Product Review: BJD Geta by Poisonbleu

Picking up with product reviews again! In care you forgot (several months have passed since my last one), product reviews focus on items which are handmade or different from my usual reviews. Today we’ll be admiring a pair of geta which I bought for my Dollfie Dream, Kanade.

geta 1

First let’s introduce Poisonbleu. Poisonbleu is an Etsy shop run by Amubleu who is located in the USA. Poisonbleu’s main products are knitted items and Japanese geta for dolls. Items usually go up for sale in batches, and although there is nothing for sale at the moment, browsing the shop’s completed sales provides an overview of the sweaters, shoes, teddy bears, and even adorable Totoro knitted hats your dolls can be the proud owners of! I purchased from the shop at the end of March, and my purchase arrived in this cute little bag!

geta 2
There were also some cute little cards showing other things Amubleu makes~

geta 3

The drawstring bag by itself. It is small enough to be a doll accessory!

And now for what I bought. geta 4
These geta are SD 10 sized and made from teak wood with white hanao(the the fabric part).
After shipping, this purchase came to $30.50 which is reasonable for BJD shoes. I think that having them be handmade, unique, and great quality is an added benefit.

Since Kanade wears Japanese style clothing, she needed proper shoes. However, I am not made of money(although sometimes I act like I am *sob*), so I wanted a pair with neutral colors that she could wear a lot until I am ready to buy more–hence the white hanao.
Dollfie Dreams usually wear SD13 shoes(which Poisonbleu does offer), but I chose SD 10 because it was the only size with white hanao.

geta 5

The shoes are made of real wood with fabulous quality. As one of the sloppiest crafters, I appreciate the crisp finishes at all angles.

geta 6
The little hallmark is a sure sign of quality!

geta 7

Of course the problem with buying this style shoe for Dollfie Dreams is that while a split toe foot part is available for resin dolls, no such part exists for Dollfie Dreams. For that reason, the geta will fit like in the picture above on a regular DD foot.

geta 8
A side view shows that the shoe is not secure.

To solve that problem, I grabbed an exacto knife and gently separated Kanade’s big toe from the others. The vinyl is soft, so as along as you cut slowly and gradually, the modification is not difficult at all!

geta 9

Modded foot on the left and regular on the right.

With a simple modification, the fit is just right! I would not suggest having your Dollfie Dream wear the shoes somewhere like a meet though unless you are able to keep track of the shoes the whole time. Like any shoes that are not secured with laces or velcro, these are susceptible to slipping off.

And of course, do not cut your DD’s toes if you are too nervous, and if you’re worried about resale, remember that feet are replaceable, and you could easily buy a pair to cut just for geta. geta 10
Now with her new shoes, Kanade is ready to take on the world!

geta 11
Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing what Poisonbleu has to offer in the future!


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