Figma News Fridays 7/17/15

Another week, another batch of figma news. Wonderfestival is coming closer, so preorders are slowing down which leaves us with little news. Regardless, let’s get started!


Snow Miku 2015 and Saber dress ver. Shipped
snow miku 2015 1

dress saber 1
GSC has shipped out these two figmas along with the other Wonderfestival products, and some have already received them. I somehow ended up in a batch with delayed shipping, so everyone else will have to enjoy them a few days before me!

Yuusuke Makishima Release Date Announced
makishima preview pageJuly 22nd! Friday GGO Kirito Released GGO Kirito preview page

That wraps up this week! It’s not much, but at least I was on time?


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