Summer Wonderfestival 2015: Personal Highlights

The Wonderfestival fun isn’t over yet! I’ve written the obligatory figma post, but surprisingly figmas are not the only thing that interests me! Some years there is very little outside the figma realm to get me excited, but this time most of the figures I want aren’t figmas at all! This list of personal highlights will cover figures of all kinds that caught my interest. Some I fully intend to buy, and others I just wanted to discuss, so let’s get started!


It should be obvious from the start that most of this post will be Touken Ranbu. I made the glorious mistake of deciding to play this game because of beautiful old man Munechika, and while I only intended to justify buying his nendoroid, I am now open to buying almost every sword boy. Shishiou was an early favorite of mine, and while he may lose his spot in my main team, he remains in my heart. This is a scaled figure which I would buy if it ended up looking especially awesome. Otherwise, I would prefer a nendoroid. Make it happen, Orange Rouge! 331510

Nendoroid Ichigo Hitofuri! So far I’ve preordered every sword boy, and Ichigo is a definite get! I look forward to seeing his lovely pastel colors in figure form.

331511GSC, why did this take you so long?! As figure after figure of Elsa ends up creepy, I’ve really come to appreciate just how cute Anna is. Even with the same deep soulless eyes as Elsa, Anna looks like a little doll that will steal your soul cutely. A definite buy! 331552

So this is Sybilla from Sennen Sensou Aigis, and that’s the most I know about her. But what I do know is that her character design is exceptional, and sometimes that’s enough. I will not know if Sybilla is a figure I want until I see her painted prototype, but until then, her amazing outfit and white hair are very promising!
U-um did you guys know that I like white hair?


GSC has been pumping out optional outfits for female nendoroids lately. We have pajamas, bikinis, a towel, cheerleader outfits, and wedding dresses, but nothing for male nendoroids. Until now! Many people were hoping for a tuxedo to accompany the wedding dress, and we now have one. I prefer the gray tuxedo, and depending on how these are released, I might pick up a dress too.


Mar Mar in the fles–er plastic!
I wasn’t interested in Fire Emblem when Marth was announced, and even then he was just an announcement. But now Marth is fully sculpted and painted! With Fire Emblem If/Fates out in Japan, nendoroid Marth in the works, a prototype for Sheeda/Caeda, Tiamo/Cordelia up for order, and Lucina(supposedly) out next month, I think I jumped on this train at the right time. I’ve noticed that a lot of the Nintendo nendoroids announced lately also happen to be in Smash, so my fingers are crossed that we could get Robin as well. Not super high chances, but now would be a good time if it were to happen.
Also, Marth is a full action nendoroid, and although I’ve not heard the best things about them, I’m always wanted one. He’s a definite purchase for me!


Mitsusada Shokudaikiri is another sword boy! I’m indifferent to him, so I figured he’d be the one to break my “Order all the sword boys” cycle, but I have a feeling that he will look amazing painted, so we’ll see.


With this Wonderfestival came the unexpected revival of the nendoroid petite. I remember when I started collecting that GSC made petite sets for everything, but they stopped shortly after the time Fate/Zero aired(the show has nothing to do with it, but I distinctly remember being disappointed when there was never a set for it) which is a shame since a petite was often the only chance less popular characters had for receiving a figure. Then at this Wonderfestival, several petite sets were announced. Perhaps the current popularity of series with many characters(Kantai Collection, Idolm@ster, Touken Ranbu, Love Live) helped, but whatever it was, I’m glad it happened. This set contains the five starter swords from Touken Ranbu along with Yamatokami Yasusada(in blue) who is Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s(in red) partner in crime. Yasu is my favorite sword who is not Mikazuki, so I am thrilled to see him included. I’ll definitely be picking up this set!
Time to buy a detolf just for Touken Ranbu…


Back when I had more time and a better grip on popular anime, I would write pre-Wonfes posts listing what I suspected or hoped would be at the event. A garage kit of Yuzuruha appeared on that list several times, but never at the event, so I eventually gave up on ever seeing it. And now, out of the blue, we have an announcement from Alter that the beautiful Yuzuruha from Oboro Muramasa is receiving a PVC figure based on that same garage kit. I love everything about Yuzuruha, so she’s another definite purchase for me!


This figure of Caster Extra from Fate/Extra CCC was announced at Winter Wonderfestival last year. I love Caster, but not many of her CCC figures have appealed to me, so I eventually removed this figure from my watch list. But now that she’s painted, Caster is back on that list because she is CUTE.


For me, the dark horse of the event. Sorceress has big boobs and even bigger boobs, so as much as I love mages, I’ve never been in interested in any figures of her. Then this one came along and changed everything! The pose has a lot of personality and has less emphasis on her breasts which I love. I’m not certain that I will be purchasing her, but if I do, I know she’ll look great next to Tharja who I impulse bought earlier this month.


Do I even need to mention this? Is it not an obvious purchase?
Some people are disappointed to see a static pose, but I don’t mind the default art especially since Jiji is a very elegant character. Can’t wait for paint. Can’t wait for preorders.


Mystery Warden-Spinne from Shingeki no Bahamut–another character I know nothing about, but am drawn to the figure of. She’s very cute, and the pastel and sheer in her outfit reminds me of the Atelier series. A figure I’d like if the price is right.


How did Kotobukiya get the license(magic)? Will this be Pokemon Center exclusive and hard to get(probably)? Will this be amazing(yes)? Will there be others(hopefully)? So many questions that only time can answer. Assuming that it doesn’t look horrible, this is a must have.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my personal highlights! Considering that I have watched no new anime in about a year, you’d think that Wonderfestival would be horribly boring for me, but every company tapped into the games I played instead of watching anime and made this event particularly dangerous for me. It also looks like my collection will be welcoming a lot more non figmas. I suppose variety is a good thing.

So do we have any interests in common? Which figures are on your list?


3 thoughts on “Summer Wonderfestival 2015: Personal Highlights

  1. I don’t know much about any of these except Anna from Frozen, of course! So awesome though that you also like white haired characters, they just have this mystery about them. My favorites of the ones pictures here are Ichigo (I can’t wait to see his final product), Sorceress and Mystery Warden-Spinne.


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