Figma News Fridays 7/24/15

Welcome to another round of Figma News Fridays! This week is like every other I guess. You know normal and full of figmas…oh except that Wonderfestival is this weekend! This took me by surprise because I knew Wonderfestival was close, but not so soon! We start off the week with the usual delays, preorders, and releases, and end with juicy teasers, so let’s get started!


A few reveals from last Friday after I wrote FNF(of course).

Mio Honda Anime ver. Painted
mio honda friday
Very cute! I love her smile, and her skirt and shoes look really good! Ankle socks aren’t something we see often on figures.

Ooi Painted
ooi friday
Another ship girl!
Honestly, I find her design rather bland. Perhaps her extra accessories will change that.


ex:ride Spride.06 – TT-Zero 13 Kai Released
Racing Miku EV Mirai bike 2014 preview page


Iron Man Mark XXI Midas ver. Delayed iron man XXI 1

Delayed to August.

Racing Miku 2014 EV Mirai ver. Delayed 2014 racing miku ev mirai preview page
Also delayed to August in spite of her bike being released on schedule in July.
I’m ok with this actually because I could use a break on preorders this month *looks at next month* oh.

Rin Shibuya Anime ver. Release Date Announced
rin shibuya 2 preview page

Rin is scheduled to release on July 28th!

Sakura Kinomoto: School Uniform ver. Preorders Begin school sakura preorder page
From the masterpiece shoujo manga series ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ comes a figma of the main character Sakura Kinomoto wearing her school uniform!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
She comes with her standard face, a gentle smiling face as well as her famous scared expression.
Her school bag is included to match with her uniform, and an alternate font head part with a hat is also included.
Sakura-chan’s beloved skates are included together with alternate arm and leg parts wearing protective pads. Cerberus (Kero-chan) is also included!
The expression parts are all interchangeable with the previously released figma Sakura Kinomoto, and Kero-chan’s head parts can also be interchanged.
Sakura is scheduled for a January 2016 release and retails for 5370 yen.

Preorders of figma Sakura Kinomoto: School Uniform ver. from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Clow Card Book as a bonus!
sakura clow book bonus
This product will be available at the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP. Orders can be placed between the 22nd July 2015 (Wed) from 12:00JST and the 19th August 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.

January 2016! With this figma, I will seal my fate with another year of collecting.

The magical girl version of Sakura just released, so if you thought you were done with Sakura figmas, you were wrong! This version shows Sakura with her winter uniform and signature roller blades!

Her smiling face is cute and her scared face remind me of the old Lucky Star figmas who’s wacky faces I’ve been missing in newer releases, but perhaps the closed eye smile could have been replaced by something else since the magical girl version comes with a similar and even cuter face.

A school bag, Kero, and roller blades make great accessories, but seeing the Clow book be exclusive is discouraging since it is KIND OF important. I would be ok with this decision if perhaps we got an open book accessory, and this was an optional closed book, but what a shame that we get Clow cards with the other Sakura, but no Clow book at all. Is this nendoroid Hoozuki’s pipe all over again? The other accessory that could have been included is her bag that says “Sakura” which she carries in the opening.

Normally I would pass on a GSC shop exclusive, but I do plan to order the shop exclusive Lunar Miku nendoroid, and might as well order Sakura from them while I’m at it.


Bruce Lee Preorders Begin
bruce lee preorder page
As part of the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birthday, the legendary action star has come back as a figma to show off his moves once again!

Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
A flexible plastic is used at his chest, hips and other areas, allowing his appearance to be preserved without compromising posability.
He comes with an expressionless face, a shouting expression as well as a glaring expression to switch between.
The included nunchaku make use of a real chain, allowing for all sorts of epic action poses.
An articulated figma stand is included.
Bruce Lee retails for 4630 and is scheduled for a November release.

