw the sass on his face. His extra faceplate will prove to be very useful as well. loot 9
Oh, I didn’t see you there.

Buying an Amiibo was the last thing I wanted, but look at me now. I prefer them as figures rater than gaming accessories though, so that should keep me out of the hype. Like everything else in this post, Robin will be receiving a review which I already have the pictures for. Hoorah for bursts of productivity driven by devotion.

loot 6

After Foxy Grandpa, Yasu is my favorite sword. This paper with his beautiful face on it was only a few dollars, so I bought it with the intention of framing for my bedroom(redecorating 95% finished). I didn’t expect much from the paper, but now that it’s here, I am very impressed with it’s quality. The colors are bright, and the paper is even textured! loot 7
The back has Yasu’s crest.

loot 12

I also got an acrylic keychain with his battle pose! So graceful. loot 5
These keychains of Yasu and Cashew in their beautiful matching outfits were a huge surprise because they’re…HUGE. I know that the measurements are listed(3 inches/91 mm across), but I still did not expect them to be utterly gigantic. I now do not know what to do with them, but they look great at least!

loot 13
Last is a yukata I bought for my little Tama who has been horribly neglected in the wake of my obsession with fifty other things. She is irredeemably cute in it.

Thank you for reading!
Have you gotten anything cool lately? Do we now have any figures in common?


5 thoughts on “2 Month Loot Bonanza

  1. Wow, congrats with the great loot! I’m envious, I haven’t gotten any cool new stuff in a while. However, I’m going to grab some neat stuff at the con I’m going to later this month, so I’m really looking forward to that 🙂


  2. Congratulations on such an amazing haul, especially the Robin amiibo (which I will also have soon)! I’m current assembling mine myself, since I got my dream nendo for my birthday, as well as a few other purchases I made over the last two months! Can’t wait to post mine! 🙂


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