2000 years ago, when America was founded, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, Max Factory announced a Bruce Lee figma. Then silence. Then two weeks ago, Bandai announced a SH Figuarts, and figma Bruce Lee is up for preorder! There could be several reasons for this. The figma is labeled for Bruce Lee’s 75th birthday, so maybe it was necessary to wait two years to release him which would also explain Bandai also having the license(if so, Max Factory should have just surprised everyone instead of making fans angry with a long wait). Or maybe Max Factory really did just see the Figuarts announcement and rush the figma which his release date which is four months away would suggest. Regardless, there are now two action figures of Bruce Lee on the market at nearly the same time. I do not usually play the “which is better” game on FNF because my job is to cover figmas, but I think that seeing the competition is important for critiquing the figma(also I don’t know much about Bruce Lee *hides*).

Here is the Figuarts. At first glance, the figma appears more refined. It has the matte finish, hidden joints, and polished promotional photos that we’ve come to expect of the figma line. But its Achilles heel is its…face. I did not find the figma face to bee too ugly until I looked at the Figuarts face which is miles better at resembling both Bruce Lee and an actual human. Looking at the rest of the Figuarts, it’s body is chunky, the joints are more apparent, it is shiny, and I love it! Collecting figmas, I prefer my figures refined, but for the first time, I think that looking clunky and old school actually benefits a figure. Figuarts Bruce Lee just looks fun to play with and really captures the spirit of playing with a legend. So even though this is Figma News Fridays, and I am a huge figma fan, I have to hand it to the Figuarts.

Now, prepare your body for the teasers!

Frontier Setter Announced
frontier setter
Origin: Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise

Kirishima Announced
Origin: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

Motoko Kusanagi: Arise Ver. Painted
motoko kusanagi
Origin: Koukaku Kidotai ARISE
Looking good!

Gurlukovich Army Soldiers Sculpted
gurlukovich army soldiers
Origin: Metal Gear Solid 2

The figma teasers have nothing in my vein of interest, but I already know I’ll be slaughtered my Touken Ranbu *dreams of being slaughtered by Fire Emblem*, so let the mayhem begin!

That wraps up this week! I decided to write this FNF slowly over the week instead of all in one day, and I like that I was able to get down more opinions this way…and have it written on Friday. So what interested you this week? Releases? Delays? Is Sakura’s Clow book a worthy exclusive? And which side of the Bruce Lee rift do you fall on?

As for Wonderfestival, the event begins Sunday in Japan(which is Saturday night for me in Eastern Standard time), and I will be compiling everything figma related for the bi annual Figma News Fridays: Special Wonderfestival Edition! This post will be up the day after Wonderfestival and will cover all of the figmas and figma accessories at the event! I may also follow up with a post covering non figma things which I found interesting(depends on how much there is). Good thing I have a new desk and chair because I’ll be on the computer a lot this weekend.

See you in a few days!


3 thoughts on “Figma News Fridays 7/24/15

  1. Ooi! Yes! I don’t even know when or if she was announced before being shown painted, but one way or another I’m just happy she exists. She was one of only a handful of enjoyable characters in the anime, there is no way I’m not getting her.

    Hair looks kinda weird though.

    Anyway, I passed on the magical girl Sakura since it just didn’t look that good to me, and I don’t particularly associate that outfit with her anyway. (she only wore it in the op/that one thing so i officially do not care) but this uniform Sakura is right down my alley. Way more representative of how she usually appeared the anime and just looks really good in general. I’ll most likely get her too. Having the clow book as an extra is really lame, but I’ll live.

    I wonder when Tomoyo will go up for preorders, she should pair nicely with Sakura…though now I’m just hoping a Xiaolang gets announced in wonfes. Come on now max factory, don’t let me down…


    • Oh, also, Frontier Setter, huh. It’s weird that such an unorthodox character would get a figma. (maybe it’s a figfix?) Though this little Kamiya Hiroshi-bot *was* one of the more enjoyable aspects of that film, I dunno if it’s enough to warrant a figure. Did Rakuen Tsuihou even do that good?


  2. I really tempted on Sakura winter outfit version, and I really want the Clow book, but to spend an extra 2000+yen on top of the figure price. I don’t think so. I know the Clow book is important, but he’ll with it. I’ll be getting mine from another place. And hope one day it’ll be included in her set with out exclusive company only purchase.


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